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The season finale of Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday, but a seven-minute sneak peek is available now. Spoilers ahead!

Check out the first minutes of “Flight” below. Tune in to ABC Thursday at 9 p.m. ET to find out what happens!


A low-quality version of this sneak peek is also available on YouTube.

  • EmmaMills

    :( Oh no, Derek’s hand! He won’t be able to operate…

    • sarahd15

       I winced! He needs his hands!!

  • Guest

    It kinda looks to me like Lexie’s injuries are the most life-threatening…but everyone says Arizona is the one leaving because of a pregnancy in real life…hmm.

  • Sir Lupton

    From this sneak peek Lexie definitely has the most life-threatening injuries. I really hope she lives, she and Mark may get back together!

  • anonymous

    mark is so gonna die. it’s unexpected, he seems fine, and hes connected to all of the other characters. literally everyone would be affected by his death. plus, callie is narrating, lexie is on the plane for some unknown reason (shes not even in the same year as the others) so that she can have some kind of final moment with mark. The only thing i cant figure out is the significance of arizona going on the plane instead of alex. i don’t think that either of them are going to die….maybe its so alex feels bad and sticks around? as for the other characters, merder wouldn’t go to boston because they would stay to help lexie, jackson would take over mark’s position instead of leaving, and cristina would realize from witnessing lexie’s sadness that she needs to stay with owen. soo yeah i dont want mark to die but he probably will

    • http://twitter.com/CurlyLili26 Lili Sa

      i don’t think its mark since TV Line revealed that you could rule out Mark out of dying…i really hope it isn’t Lexie, that will really piss me off, and i hope they don’t leave the finale off in a cliff-hanger, not knowing who is it that dies like they did with Izzy and George.

      • sarahd15

        Yeah I don’t want a cliffhanger either, but the media cleared that cliffhanger up right after the season 5 finale when T.R. Knight said he was not returning as George, but that Katherine Heigl would to play Izzie (for too short a time…and a butchered storyline!)

    • sarahd15

       Well it’s between Arizona, Mark, and Lexie obviously… I don’t want Arizona to die :( She’s one of the few mostly consistent optimistic characters in the show. Plus she’s my favorite non-original cast member.
      I honestly think that for the more drama/after effects of a characters death would come from Mark or Lexie. They have deeper connections with more characters vs. Arizona (they’ve been there longer, so of course).
      And the fact that they have this love triangle thing going on, one of them dying would totally make that even more terribly sad :(

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