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Well this is certainly interesting! Those of you that voted for Ant-Man in our recent poll about what’s next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe can go ahead and pop your champagne corks.

Well, maybe champagne preparation is a bit excessive. These are just hopes, but it does show that Edgar Wright is still on board with an Ant-Man film and that we might be blessed by it before Avengers 2.

Thanks to Empire‘s film podcast (via CBM) and their interview with Edgar Wright for the information! Roll over to the 18:00 mark to hear the words from the man’s mouth!

This might make for a busy Edgar since he’s also working on The World’s End with Simon Pegg later this year. When will he have time for Ant-Man?

  • gcw07

    I really hope they make this. I also want Wasp in it though. She really needs to be in Avengers 2 so at the very least a small introduction in this movie would be great. Just hope they go through with it.

    • KC

      I’m thinking the pyms will be in the next one, if they’re going to add characters, they make the most sense story-wise and with all the rights issues…

      • gcw07

        Yeah I think the rights issue rules out several people especially mutants. I don’t know what Fox owns as far as mutants, but I really don’t count on any of them being in it. Maybe Ms. Marvel, but hard to do that without introducing Captain Marvel and the Skrull/Kree and I think Fox owns those rights with Fantastic Four. Wish all the Fox and Sony rights would revert back to Marvel.

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