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Alexander Skarsgard recently said that he “was born to play” the part of Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey, and both Ian Somerhalder and Chris Pine have thrown their hats in the ring. While we definitely agree with two of the above, below are five of Hypable writer Sarah’s suggestions as to who should play the sexed-up leading man in the book-to-screen adaptation of EL James’ Fifty Shades series.

Other names, from Chris Hemsworth to Henry Cavill and even Christian Bale, have also been suggested for the role of the sexy 27-year-old billionaire, but with no official announcement, fans and media outlets continue to wait with bated breath. There has been little mention of who should play Ana, the young, innocent star of the erotic novel that’s sweeping the nation, but a few names have been tossed around, from terrible ideas (Dakota Fanning) to the more reasonable (Zooey Deschanel, Emma Stone). While of course Ana is important, the whole film hinges on Christian, and that’s why below is a list of the five candidates best suited to take on the complex role of Mr. Grey.

Matt Bomer

From Chuck to White Collar then on to a guest spot on Glee, Matt Bomer has always been more comedic than troubled. However, he absolutely fits the bill when it comes to Christian’s jawline and “Greek god” appearance, so it’s just a matter of whether he could really go dark for a role. The three characters that I’ve seen him portray were all very different, so he definitely has some acting chops, and I’m sure he could handle “playful” Christian. He can also be powerful and devious, as seen in Chuck. For all we know, he may not even be willing to take on this sort of role, but if he is, I would definitely support it.


Alexander Skarsgard

If there is one man who truly epitomizes Christian Grey, it’s Alexander Skarsgard (also pictured above, center). Let’s be honest – the role was practically written for him, and he said it himself, he was born for it. As Eric Northman in True Blood, we have seen Skarsgard be vicious, controlling and dark, but also sweet and caring. In the first few seasons, he was completely Dominant, but in the last season, he proved that he could easily pull off Submissive Christian. As a bonus: he’s tall, slender and has the right hair color. The downside is that Skarsgard has said on multiple occasions that he doesn’t want to by typecast as his True Blood character, so let’s hope he’s willing to make an exception for this role.

Shane West

Bear with me on this one. I’m not talking about Nicholas Sparks-infused A Walk to Remember Shane West, but rather the Shane West that has emerged on The CW’s Nikita, kicking ass and taking names on a weekly basis. He, like all the other suggestions on this list, is tall, dark and handsome, with an added bonus: his gruff voice, which depending on the situation can sound sinister, violent or sexy. He can definitely be intense, and has a very commanding presence, however he is also good at portraying sweet and protective. He can pull off Christian’s copper-colored hair without a hitch, and the boy looks sharp in a suit.


Ian Somerhalder

One of the main things that makes Somerhalder (also pictured above, right) a front-runner for this film is the fact that he wants to do it. He’s said in multiple interviews that he would love this role, and it’s always a bonus to have an actor who is especially passionate about his character. Not to mention, his smoldering eyes are just as swoon-worthy as those depicted in James’ series. In his role as Damon on The Vampire Diaries, Somerhalder has proven himself capable of portraying troubled-yet-lovable. He can be carefree and fun, as seen in Lost, but he expertly pulls off man-with-a-dark side. The way he is controlling and protective over Elena in TVD is just how Christian behaves toward Ana. His hair color’s not quite right, but surely that’s not the most important part of casting this character.

Armie Hammer

He hasn’t been known for deep lead roles, but from what Armie Hammer displayed as both Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, he definitely has the potential to make a great Christian Grey. Hammer is able to be intense and controlling, and I could easily see him domineering an innocent Ana Steele one minute and playing with fast cars and helicopters the next. I’m interested to see what this actor will do next as his career continues to grow, and Fifty Shades could be an interesting move that would open him up to less guest roles and position him as a stellar leading man. He is tall, with a powerful appearance and copper hair, so he could easily pull off Grey’s looks. It’s just a matter of how far he’s willing to go – or rather, how naked he’s willing to get – in his next film.


Who do you think should play Christian Grey? What about Ana Steele? Vote in our poll and then sound off in the comments below!

Who do you think should play Christian in 'Fifty Shades of Grey'?

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  • Ida


    The wold is ending isn’t it?

    • guest

      *eye roll*

      dont be so over-dramatic. 

      i dont care much for the film, but there are far worse things in the world than a twilight-turn-original story with red hot scenes. 

      • Ida

        *Eye Roll*

        By far worse you mean blatant misogyny and the glorification of abusive relationships? No, I’m not talking about the BDSM or the explicit sex scenes. I have no issues with that. It’s the clearly unhealthy relationship between the characters I have a problem with, which sadly is a continuation of the Twilight trend.

    • Dlmarvin05

      *eye roll*
      people need to learn to spell “world”

      • Ida

        Nice burn. No really, I’m dying of humiliation and shame here.

        • Ida

          Oh wait, no I’m not. :/

  • http://profiles.google.com/mandyflu Mandy Brennan

    Chris Pine wants this part? Where was I when this was said?! My question is…where’s Robert Pattinson? This character was created with him (as Edward) in mind.

    • http://twitter.com/smaloy Sarah Maloy

      He told Access Hollywood, “It’d be a hell of a choice for me, I think. It sounds like an interesting film.” He’s talked about it in a few interviews, always indicating that he’s interested in the role.

  • CJ

    How about Oliver Jackson-Cohen? You should look at that yoga scene he did on Faster. He certainly has the look and physicality to play
    Fifty. And he’s about the same age as Christian is in the books.

    While it’s okay to suggest known actors, I believe up-and-comers should also be given the chance to audition.

  • spange

    if ANY of these 5 guys got cast, i would die happy. hahha i love all of them!

  • Jessica

    Why is Dakota Fanning a “terrible idea” to play Ana? She’s over 18 now and a great actress and familiar with darker roles. Mind you I haven’t read the books, but I was just curious why you dismissed her.

    • Kate

      I haven’t read the books, but from the shitty snippets I’ve seen, it’d be sort of creepy to see Dakota Fanning tumbling around in bed with any of these older actors.

      • http://twitter.com/smaloy Sarah Maloy

        ^ That. I understand the justification for Dakota — which is that Ana begins the books as innocent, so it should be a completely innocent actress — and I know that she’s 18, but I just think it would be so completely creepy.

    • EdieC

      Dakota Fanning is only 18 & yes a very good acrtress. But Ana is actually 22 in the books & Dakota is already 18 but she still looks younger. It would be like watching a 30 yr old man with a 15 yr old. Plus I dont think she is ready for that type of scenes yet, she is just to young. I prefer an actressabout 25/26 ish who looks 22. They would at least look innocent for the beginning of the movie but be mature enough for the explicit sex scenes later. Alexandra Daddario is my choice. She has the long bbroen hair, blue eyes to big for her face, alabaster skin &pouty lips, She has an innocent beauty about her requiring no makeup, but can be dressed up sexy as well, & she is plainly beautiful so you would get why Christian would fall for her. At 26 she looks 22 so it won’t seem so creepy. Some 22 yr olds still look like teenagers & that would seem creepy as well.

  • Shaqu001

    Alex Pettyfer. That is all. 

  • Glamvideo

    Mike Vogel from Pan am… love him. I always pictured him as Christian Grey when I was reading the books 


    Robert Pattinson

  • Cahgsmom

    Robert Pattinson

  • I<3Headboards

    Robert Pattinson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Ummm.. Colin Egglesfield… Would be perfect. He doesn’t look too old.

  • Shanlee80

    Paul Walker!!!!!

  • Fountain6pack


  • 50 Shades Fan

    I like Ian Somerhalder, I just don’t think he has the acting chops to handle the role and be deep enough… he’s great eye candy but there is more to the Christian character than that… I love the idea of Matt Bomer… I could picture him while I was reading it for sure, Chris Hemsworth is too kind looking, Alexander Skarsgard would be okay but he doesn’t “stop you in your tracks” when he walks into a room… Chris Pine would be great oo…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17127641 Laura Jurgensmeyer

      Alexander Skarsgard definitely stops me in my tracks. Mmmmm.

      • guest

        He does nothing for me.  I’m not even sure I could watch it if he played Christian.  Ian, now he’s breathtaking.  He’s certainly who I imagined while reading it!!

  • http://twitter.com/GeekyVelma Nicolle Milesh

    I wish Ben Barnes had the piercing gray eyes. I know i know there is always contacts but they never look natural. 

  • http://twitter.com/ameywakeford Amey Wakeford

    Urgh not Robert Pattinson perleeez! I don’t watch TVD but Ian Somerhalder looks quite dark and of course Alexander Skarsgard does have some common ground what with playing Eric but i’m intrested in this Shane West suggestion. The more i think about it, the more i like it.

  • jetsgirl75

    Henry cavill…hands down should play Christian Grey….check out his eyes and pics of him with his hair a bit long and messy!! Yes,yes,yes!!!

  • Vane

    Omg, I can’t believe there’s going to be a movie adaption from this poor excuse of an erotic novel.

  • dissapointed

    If Hypable is a website for the fandom, why does it continue to advertise a ‘novel’ that represents a huge abuse of fandom? Fifty shades of grey should be given the cold, and silent, shoulder.

  • Dinkum

    Ryan gosling or someone unknown who is stinking hot..
    Emma stone takes my pic. She’s sweet sultry and can stand her ground..

  • http://twitter.com/ShelleBelleSki Rochelle Korolewski

    Tatiana Maslany (Lily in The Vow) would be a very good match for the description of a short, pale, mousey girl yet attractive she is. I think it needs to be someone a bit less known. I would think Dakota Fanning could pull it off but if anyone says Kristen Stewart I’ll scream!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17127641 Laura Jurgensmeyer

    As long as it’s not Robert Pattinson, I’m okay with almost any of those. I’d prefer Alexander Skarsgard or Ian Somerhalder… Ryan Gosling is super gorgeous, but can he pull off the darker side of Christian? I can’t see it. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17127641 Laura Jurgensmeyer

       Oh, also, I like Armie Hammer…but he has a very unique voice and I don’t think it’d be good as Christian.

    • Sarah

      Ryan Gosling has played darker roles before. I think he could do it, but I’m still rooting for Skarsgard or Somerhalder… Although to be honest I didn’t really like the book that much and at times felt it was a little offensive. Perhaps it will be better in movie form, though.

  • http://twitter.com/ShelleBelleSki Rochelle Korolewski

    You know, I’ve nearly finished reading the first book and it sounds a lot like Edward and Bella. While I like the Twilight series (more than films) I think this film has potential but NOT with Rob or Kristen in the lead roles. This is not a continuation of Twilight!

    • http://twitter.com/hmycx2 Helen Chang

      Of course it would sound like Edward and Bella. The book was originally written for Twilight Fanfiction. 

  • Jenb193874-

    Tyler Jacob Moore - check out GCB (abc)or Shameless(showtime). He would be PERFECT for Christian Grey. Oh…that smile and perfect teeth. He’s a great up and coming star.

  • stupid

    Emma Stone could pull this role off more than anyone else and Hunter Parish should be considered for Christian…he is sooo hot and I love him on Weeds.

  • Lizziewants

    Robert Pattinson

    • Sarah

      Is that a joke?

  • rneb

    C – adrian grenier? A – leighton meester?

  • ClickforA.

    Michael Fassbender, Henry Cavill or Gaspard Ulliel. 

    • Pauline

      Gaspard Ulliel is French (with an accent). He can’t play CG.
      Anyway, it’s not the kind of roles he would accept ! :)

  • Doll

    Mike Vogel!

  • Keshi

    Please let Christian be played by one of the vamps featured above! Either one!

  • sia

    I love Chris Hemsworth !

  • Margarettayap

    Oliver Jackson Cohen

  • http://twitter.com/mr_lucien Lucien

    I have no idea what this book is about- I opened this article to find out.

  • guest

    Ian Somerhalder was born for this role.  I cannot imagine anyone else playing Christian Grey!!!!!   

  • LJ

    Ian Somerhalder! He’d be perfect

  • http://www.facebook.com/pixieiz Ixel Zuniga

    Kristen Holden-Ried from Lost Girl… 

  • SH

    one again, Alex Pettyfer. He would seriously be perfect. Check him out in the movie “In Time”, he plays the bad guy but he is always sporting a suit and looks quit deadly ;-)

  • Guest

    Just throwing it out there…… Sebastian Stan

    • http://twitter.com/smaloy Sarah Maloy

      Another Hypable writer, Jen, suggested him! I’m not very familiar, so I didn’t include him, but he definitely looks like he could do it!

      • Guest

         He recently played the Hatter on Once Upon a Time….sadistic, damaged, but adorable and sexy…. (he was also Bucky in Captain America)

  • ElisabetaLugosi_RP

    NO! I like every guy on this list… and pretty much every guy suggested. But I don’t want any of them connected with this series at all.

  • Becky

    Personally I’d say Robert Pattinson just for my own amusement, since this book was originally published as Twilight fanfic

  • DEVFAN2514

    I think Jared Leto should be considered.   No doubt he has the looks for the part.  Plus considering his Thirty Seconds To Mars video Hurrican (that was his creation) I believe he can pull off the role without any problems.  Its just a matter of if he would be intrested in doing the role. 

    • Titen0515

      you´re right!! but no one seems to agree but i do!! he would be perfect!! besides he has not done a movie in relly long time and i would like to see him come back!!

  • Kwerd19

    How about Gabriel Macht??! I think he would be perfect and be able to handle the role very well!!!

  • Martha

    Henry Cavill should definitley be considered! Very sexy!

  • dray

    HENRY CAVILL!!! He”s already done risque with The Tudors.

  • rach

    Hayden Christianson

  • Luvinifex31

    Christian Grey: Ian Somerhalder or Collin Egglesfield (look him up)

  • Brennan Annemarie0

    Jake Gyllenhal

  • Adona716

    Ian Somerhalder, absolutely.  He has the eyes (mentioned OFTEN in the books), he has the smirk (mentioned OFTEN in the books) along with all the other facial expressions. If anyone can do facial expressions it’s Ian.  He has the body . . . Christian is muscular but not overly. Grow he hair a little longer, add copper tones and you’ve got Christian.  I read these books at least six times trying to picture others in the role . . . no one else works. 

    As a side note, Evan Rachael Wood would be great for Ana.  She has an innocent look about her, yet is sexy.  I think their chemistry would do the books justice.

  • Bean

    William LEVY!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessbucklito


  • Jcepeda79

    Alexander skarsgard looks too old to play Grey, that if memory serves me right, is only 28 yrs old in the book. Now Ian Somerhalder would be a great pick with the dark hair & gray eyes, I could see him playing the Dom role very well.

  • Elliottbr78

    I think Ian would be perfect but I also like Joseph Morgan for the part!! I think Alex looks to old to play a 27 yr old!

  • Maria

    Ian somerhalder . Even before i knew he was up for it as i read i jyst seen him playing the roll of christian .

  • Renejensen95

    Colin Egglesfield!

  • Lee19


  • MindyRN

    I voted for Ian. I also think William Levy would be perfect if he learned an American accent!

  • Missyleigh1983

    Alex Pettyfer!!!!!!!!!!

    • SH


  • Koobiecat0814

    William Levy, of course.  Share your thoughts and comments at http://www.facebook.com/williamlevyischristiangrey

  • Nicola0027

    Jessie Pavelka needs to play him!!! OR Rick Malambri

  • V Urbano

    Colin Egglesfield!!!!!

  • Baileyzuzu1

    Paul Walker PLEASE!!!!  Fits the description perfectly!!

  • Kikay_MOi


  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    Ian Somerhalder. Totally and completely Ian is PERFECT.

    • http://twitter.com/smaloy Sarah Maloy

       I thought you couldn’t stand to read the book? ;)

      • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

        I’m shoving through it. :P

        • http://twitter.com/smaloy Sarah Maloy

          Translation: “I’m ashamed but I secretly like it.”

  • Michele627

    Sorry But Alexander is so not fifty…yes good looking but not fifty at all. And I don’t get Ian either. He is also good looking but NOT god-like, he’s got a creepy look to him which is so not fifty. And he’s a risk being already too well known for a high school vampire. I don’t think any vampires should be in this movie,..it’s a trilogy and needs someone to carry all three ..Ian’s never done a movie…big risk…and critics are ready to pounce all over this movie, so casting any vampires werewolves etc is a huge mistake IMO…

    • Ediec2317

      i think Alexander is the closest other than Henry Cavill to having experience with having played all sides of Christian & done the steamy scenes, but even though good looking he does not scream greek god to me & he is 36 & does not look 27 anymore. Ian even though he is a great Damon, looks evil bad boy & if I were Ana Id stay away from him, not keep trying to get to know him & stay with him know he is 50 Shades of F***d up. Henry cavill However got it all acting chops, looks, body & has doen the hot sex scenes. He could get me to stay & do anything with 1 look!

  • Luciabastien

    Wes Brown!

  • Samantha Bucccella

    ALEX PETTYFER! I imagined him as Fifty throughout the whole book!

  • Adlerd14

    Colin Egglesfield is your man for Christian Grey, hands down!

  • AlysonJ

    I just don’t think Alexander is ‘pretty boy’ enough. From the neck down I’m in (haha), but just can’t picture it at all.. even if it’s easy to picture him liking bondage as a result of True Blood :p

  • hotteacher

    Everyone should check out Jessie Pavelka OMG perrrrrfect…. google it. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KNT7GALNK35NNWSZ2TR74F2M34 Lana

      he’s too muscular. cute face though

    • Yes

      Michael Medugno would be great for the role

    • EdieC

      He is OK looking, great body, but he doesn’t look like a greek god to me, & he doesn’t have enough acting experience. he has only bit in a couple bit parts other than being a fitness trainer. We need someone who can ACT, not just another pretty face.

  • viking5girl

    Alexander’s perfect for the role of CG… Yes Please!!

  • Garchrdes

    Tatum Channing

  • Ediec2317

    Henry Cavill! Can play every part of Christian. He can be seductive, charming, teasing, dominating, sweet, sexy & seems to be comfortable with sex scenes (Tudors). He also is EXTREMELY handsome with a great body as well. Hands down he IS Christian Grey!!

    • http://twitter.com/BrandiTiana Brandi Delhagen

      I couldn’t agree more!! Honestly I’ve always pictured Henry Cavill as “MY” Edward Cullen. Since that’s the case he must play Grey in FSoG!

      • Ediec2317

        Well if Im not mistaken, Stephenie Meyer wanted him as Edward Cullen back then but he was to old. But im glad he didn’t because he makes a WAAAAAAAY better Christian Grey & if he is chosen we get to see him in all his manliness. Better a classy business sex god than a vampire! He is the only one I pictured since reading the books & have been rooting for him on sites so that more people get to know who he is! It would be funny since this was Twilight fanfiction & he was 1st chosen by Stephenie &if he would end up in FSOG instead! I dont care if he will be SUPERMAN he is the only well rounded actor with the looks to play Christian PERIOD. Unless someone can show me someone else with a better resume & looks, my mind won’t change.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KNT7GALNK35NNWSZ2TR74F2M34 Lana

    ryan mcpartlin. 

  • Jamielynn2511


  • Iluvmikidz5

    ADAM LAVINE!!!!!!!!

  • Bebo123459878

    Tyler Jacob Moore. Hands down would be perfect for fifty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cmdelpino Christina Leon del Pino

    Henry cavill all the way!!!! For those of you who read the book, go to YouTube and check him out in the musi4c video “the cold shower ” . It is a spitting image of Christian grey! Even the video looks like a scene from the book. It blows Ian out of the water for sure! Check it out!!!!!!!!

    • Ioanna372

      He is soooooo Christian! I looked up the video, cannot find it anywhere!

  • LJL

    Ian definitely…OMG! I imagine Anna Kendrick in the role of Ana ;)

  • cj

    joseph morgan (character ‘klaus’ from the vampire diaries)

  • cj

    i’m the biggest vampire diaries fan ever and the only person i keep picturing when i read fifty shades of grey is joseph morgan… watch his character role on the show, he’s PERFECT!!!

  • DD

    I’d go Jason Statham as he could definitely pull off fifty’s dark and brooding, and he’s definitely sexy IMO. :)

  • Corinne

    COLIN EGGLESFIELD, Hands down.

  • Christine

    Kris Holden-Ried….he would totally own that part.

  • AD

    I’m sick to death of vampire movies and everyone in them. The role of Christian needs to be played by someone who hasn’t just gone through puberty. But he can’t be played by an oldie either (I love Statham too, but really?). That being said, I think the role is Skarsgard’s. No content. Though I’d be interested in seeing Armie Hammer playing him too.

  • Wendy Houston

    Henry Cavill is 100% Christian Grey! His mesmerizing semblance, substance of his astrol body & ingenuity as a professional actor, specifically noting his exemplification in previous character portrayals….I said “portrayals”, not “themes”. And, finally, he’s in the climacteric phase of his career….just waiting for that austere and monumental character script to grab him!

    Miss Houston x

  • Miaa

    Zac Efron! Definitely my Christian Grey. Those wondering eyes, never know what he is thinking, look he has. & he is not a little boy anymore!! ;) Just saying.

  • KristieScott

    William Levy

  • Sallerina

    I think that Cam Gigandet (of Twilight & Burlesque fame) would make an awesome! Christian Grey! YUM!

  • Scoopgodin

    Taylor Kitsch anyone??? With a short hair cut and that body.  He can be quite and calculating. If you look at his other characters you can see he has the ability to brood and be a lady killer.  Bet he would make a great Dom too ;P I would submit to that haha!!!  

  • Ezria

    Ian harding

  • Sam

    Ed Westwick!!!

  • Sarah

    Let’s be honest here, NO actor is going to be the perfect Christian Grey….it’s impossible…(Unfortunately…lol…)that being said though……Love him, but Alexander is too old…..Shane…UGH…lol….Ian Somerhalder….what’s up with his facial expressions?!? Sorry, the permanent eye brow, crooked smile thing doesn’t do it for me….Matt and Armie though…. I think we are on the right track with these two…..And as for the character of Ana……I think Elizabeth Olsen could fit the role….but that’s just me :)

  • Malejandra1799

    falto Henry Cavill !!!!!!!!

  • Annette

    Colin Egglesfield would be the perfect Christian Grey

  • J_lynnacevedo88

    Ian would be perfect! I imagine Alex Pettyfer as his brother. I also see lily collins as Anna. Chris hemsworth as Ethan ( the book says he looks like a god). Jason statham as Taylor. Really I’m just interested in the movie so I’ll be happy whichever way it goes!

    • EdieC

      Ian is 34, Alex is 22. Elliot is suppose to be 2 years older than Christian, so he should be about 30. Alex is to young for either role, but he might be able to play Ethan. Although I prefer Drew Van Acker or Chase Crawford for that role. But it would be the closest option for him.

  • paige

    Michael Fassbender

    • Cb10c


  • Cookielid

    I would love to see Peter Facinelli as Christian Grey and Amanda Seyfried as Ana!!!

    • Guest

      Amanda Seyfried is one of the worst female actors I have seen. She makes no emotional connection with her male costars and it would make for a horrible movie!

  • S Hannah

    Uhhhh…TOM HIDDLESTON! The only person I could see when I was reading! x

  • Heidi M

    ALEX PETTYFER…hands down. Perfect body in and out of clothes, messy copper hair, smoldering sexy eyes, young enough to be “27″ , embodies the sweet guy with emotional baggage look and has that rich guy appeal that Christian would need.

    • EdieC

      Alex is only 22. Christian is 28 but seems older. I dont think Alex could pull off an older classy businessman, just my opinion. But he could be Ethan?

  • Molly Q

    None of the above choices are gorgeous enough or are age appropriate, not to mention crappy acting. We need some ex-model type who we haven’t grown tired of seeing all the time. A.k.a. Alex Pettyfer

  • Sveltfelt

    How about TAYLOR KINNEY? If you look up sexy in the dictionary…….

  • slavan

    Please Please ALEX PETTYFER!! I read all 3 books & instantly pictured him.  I agree with Heidi M hands down! He’s played played tormented roles between good and bad like the movie beastly and overall has the best look for the part & age range. The others like Christian Bale are too old, too mainstream like Ryan Gosling (and I love Ryan G.) where to me it wouldn’t bring the character to life..Ian Somerhalder I keep hearing him but to me he’s too old he’s mid 30′s people and he looks like he plays guitar not the piano. He’s so wrong looking for the part. It needs to be someone with beauty but that has a dark side..

    Anna to me is fine as the other Elizabeth Olsen, Amanda Seyfried or Emma Stone.
    Jose could be someone like Mario Lopez in terms of look & he’s not a major role so his acting won’t be a big deal.
    Kate to me is Blake Lively with her hair curly and red or Leighton Meester
    Ethan to me is Paul Walker or Cam Gigandet (he shows up tan from vacation and has the receptionist at Ana’s job drooling)
    Mia is Ashley Greene (it’s just like her character Alice in twilight, the ever loving & enthused sis in law excited her bro has a girlfriend)
    Susan Sullivan (she’s the mom of Cameron Diaz in My best friend’s wedding) is Christian’s mom
    Elena (Mrs. Robinson) is hands down Nicolette Sheridan (Desperate Housewives)
    Elliot I think of Chris Hemsworth.. but not 100% sure. maybe Chris Pine? I see him on a motorcycle
    Carrick (Christian’s dad) to me is like Pierce Brosnan an older but attractive worldly character

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3HPNKIY3KQC2WFUJ3G6JWZNYWA Sandy

      How about Christian Bale as Carrick?

    • EdieC

      Alex is to young & doesnt have the maturity yet for a classy businessman. Someone like Henry Cavill who is closer to the age & exudes sex appeal & can seem boyish & classy & dominant is a better choice. Alex is a better Ethan. I wish there was someone like Mario for Jose but I havent seen anyone yet.I was thinking Steven Strait or Blair Redford. It has to be somone with looks so that you would believe Christian would get jealous. I didnt think Ethan was that much older than kate who was like 22, so I pictured Paul more as Elliot, but I prefer Chris Zylka for that role, or maybe he can play Ethan. i pictured Mia as Lucy hale or Camilla Belle or Shelly Henning or Odette Yustman Annabel. Kate I liked Katie Cassidy or Amber heard, but I can see Blake Lively as well.My Christian is Henry cavill & Ana is Alexandra Daddario. For Elena I would like to see Elizabeth Hurley or melinda Clarke even though I know they are not blonde, the hair color doesnt matter to much for me with the other characters & they play evil seductive well. i thoght od Pierce Brosnan for Carrick as well & Diane Lane, Finola Hughes or sela Ward for Grace. I think Ashley Greens Alice is to close to the character of Mia.

  • Kingflashe

    Bradley Cooper or Paul Walker

  • Guest

    Garrett Hedlund

  • lauraplaysbass

    Come on, now. We all know Alex Pettyfer was born for this role.
    I’ll just be happy as long as long as they don’t cast Robert Pattinson.

  • Vic


  • Margarettayap

    Oliver Jackson Cohen

  • Nicole

     Channing Tatum would a good one too..

  • inez

    Henry Cavill

  • Mp

    HENRY CAVILL!!!!  He’s perfect.

  • Jenni T

    Jude Law

  • kppasho

    channing tatum

  • http://twitter.com/JudyBoonsawat Judy_B

    Chris Hemsworth is suited perfectly as master Grey.

  • Allegra28
  • Maryann


  • Froukje7

    Henry Cavill!!

  • Micha62482

    Henry Cavill is my top pick, Ian Somerhalder my second.

  • Susan Hecht2422

    Matt Bomer 1st, if not him then Henry Cavill–check out the Dunhill ads on YouTube–Cavill would make a great Christian Grey

  • Audreymohalek

    Chris Evans as Christian and Rachel McAdams as Ana

  • Fefe

    How about Paul Walker as Christian??

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3HPNKIY3KQC2WFUJ3G6JWZNYWA Sandy

      Paul Walker is beautiful…but I don’t think so for Christian Grey.

  • http://twitter.com/nattie2707 Natalie

    I think gabriel macht would make an amazing mr grey!!

  • Rclwhalewiz45

    Alex Pettyfer all the way, he has the dark side, but also the boyish carefree side of Christian. I imagined him as Christian the whole time, so happy to see other people who agree!
    For Kate I imagined Katie Cassidy, Elliot – Colton Haynes, Ethan – Justin Deeley, Dr. Flynn – Tom Hardy, Mrs. Robinson – Charlize Theron, and I have looked at dozens of suggestions for ana and I can’t find anyone I like.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYNWLMBFLAWYYXHMOGBF7L5BME Nichole

       For Ana, look up Shailene Woodley…… she would be phenomenal.

  • http://twitter.com/massagedontpay Laurie Myers

    Henry Cavill! You can’t help but picture Christian Grey when you look at him, and he definetly has all the features.

  • Kward719

    Jesse Metcalfe and Jennifer Lawrence.  Both perfect for the parts!!!!

  • Ndragocorke

    Blake Hood, or Logan Marshall Green..

  • jewels319

    What about Josh Duhamel for Christian?  Anastasia would harder to pick.

  • rose

    We all think that Ivan Sergei should play the part for sure!!  Tall, square jaw, long fingers and hello people he has the teeth Ana talks about…check him out in a pic with an open shirt hello …enough said

  • chellebelle_81

    It should without a doubt be Chris Evans…I didn’t even know who he was until I saw Avengers and I had already read the books…he is exactly what I pictured while reading them…….

  • karen

    Henry Cavill is perfect!

  • Jesharp


  • Issulouie

    Nacho Figueras ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!

  • Aileen

    There is no one who is better suited for the role of Christian Grey than Henry Cavill. Anastasia should be played by Nikita bad ass, Lyndsy Fonseca!!

    • Hleasmael

      I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Mariacferrante

    Henry Cavill!!! just google Henry Cavill dunhill commercial on youtube.. its almost as if its a trailer for 50 shades!!

  • Anonymous

    Jesse Pavelka!! 

  • Onemeta

    Scott Porter!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3HPNKIY3KQC2WFUJ3G6JWZNYWA Sandy

    If Christian Bale were younger there would be NO DOUBT in my mind.  How about Alex Pettyfer or Jessie Pavelka?  Mmmmmmm…totally sexy guys with killer bods!

  • Buteaud

    Colin egglesfield!!

  • Kelly

    peter facinelli!! : ) 

  • Grebeamanda

    Jessie Pavelka would be the BEST Christian Grey!!

  • Anwbreuer

    Robert Buckley and Scarlette Johansson would be perfect!

  • Anastasia

    Henry Cavill. Laters, babe.

  • Cpitts

    Paul Walker!!

  • Martha Sanchez

    Here’s the perfect Christian Grey ;)

  • Maresydotes617

    Jesse Pavelka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    Oliver Jackson Cohen!!!!

  • anawannabe

    It should def be David Boreanez

  • Mss198801

    Omg please please PLEASE Matt Bomer play Christan!!!!!!!

    • Melissa

      I ABSOLUTELY agree….everytime I look at his pics on google in suits I die.  I also like the pics of Hayden Christiansen and Paul Walker in Suits too….yummmmmmy

  • Tsagarius

    ed westwick

  • Rdlmj

    Alex O’loughlin from Hawaii 5-0 and the vampire show “Moonlight” would be perfect. Handsome, Strong, incredibly sexy!!

  • DLR

    Alex O’loughlin!! So Sexy!!!

  • Jayrose6915

    ed westwick!

  • Rosie xxx

    Alexander IS Christian Grey. He is perfect for the role. He is hot and embodies the meaning of ‘salacious’. He would certainly capture the market for which the books are intended (not just young adult). He will have most women swooning and getting all ‘hot and bothered’. There is even a facebook fan page dedicated to supporting Alexander in obtaining the role. It’s called ‘Alexander Skarsgard to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey.’

  • Touch

    Alexander skarsgard is Christian all the way. I had him in mind when the author described Christian. Alexander has my vote every time! With Gwinneth Paltrow or scarlet johannson

  • Lauren

    Colin Egglesfield should play Grey!!! Though I do love Skarsgard and Somerhalder, I just don’t picture them in the role.  Skarsgard definitley knows how to play serious and hot tempered as well as sexy, but I think he is a little to intense for this role, I have a hard time seeing the super sweet lovable side in him.  Somerhalder doesn’t look hidden and serious enough.  I can seem him sweet and extremely playful, but the serious billionaire part just doesn’t fit.  So therefore Colin Egglesfield fits all fifty shades perfectly, he also has the body and smile and eyes that say I am Christian Grey and don’t you forget that!

    • Ediec2317

      I loved Collin in Something Borrowed & The Client list, but he is 39 & he does look good for his age, just not sure he could pass for 27. I see him more as the good guy next door, & am not sure he could play the dark side of Christian. I prefer Henry Cavill who is 29, has a similar look & has already had experience in Tudors playing the different sides of Christian as well as the Nudity & steamy scenes. But he is gorgeous! Check out Henry Cavill-unstoppable on youtube or his Dunhill ads. You will think you are watching a mini 50 Shades movie!

  • LucidLady
    • Piper

      Also, a lot of the other contenders are WAY too old. 

  • Lisa

    Colin Egglesfield has my vote! He, by far, would play an incredible Christian Grey. He has enough roles and experience behind him, but is not so well known that people would identify him with another character – like a Robert Pattinson or Ryan Gosling. Casting individuals should really take a look at this gentleman.

  • Kelly

    Wentworth Miller! 

  • stupid_shiny_vanquish_owner

    I like Hayden Christensen for Grey…but Alexander would be my next choice, followed very closely by Chris Pine then Chris Hemsworth.

  • Jeanne

    JESSIE PAVELKA!!!!!!!!!! Enough said!!!!

    • Mrs Robinsons Friend

      You are sooooo on track with Jessie!

  • Laneila15

    Rick Malambri is perfect! , 29 6’2 just hoping he has the acting range to play
    50′s many moods!

  • Kjersti1144

    My money is on Skarsgaard, definitely. Although he would have to change his hair color, although in my head I never saw 50 with copper-colored hair. If Skarsgaard doesn’t get the part, though, they should go with a totally unknown actor, someone new and fresh.

  • Ediec2317

    Henry Cavill is the only one who can play Christian. He has the looks, the body, can be businesslike & classy can play seductive ,playful,troubled . He is Christian in every way. See his dunhill commercials. It totally screams fifty with the suit, helicopter fancy car & girl. He aslo has played this type of charcter that is seductively troubled & sexy in Tudors. I like Ian Somerhalder but he is more bad boy than billionare busissman & I don’t see him pulling that side or the totally troubled tramatized Christian off. He is also the right age.

    • Elise

      I’m sorry but Henry just doesn’t really do it for me. I don’t know if it’s his natural reserve but his acting seems very stilted at times. I also think he has a lumberjack look to him. I think there are much better choices for Christian. Let Henry be Superman. And let’s have an actor for Fifty Shades that isn’t already going to be associated with another movie franchise. I don’t want to be watching him as CG and all I see in my mind is him in the silly Superman outfit. lol

  • Wendy C.

    Stuart Townsend… no competition :)

  • StreetBobGirl

    Jessie Pavelka

  • Becca

    I think it should be Jude Law.  He is so Christian Grey!

    • http://www.facebook.com/cpeterson85 Carrie Peterson Melendez

       He’s definitely doesn’t eve look close to 27….maybe use him as his therapist

  • Mrs. Robinson

    Jesse Pavelka by far the SEXIEST!!!!!!

    • Mrs. Robinson’s Friend

      None of those 5 will get me or my friends to pay to see that movie!  Jessie Pavelka by far!!!  PLEASE!!!!

  • Myhrt Isabella

    Colin Egglesfield so handsome or 
    Ryan Gosling they both have my vote

  • mrs. oz

    I think it needs to be an unknown actor. The role is so specific in the book that it would be hard for any “known” actor to play up to. Ryan Gosling would be Noa… Skarsgard would be a vamp…. etc. I watch “Days Days of Our Lives,” one of my guilty pleasures, and James Scott who plays EJ Dimera would be PERFECT as Christian…he epitomizes him. I know soap actors typically are known known as the best actors but James Scott is a phenomenal actor and plays the good guy/bad guy bad thing perfectly. 

    • Wvcarrieann

      I totally agree with you! He would be perfect!!!

    • Gatewaycitygirl

       Yep! This is who I consistently picture as Christian. Either him or Ed Westwick. I don’t picture Skarsgard at all. He does nothing for me.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jennie-Cha/100000052162979 Jennie Cha

       totally! he can also play christian but he has a thick accent!!! if only he can hide it then yes! christian as him or alex skarsgard is perfect!

  • Sarahjp7

    Ian for sure!!!!

  • Ori

    ALEXANDER SKARSGARD!!! No one else would be able to pull it off as well and draw in the wide audience he could command. He is tall, handsome, exudes class, yet has all the grunt. He looks so hot in a suit (and naked).

    Oh my beautiful Fifty! Yep, definitely him and yes, we too have joined the Facebook fan page, ‘Alexander Skarsgard to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey’


    Go Team ASKARSGARD!!!

  • Prettywingsfly

    Readers, honestly how many of you pictured any of these
    celebs as you read the Fifty Shades books? 
    Christian is a “fantasy” who most can’t quite put a face on.   A relative “unknown” would peak more
    interest and alienate less fans.  Let’s
    face it, casting a well-known actor will bring some stereotyping, and Christian
    is an original.

    As for my vote… I’ve
    never heard of Jessie Pavelka prior to this thread, but seriously, take a



    He gets my

    • EdieC

      It cannot be someone too unknown, because they have to be able to act. I get Jesse is Hot to some women, He is OK for me. But he is a fitness trainer & had 2 bitty acting parts. I highly doubt that qualifies him for the role. This is an ACTING role not beauty pageant. It will take more than looking good to get the part. It has to be someone who LOOKS the part & has the acting resume to pull it off, & Jesse does not. Henry Cavill is my Christian. But all the others mentioned have more acting experience than Jesse, therefore Id take anyone of them before him. I mean as I said this is an ACTING job, & a starring role, it cant be just some pretty boy with a nice body.

  • Reggie

    How is CILLIAN MURPHY not on this list?!? He gets my vote!!! The dark copper hair, intense but sexy eyes, the smooth voice, and everything else!! He has a certain sex appeal that isn’t boy-next-door (duh) and gives off a “closed off” vibe…Many of these choices (like ian somerhalder though sexy as hell) are guys who are too…flirty or friendly i guess? well they come off that way in their roles i guess. But CILLIAN=PERFECTION

    • Reggie

      *intense but sexy GRAY eyes*

    • Guest

      Because he is gross! Gaunt!


    This movie has the potential to be the hottest thing ever if Alexander Skarsgard plays Christian Grey. He has the sexiest voice, and is just perfect perfect perfect for the dominant role. He could also pull off the caring or playful side that Christian occasionally exhibits. This would be the best thing ever w/him. Otherwise I’m not even sure I’d be into the film.

  • Gilpergabe
  • Melissa

    I would love to see Paul Walker or Hayden Christiansen as Christain and Charlize Therron as Elena …no clue about Anastasia….who cares…we all know who we care about most -CHRISTIAN!!!

    • Melissa

      Ok and for Ana…I would say Mila Kunis…..I think she would be perfect!

  • Luvnbeng

    James Scott would be perfect as Christian.  

  • LindaM

    I agree with Melissa…Paul Walker. Oooh la la!

  • Kbrazeau

    Henry Cavill. See the Men’s Health magazine cover. He is perfect!

  • si7ver9

    Henry Cavill… he looks dangerous and fifty shades hot in the Dunhill commercial (which to me is a reminiscent of the Christian Grey charm). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKqFMxdN3Pc

  • Freakyborz

    ummmmmm William Levy…..he is PERFECT for that role!!!!

  • Ashley Drennan

    I was tied between Matt Bomer, Armie Hammer, and Christian Bale…but Armie Hammer is a virtual unknown (not what this movie needs) and Christian Bale would be perfect except that he’s much older than the character….

  • saraafx3

    Max Irons would be a great role for a good looking CEO and he has the perfect young age look to him.

  • SarahBeth

    Chris Evans

  • R5junkmail

    Ed Quinn…if those eyes dont sell you. There is a photo on IMDB.com where he is in a tshirt and his beard short. Totally Grey.

  • Alyssa

    Colin Egglesfield is def who i pictured!!

  • Nai

    Jessie Pavelka is Christian Grey!!!!! He is gorgeous!!!! 

  • Shelly

    Ian Somerhalder, Colin Egglesfield, Matt Bomer, Henry Cavill… all are not too old (like Alexander Skarsgard) yet they have a sophisticated/sexy look. I keep seeing Ryan Goslings name and I’m sorry but there is nothing Christan Grey about him… I almost think a no name should be cast because this role has HUGE shoes to fill. If they get it wrong, it will absolutely ruin the books and the whole idea of the story.

    Ian has the oozing sex appeal and those eyes are some of the sexiest I’ve ever seen. But he’s on the short side, hair is too dark and he’s a vampire! He will always be Damon to me. Woof.

    Colin has the look but he almost looks too old.

    Matt Bomer is just all around hot and could definitely do the role justice.

    And Henry … well, he’s hot.

    Casting Christian will be key to this movie making it or seriously flopping.

    • Shelly

      I digress – on second thoughts, Matt Bomer almost looks too soft to play this role. He’s almost too pretty. Doesn’t possess that dark edge that is always looming with Christian.

    • http://www.facebook.com/cpeterson85 Carrie Peterson Melendez

       I totally agree… I think they need to have a focus group to help decide and get the reaction of everyday people especially those who have read and loved the book.

    • EdieC

      Actually Ian is 34, & he actually does not look 28 by the way, & he looks to evil bad boy, I can’t see him as a classy businessman. I love Collin Eggelsfield, & to me he actually looks more 28 than Ian does, but he is actually 39, I would like him better than Ian but he still is more good guy next door. Matt is to delicate looking & too pretty, I cant see him playing the dark sexual dominant Christian is. As for Ryan Gosling, sorry but I never thought he was cute or sexy at all, he has a great body, but Christian is a greek god looking man & Ryan is just so not. Henry to me is the best fit, His looks, body & his acting eperience. He has already played all sides of Christian on Tudors, & has even done the nude & steamy scenes very well I might add. The only other with experience in the type of character Christian is, is Alexander Skarsgard, but he does not look like a greek god to me & Henry does, & Henry is 29 the closest to the age & is 6’1. So Henry is the best & only choice for me looks, body & acting experience wise. No one else has the amount of experience with this type of character like he does AND has the looks & bodyto go with it.

  • Shelly

    HOLY F as Ana would say…. Just saw Henry Cavill in the Dunhill Ad on youtube…. HE IS CHRISTIAN GREY.  Whew!!!  Him and Lyndsy Fonseca would steam it up.

    • EdieC

      Since we have so long to wait for the movie, I guess we will just have to watch those Dunhill ads over & over till then, since they run like a mini 50 Shades movie anyways. Lindsey is my 2nd choice for Ana though, I prefer Alexandra Daddario, her look is a little more innocent, & I totally can see Lindsey as Leila as well, saw her in some show forgot which one, where she looked a little unhinged! She could do crazy beautiful!! & Since she has a similar look to Alexandra like Leila is suppose to it could work. But either of them for Ana would do, just thought Alexandra’s looked more innocent which Ana is suppose to, yet she can be sexy when need be as well.

  • Crystalwilliams126

    HENRY CAVILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liona_eleven

    tom hiddleston

  • Guest

    Alex Pettyfer

  • http://www.facebook.com/cpeterson85 Carrie Peterson Melendez

    Yes definitely Henry Cavill!

  • http://www.facebook.com/cpeterson85 Carrie Peterson Melendez

    Lucy Hale as Anastasia and either Ian Somerhalder or Henry Cavill!


  • Ponyo

    I think Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, the guy who plays Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones would be really good as Christian. He’s not HOT-hot like Fifty, but he would nail the character.

  • Georgina

    Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey and Emmy Rossum as Anastasia Steele. That would be perfect!

  • Team ASkarsgard

    Let’s face it, Alexander Skarsgard IS Christian Grey. He ticks all (and I’m saying ALL) the boxes. Whilst the other choices may have the ‘cutsie’ factor, it is only Alexander who would have women gushing and drooling in one instance, then with one look, command the power of submission. It is important that they factor this into casting, i.e. who is best at delivering light and shade.

    His Facebook fan page truly demonstrates it. It’s called ‘Alexander Skarsgard to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey’. http://www.facebook.com/AlextoplayChristian

  • Bryanjanqiue

    Bradley Cooper would so be my choice:-)

  • arkgirl

    Matthew Lawrence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharonkaye123

    jessie pavelka!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jokaja

    Henry Cavill!!!

  • Linda Longtin

    They need to check out Douglas Booth.  He is amazing.  He is almost too good looking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jennie-Cha/100000052162979 Jennie Cha

    alex skarsgard is Christian Grey, he’s the man i see when i read the book, i honestly dont know why people see ian as christian, he just doesn’t fit the role of Christian. ALEX IS BORN TO PLAY HIM, EVERY LITTLE ASPECT ♥

  • sooz

    Gabriel Macht is Christian Grey! A pretty boy does not fit the image. The role must be played by a man’s man that both sexes can identify with.Gabriel has perfected the bored brooding attitude; yet can flash his little boy smile that would make anyone melt!!

  • BeBe2

    Taylor Kitsch. Look at those eyes, that mouth and chin and tell me no way!

  • Ella

    Henry Cavill pleeeeeaaaasssseeee!!!

  • Ddsf2

    jackie chan

  • Laura

    Matt Bomer is cute/handsome and that’s it; Ian has ‘steely’ eyes and that’s about it… But Alexander Skarsgard, on the other hand, he has the full package. He does do light and shade very well. If Alexander were to play Christian, I could see myself getting scared if he were to get mad. At the same time, I could see myself fall head over heals in love with him.


  • Bronxbomber76

    Henry Cavill, collin egglesworth

  • Tpsouthpaw

    Actually – Wentworth Miller from Prison Break would be perfect, complete with the dark, brooding grey-eyed stare…

  • Monicarohleder

    Henry Cavill is Christian Grey, watch the Tudors

    • Rkush91227

      THANK YOU!! Henry Cavil IS Christian! From the start, I’ve always had Hanery as Christian. He’s gorgeous, and fits the bill to the T!!

  • Morgan

    Chase Crawford would be great pick

  • Tpeake

    Colin Egglesfield

  • Melissa

    I was not a fan of Alexander Skarsgard until I read these books. I cannot picture anyone but him as Christian. It’s unreal to me how much of the character he naturally exudes. In my mind he and Ashley Green would be amazing together…and yes. I fully support the awesome FB page!

  • Sg

    Alex Pettyfer would be perfect choice.  It has to be an actor that is not too well known for other projects.  I love Ian Somerhalder, but it’s hard to not see him as
    “Damon” no matter how good of an actor he is!

  • Starrq77

    Ryan Gosling is who I’m picturing while reading the books. YUM!!!

  • Sheblask

    These are horrible suggestions!!!  Henry Cavill, Colin Egglesfield, but noe of these guys are fit to be Christian Grey!  Who the heck is making thse suggestions!

  • Mistress Cat

    Alex Pettyfer without a doubt – looks mature enough and is charismatic – also has to be able to display vulnerability. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Malissa-Hobbs-Nicoll/1077309695 Malissa Hobbs Nicoll

    Ian Somerhalder is the best person for this part.  You see him in alot of this role on TVD!!  

  • Kate

    Benedict Cumberbatch!
    Gorgeous, intense, tousled copper hair and a fantastic actor!

  • kar1

    Henry Cavill …age 29 …hot , sexy and …

  • Egocentric2

    Colin Egglesfield…*sigh* dreamy…

  • KickChick

    Colin Egglesfield and Olivia Wilde.

  • KickChick

    I heard Matt Bomer is gay. I don’t know if that is true but I would find it hard to accept him as heterosexual Christian knowing that.

  • KickChick

    No Emmy Rossum as Ana, eeeeeewh!

  • KickChick

    Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing Skarsgard as Christian. He has a rocking body but he can actually act and has a wide emotional range so he could easily could be Chrisitan whether he is ready to use his twitchy palm or dropping to his knees heart broken. I have seen him do it all on True Blood.

  • Chiklett17

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…will somebody please beg Matthew Bomer to consider playing this role??? 

  • Tamara Day

    I’m going out on a big limb here, but last night I watched the show Grimm..and honestly, David Giuntoli is almost EXACTLY how I pictured Christian Grey. 

  • Erika

    I think Hayden Christensen from Takers, Jumper, and the Star Trek movies would be perfect for this roll. He would look so good with a suit on or preferrably naked, plus for the age of 27 a feel like Alexander Skargard looks a littler older for the part of Christain Grey.

  • Kara

    Ian Harding!!!! Or Chase Crawford!!! Yum!

  • 123456

    Ian somerhalder isn’t even close:(  (at least in my head)  He’s young but Alex Pettyfer maybe

    • Fifty Fan

      totally agree! Alex Pettyfer would be…..perfect!!! Right age and right image!

  • Williamson_r2

    It should be either ian somerhalder or Colin egglesfield nobody else should get a look in

  • Rosiephantom

    justin hartley would make a great Christian just have to change his hair colour or not.

  • Anastasia

    Dermot Mulroney!!!!

  • Jdiamond1820

    Chris Evans

  • Cherie

    How about Bradley Cooper yummie

  • Lara_P

    I’d LOVE to see Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey, but I just don’t think it’ll happen. Matt Bomer is hawt and I do like Shane West (interesting, hadn’t considered him). Might add West to this list: Christian Grey Fantasy Casting http://www.ranker.com/list/christian-grey-fantasy-casting/kate-kavanagh  Kind of fun, but it looks like Ian is running away with it….

  • Glowwithme_ortiz

    None of the above – check out Eduardo Verastegui !!! Sexy as all hell !! 

  • http://twitter.com/Akane_79 Ana Calabozo

    Grey solo puede ser Ian Somerhalder

  • Moe

    absolutely should be Matt, he’s sexy, mysterious & elegant looking!

  • Mccrormd

    Colin Egglesfield

  • Leanne

    Jude law?

  • Happyhudaks

     Daniel Feurrigel!!!! Or even Jude Law!

  • Justsayin

    Can anybody say Franco??? James Franco could definitely play Christian.  His little bro Dave Franco ain’t bad either. 

  • mary palazzolo

    it should be matt bomer should b christian I imagined his kind of look. he is handsome and mysterious. definitely should be matt bomer

  • Brigittet72

    Scott Elrod is HOT!!!

  • Sonia

    Gabriel Macht from Suits. He’s got the hair, the muscles, the CEO look, the DOM personality, and the sexy smirks. Hands down, perfect.

    • Nicole

      You are so right! I’m happy to hear I am not the only one who thought this. He couldn’t be more perfect!

    • Angie

      Ditto, I agree on Gabriel Macht!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-Paradis/100000840192400 Alex Paradis

    These 5 are a definite good lot to play Christians role, I just really hope Hollywood doesn’t mess up the story and skip over the complexity of the relationships. I love the books and there is always a compromise between literary and visual nuances, the real issue now is who is willing to throw down the towel and go all out to play these roles they way they are meant to be played. I am curious to see who they choose as the director, it has to be someone as gritty and compelling and the books are – or the whole vision will be flawed. Best of luck gentlemen – I look forward to seeing some delectable naughty bits :)

  • Gabby

    Michael Fassbender. Totally.

  • Melissa

    Colin Eggsfield!

  • Cheergirl47

    I am absolutely baffled right now. Chris Pine could not be more perfect for the part. Somerhalder is too lanky and simply isn’t manly enough. Skarsgard is totally wrong.. too old looking and not pretty enough. Bomer is alright but Chris Pine is still better looking and better for the role. I just don’t get it. Please people watch some of Chris Pine’s work, look at his pictures, anything! He is absolutely the best choice for the part and these horrible suggestions are infuriating me. Gahhh!

  • Fine_dont_smile

    I think Alex pettyfer would be perfect he’s so hot

  • Chloe82

    All 5 of these people are wrong for it. I think that 
    Colin Egglesfield should play the part! Yum!

  • SAK

    Thank goodness that you all aren’t doing the casting for this movie. Interesting suggestions but you’re going based on looks alone. What about the actor’s acting chops, do they have the ability to carry the rang that is all Christian Grey ? I’m tired of waiting and wish they had the cast list already and that the movie was in post-production LOL. But if you ask  me, I think this list isn’t ideal, we need more potential candidates to choose from. And I really hope the final decision doesn’t rely on the author’s say. I reviewed her picks and all I can say is Blaaah. One more thing, I’d like to see an un-known actress pull off the role of Ana. Remember Rooney Mara in the girl w/ the dragon tattoo? And no, I do not recommend her either. 

  • C_S

    Joe manganiello.

  • -A

    Ian Somerhalder is the best choice for Christian Grey. In Fifty Shades of Grey, Ana describes in her point of view of his piercing gray eyes and Ian has just that. Christian is seductive and, if you watched The Vampire Diaries, you see Ian’s character Damon Salvatore has that seducing character also. He’s perfect. Nobody else in the world is Mr. Grey than Ian Somerhalder himself. And for Ana– ALEXIS BLEDEL. ONLY HER. She’s awkward looking yet pretty. Perfect choices are perfect C:

    • Nadine00

      Thank you for saying everything in my mind :D
      I agree 1000 %
      anyone other than Ian for christian grey I will not watch the movie

  • guest

    I think Henry Cavill would be the BEST person to play Christen Grey, because not only is he SMOKING hot, but he has also had experience doing the sexy scenes that are in the book because of his role in The Tutors. Also, he looks AMAZING in a suit ;)

  • Miss_Annie

    Personally, I don’t want Somerhalder for the part of Christian Grey. My reason being that I am devoted, first and foremost, to The Vampire Diaries, and the main object of my devotion being Damon Salvatore. It is very likely that if Ian gets the part, he will have to take at least half of the season off from The Vampire Diaries. Half a season of TVD without Damon would strike out my main reason for watching the show. Damon leaving would ruin so many plots and bonds and buildups…it would be awful. And let’s face it, the show would probably tank with no Damon. To quote the TVD book series, there is no world if there is no Damon. 

  • julwong

    Check out these shots of Armie Hammer which I found ~

  • Shang Mhamad

    ian somerhalder is the best actor for the role thanks for any one who vote for him ilove you ian!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=529909687 Clare Austin

    Henry Cavill! The book describes him perfectly: The epitome of male beauty

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=529909687 Clare Austin

    Also I think people are forgetting that Christian Grey is suppose to be gorgeous which must completely rule out that Alexander Skarsgard guy.

  • Guest

    Christian Bale has to actually look boyish enough. Some of these guys look too old to even play 27.



  • Wiggy

    Hey all you CW fans out there, why the hell are  you even reading these books?  Also, Ian Somerhalder is not appropriate.  Chris Pine can play the role, not just look the part.  I can absolutely imagine him being dominant in every way and playing a young uber successful businessman.  Alexis Bleidel, while beautiful, is a horrible actress and I loved the GG’s.  Lucy Hale?  Are you kidding me?  An unknown with no ties to the CW or the Mouseketeers, would be preferable. Wentworth is too old.  Aleksander is too girly, although he’s fabulous as Eric.  Alex Pettyfer??  Come on!  Matt Bomer is too slick.  Ryan Gosling is sexy, but not beautiful.  Christian Bale is too old now, although he would have been a fine choice 10 years ago.  Arnie Hammer is adorkable, so that’s that.  Shane West is cute, but not beautiful and I could not imagine staring longlinly into his eyes.  Michael Fassbender is just beyond this kind of thing and too old.

    • Angie

      What’s your opinion on Gabriel Macht…a little older, but sultry, and gorgeous in a suit…?

  • Katya

    Rupert Friend gets my vote. He has such intense eyes.

  • Donna

    alex oloughlin obviously!!!!!!!!I now he is older than christian but alex looks younger than his age and he is absolutely gorgeous and a great actor i can see him playing the part definately.

  • Kay

    Alex Pettyfer

  • 17rachel23

    Colin Eggelsfield!!! So handsome and can play the tortured Christian Grey!

  • Payton


    • Melissa Schanz

      It won’t work…He’s openly gay.

      • Bookenz

         Sorry, a gay man would ruin the fantasy for me.

    • EdieC

      He is to delicate & pretty to be Christian & he hasn’t been in anything dark or which shows he can play the sexual dominate & dark controlling man Christian is. Henry Cavill has more experience with a character like this as well as has done the nudity & steamy scenes, we need a well rounded actor with looks AND the acting experience for this role, not just another pretty boy.

  • Cdrmaxwell

    Joel Kinnaman!

  • Jessjaw

    How can Skarsgard and Somerhalder even be options?? Christian Grey is supposed to be so good looking that 99% of women swoon on sight. He’s got to be utterly gorgeous in the archetypal sense of the word. These guys just don’t make the cut!! I feel frustrated by this! Chris Pine takes my vote…

  • Laura

    Alexander Skarsgard is the man. The film will make money if he’s in it. Remember, it ain’t a Twilight film. It has to be him.

    When I read the book, I thought of him. Then I joined the Facebook page, Alexander Skarsgard to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. That’s when it solidified it for me. I truly hope he wants the part and gets it. Many hearts (and loins) will be happy.

  • Loisp05

    Robert Kazinsky has got the perfect sultry/moody look.

  • loz

    NONE OF THEM! None of these actors compare to what Christian is like in my head. They need to hit it spot on 

    • Anb

      just to go along with your comment, this may sound crazy, but i don’t think they should make this into a movie.. Its going to be extremely hard to capture the moments (especially the sex scenes) of the book

  • Boebabe

    Alex Pettyfer

  • Nls729

    Taylor Kitsch

  • bella

    Wentworth Miller needs to play Cristian Grey, if we all remember him in Prison Break he had mysterious eyes and his voice was amazing…… he would be perfect.

  • Sylviai68

    Reading the book, Matt Bomer is the Man  I picture as  Christian Grey being. I just dont see another.

  • Sylviai68

    well yes, I can see Wentworth Miller playing Christian Grey.


    Joe Manganiello!!! He’s beautiful!

  • Momo

    Jessie Pavelk OMG total hotness!!!

  • Momo

    Jessie Pavelka, he would make a good Christian

  • Lu

    Colin Egglesfield might play the part well too

  • Michylou

    Colin Egglesfield for sure

  • EmB

    Henry Cavill – Perfect. Nobody else is good looking enough!

  • Reneed9

    colin egglesfield 225% google him he is perfect! beautiful white straight teeth, gray eyes, chiseled body and jaw line. totally christian grey material!!!

  • Mackie

    While reading the. Books the Christian Grey I was seeing in my head was Josh Holloway, he proved in lost in can do hot, sexy, vunerable, playful and wicked. He would be perfect. In my head I was Ana in the red room of pain with Josh, but since I can’t act for toffee and would defo need a body double And am about 30 years too old I think I will leave it in my imagination. If they don’t pick someone who is rightfor the role I don’t think I could go and see the film because it would ruin things

  • S Deleon12

    zac efron

  • Deleon575

    James Franco

  • Tinaeve

    I know he is probably too old for the part but I would love to see Dermot Mulroney play him !!

  • Blueyedbrunette17

    Kalon McMahon from the bacehlotette. Fits the role perfectly!

  • Mizzfresh03

    ryan phillippe……people listen up!! Watch Cruel intentions and you will understand why i chose him

  • http://twitter.com/margarette630 Sarah

     OLIVER JACKSON-COHEN as CHRISTIAN GREY!!! He is sooo HANDSOME and GORGEOUS! I saw his pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Google. He is also good in doing yoga too. He is a perfect fit for Christian. He may be not famous but he is good. If he will be Christian. All girls might fall In-love with him. Like me. <3 :)))

    • Guest

      Just looked him up, oh my lanta he is lovely! Henry Cavill is still my number one and he just took my number 2 spot!

  • Karina Longman

    Henry Cavill!!!

  • Dddd

    Craig Olenik

  • Dddd

    Craig Olenik

  • Shannon

    Kellan Lutz

  • M_narwy

    Henry Cavill

  • Angelina

    Ian Somerhalder all the way:)

  • Nicole

    Gabriel Macht. One look at him and you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

  • Louisa Joslin

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau seems perfect
    The link below is a pic that sums up CG look for me

  • Loisp05
  • Bookenz

    Henry Cavill.

  • Kelliott391

    Alex O’Loughlin

  • Valerie

    Michael Fassbender

  • Val

    Michael Fassbender

  • L Wormwell

    Has to be Alexander Skarsgard. The Christian in my head resembles him the most. Ian Somerhalder would be a possible. The vampire connection should not be forgotten as it was what inspired the book in the first place.

  • Rpatel2484

    Gabriel Macht would be perfect!!!

  • Monicaden3

    jenson ackles from supernatural

  • KarenB

    Cam Gigandet!

  • Katie

    I want Matt Bomer to show us how good of an actor he is by playing Christain Grey.
    His look is right on the mark.. Could he pull off Mr Grey ?? Ohhh I think so..

  • http://www.facebook.com/sara.hallquist Sara Crouse

    Paul Walker, fits perfectly!

    • Jen

      Totally agree!

    • MissDevon

      100% agreed!!!

    • EdieC

      I see henry Cavill as Christian & paul Walker as his older brother Elliot. He has that playfulness about him & is sexy as well, but he is to old & does not look 27 anymore, so he would be better as big brother Elliot.

  • Dredmom

    How about Gabriel Macht (USA Network, Suits). The guy can wear a suit!!!!!! He also has that dark brooding sexy as ever look

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509160254 Amanda Thomas Hughes

    Jesse Pavelka

  • Mcdougallla

    Gabriel Macht

  • Summerann98

    Jessie Pavelka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toner2

    Gabriel Macht!!!!!!!!

  • Inureyez536

    Gabriel Macht from Suits!!!!

  • Mandy

    Chris Pine! It’s his lips.

  • SCANDALOUS242003


  • Fordpodof3

    this Ian dude is too twilight/ vampire looking!!   please dear god not him!!!

  • Molly Slips


  • Fanofcg

    adrian grenier from entourage :)

  • Lindsay P

    Jessie pavelka

  • Flippinbabe450

    Michael Fassbender!!! Please:)!!!!!

    • Emil

      YES, YES, YES!!!!!

  • aleyna

    No Ian Somerhalder!! No past vampires, give someone else a chance.. Ian’s too cocky.  Armie Hammer, Michael Fassbender… much better to portray Christian. Or someone new!!

  • Mmd211

    Jessie Pavelka looks like a God!  The other looks attractive, but not Christian Grey attractive.

    • Guest

      He is certainly gorgeous, but can he act? Christian is more than a beautiful face and body, need to have someone with proven range to take on Mr. Grey!

      • EdieC

        Totally agree, I wish people would stop just picking pretty boys who just LOOK the part. This is an ACTING job people, selecting models or fitness instructors with little to no acting experience is a waste of time when they probably wont be chosen for lack of experience. Christian is a complicated character & an ACTOR with lots of experience in this type of character traits & having done the nude & steamy scenes is REQUIRED or the movie will seem stupid. Sorry, Henry Cavill still has the looks & the acting experience, is close to the age at 29 & 6’1. There still hasn’t been anyone mentioned with more experience than he has AND the looks & body along with being comfortable with the nude sex scenes.

  • alexander4eva

    Alexande skarsgard



  • Lanielewis

    Mark Wahlberg, would rock this role!

  • Mscruiz23

    Collin Egglesworth would be a perfect Christian! Hes pretty much what I picture whenever im reading

  • Candieew

    Tom Hiddleston. Mmmmmmm

  • finnand :)

    MATT BOMER!!!! he’s hottttttttttt <3 and ian is too……well; he looks TOOO dark and has that vampy look to him….

  • finnand :))))

    Matt Bomer should play CHRISTIAN; because he fits both playful and dark christian; because ian just looks too dark and not playful enough; he’s got that VAMPY look to him…

  • Henry Cavill #1 Fan

    Sorry to the writer but the role was not written for Skarsgard.  If you look at any of the commercials and pictures of Dunhill cologne then you know it was written for Henry Cavill.  Ian Somerhalder is no Christian Grey, he is too vampire.  PLEASE LETS NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE THEY MADE WITH TWILIGHT!!!!!!  I’d rather read the books a third time then watch either Skarsgard or Somerhalder attempt to play Christian Grey!

    • Guest

      I love the way you think! 

      • Guest

        I’m not really in agreement with Cavill. I wish it would be Ben Barnes. But I am completely with you on the Somerhalder/Skarsgard comments. I am so sick of hearing about Somerhalder! I will not watch it if Somerhalder gets the role.

    • Ediec2317

      I actually like Ian on VD, but his look is to hard & evil bad boy for Christian. Henry has both the manly dominant seductive look, has played tortured & pained & has that beautiful boyish smile that allows him to have more versatility in his features for Christian. Christian is dominant, controlling yet at times has a boyish smile & look which is what Henry has. He is the only one that has played all sides of Christian, has the looks, the eyes the physique, & has already done the nude & steamy scenes. He is also 29 & 6’1. No one else but Skarsgard has played a similar role with some of Christian’s qualities & done the steamy scenes as well, but he is 36 & does not look like a greek god like Henry does. Henry’s Dunhill ads alone SCREAM Fifty & run like a mini 50 shades movie.

  • Blossom61

    Only Jessie Pavelka fits Christian Grey in looks, body, and bearing.  He doesn’t have to lift weights to “get there” and he’s only 23 (can you believe that???).

    • Ediec2317

      To young & you only mentioned looks, he is not really much of an actor & Christian Grey is a complicated character, & we need an ACTOR who has experience in this kind of role & with the nudity & sex scenes. Jesse is more a fitness trainer & has had only a bit part on 2 shows, which does not qualify him as an experienced actor. I think someone at least 27 should be cast because Christian is classy & businesslike & even though he is only 27, he seems older. We need an older person to show class. Henry Cavill has everything looks wise & the experience with every bit of Christian. You should check out his Dunhill Blac ads on youtube. You won’t be disappointed.

    • Bexx

      Jessie is 29… He is a BABE!! My Christian Grey either way!!

  • Jensoftbal21

    Alex Pettyfer!!!!!

  • Suezqblue56


  • LeeHolloway

    Matt Barr – peek the pic – enough said :)

  • Stacya

    Henry Cavil

    • Guest

      Yes please!

    • ivy

      Yesss! please.

    • fiftyfuckingshades


    • Quadey

      I totally agree!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/howiekat Holly McNew

      This is who I want for Christian Gray!!! He is perfect! Can’t wait to see him playing the new Superman!!!

  • Smboone

    Matt Bomer definately has the look but being as he recently came out I think it would ruin it for most women knowing he is gay and Christian Grey definately is not! :)


       i don’t think that matters! he’s an actor so even if he is a homosexual; it shouldn’t be something that shuns him from acting as a heterosexual and ruin his acting career! i would love it if matt bomer was christian!!!! because he as an actor should be able to make us forget that he’s a homosexual and make us believe he’s actually CHRISTIAN GREY !

      • Ediec2317

        It does not matter what his lifestyle is, & I don’t have a problem with him playing a straight guy in anything else. But he is just not right for THIS part. Yes he has the LOOKS. But this movie is based on a phenomenon & Christian is the epitome of every woman’s fantasy who is a fan of the book. We all have different views of who he is to us, but we don’t picture him as being gay. Its more the idea of viewers watching, than him being rejected for his lifestyle. Lots of fans fantasies are riding on them picking the perfect Christian & most of us would have a hard time picturing him in that sense. We would like to see a man who prefers women. Also, lifestyle aside, tv love scenes are sooo simple compared to what this story requires, & it will take someone with experience with women to pull it off & be convincing as a sexual dominant & I also am not sure he could pull off the dark side of Christian. I don’t think the studio would want to take that chance. The character itself requires much more than I think he can give. Henry Cavill to me is the best choice. He has the looks, the masculine body, can play sweet yet dominating & controlling, looks like a greek god, has played seductive on Tudors & had no problem at all with the nudity or sex scenes. His Dunhill Black ads on youtube run like a ini 50 shades movie already. We need someone with the physical description, the resume to prove they have the work experience, & someone who knows women & is comfortable with the nudity & sex scenes & can be confident in that sense like Christian is. henry has played all these sides of Christian already, so if we are hiring for the job, regardless of lifestyle, he has all the qualifications & experience.

  • LoveChristian

    Check out Reid Scott for Christian Grey.  The actor that plays Grey cannot be someone that is known for a particular character/part (i.e., Robert Pattinson).  

    • nycgirl1022

       I agree with you but I feel like Ana’s character should be more unknown….what do you think about Ian or Matt for Christian?

  • guest

    joseph morgan

  • Atonoftoes

    Colin egglesfield

    • KristienAlexandria

      I agree with you soooo much ! As soon as I read the books he was all I pictured to play the role of Christian

  • guest

    Matthew McConaughey.

  • guest

    Henry Cavill!!!!

  • Stephanie0034

    Matt Bomer is PERFECT but……he needs to gain some muscle.  His look is perfect!!!!!

  • Kimberlgh

    Alex Pettyfer – perfect Christian Grey!

  • Ez

    robert pattinson!

    • Flaca_kt2


    • earnmd

      Please NO.  Done with him.  Brooding is boring.

  • RW

    Matt Bomer!
    He plays an amazing business role on White Collar, and he looks amazing in a suit. And not to mention his amazing smirk. He is who i’ve imagined through the entire book!

  • MG

    Christian Bale would be perfect.  He has the style, attitude, darkness and intensity.   He also has that vulnerable side less often seen. Many are concerned of his age.  But, the young hunks who have the physical qualities – don’t have the maturity to carry the character in the ways that make the man real –

  • Beadelson

    Ed Westwick!


     My choice is Matt Bomer.  He is the hottest guy I’ve seen on screen!

  • Erica

    Why is no one suggesting RYAN PHILLIPE?  He’s already PROVEN that he can play this role.  Remember him in CRUEL INTENTIONS . . . .

  • Hdeuhd

    jensen ackles!! look him up! he is christian grey!!!!

    • Flaca_kt2

      I have never see this guy before…he is pretty hot!

  • Erin

    jensen ackles is perfect!! just look up his pics!!!!

  • Wisegal1981

    James Scott( EJ DiMera, Day of Our Lives actor). Perfect match!!!!

  • Angie

    I think Cillian Murphy would be my perfect Christian Grey, he has the looks & bad boy image but also looks broody, aloof & sensual. I think that if the choice for Christian isn’t right, I wouldn’t want to see the movie as it would then spoil the image portrayed in the book. The book is very explicit when it comes to describing the main characters.

    • Flaca_kt2

      he looks to feminine.

  • Rmcbognar

    Henry Cavill…you tube “fifty shades of grey starring Henry Cavill”. You will not be able to see anyone else play Christian after seeing this video!!!! I Promise! He’s PERFECT!!!!!!

  • Md

    I think it should be Jesse Metcalf from Greys Anatomy. Grey is the son of a drug addict.  I think it fits!

  • Bhuff509

    Ben Barnes. He is beautiful and the man I always envisioned when I read the books!

  • KristienAlexandria

    Colin Egglesfield all the way !

  • Mel

    Colin Egglesfield should be Christian Grey

  • Guest

    Henry Cavill is a perfect Christian Grey! He’s beautiful with a glorious body. Anastasia would agree he looks like a Greek god.
    Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder, though good picks, lack the brute masculinity that is Fifty Shades.

    • Guest 2

      Totally agree also I think Henry also has that gentleman side but also that dark side . And looks fantastically beautiful in a suit



  • Ferrara1120

    William Levy minus the accent

  • Tammy

    Josh Holloway

    • Flaca_kt2


  • MissDevon

    Paul Walker…..perfect body type, and BEAUTIFUL face!!!

  • Stacey_a_

    Jessie pavelka… Perfection x

  • puggy

    jesse metcalfe

  • Guest

    Gabriel Macht is the perfect Christain Grey

    • Wondergurl2k5

      i think so too!!! he just oozes power XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/kittykat2507 Sophie Kitty Clark

    ben barnes!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M4X6FRZLPPQJKH7BY23C6AKI64 Rhianne

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen would be great as Cristian Grey!! See a lot of pictures on Facebook and Google. He is so gorgeous and a good actor too. :)

  • Joannathorley1967

    ian somerhalder perfect

  • Jan

    robert pattison pleaaaasssssee!!! :)

  • Brie France07

    Joseph Morgan who plays Klaus kn Vampire Diaries would be perfect for this role!

  • Rebel

    Joseph Morgan.

  • Julez101

    Colin O’ Donoghue as Christian Grey

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christian-Grey/100004008938309 Christian Grey

    Hey Babe Lets elaborate on them fantasies, email me. Christian.

  • Katkinson13

    Alexander Skarsgard

  • Mercuryssiren

    When I first read 50 Shades…I immediatley thought of John Mayer….I know he is not an actor, but he sure fits the bill!

  • Christieandbruce

    Henry Cavill or bradly cooper!!!!

    • earnmd

      Bradley Cooper really? 

  • Wenzdae

    My vote goes to Armie Hammer. He’s tall, young, sexy, and that VOICE! He hasn’t been in anything that will familiarize him with a certain role. I love Alexander, but he is Eric. I adore Ian, but he is Damon (and very short). As I think about the book, some of the most tantalizing parts are when he speaks. Commanding her, whispering into her neck, when she can’t see him at all. The voice has to be so profound and deep, so I think Armie Hammer should be cast as Christian and show the world what he is capable of. I also really want to see him naked. Lol

  • Annette1196

    Henry Cavill and Amber Heard

  • Fknight1

    Jessie Pavelka is the perfect Christian Grey

  • DMR1234

    Would love to see Jessie Pavelka play Christian!!

  • CW1286

    Colin Egglesfield duh!!!! he’s the only one i can envision playing Fifty

  • Ladywarriorkwsn

    Alex O’Loughlin definitly. ;-)
    He would be perfect!
    Very sexy good looking man and a very great actor. ;-)
    Please go for Alex O’Loughlin!!!

    • Sccrgoddis

      Can’t Agree more with you.  When I read the book Alex O’Loughlin is exactly who I picture…

  • Beguiled

    James Scott from Days of our Lives would be PERFECT…

  • Kelsey

    I think Ian somerhalder should be grey.

  • Rrr2213

    kalon mcmahon

  • Sun

    robert pattinson! or tom hardy

  • Lisa

    Definnitely tom hardy!

  • Ann-Ann

    HOT Henry Cavill, he is already every women fantasy.

  • lex

    Chris Evans!

  • Joycet

    Henry Cavill   or  Wentworth Miller    or   Ryan Gosling

  • Ana

    jessie pavelka—hands down….on me.

    • Pam Knight

      can he act…i dont think so. saw him on 12 men of christmas.

  • Chohnke

    PAUL WALKER!!!!!! Enough said!

  • Jasirot

    Without a shadow of a doubt Ian Somerhalder! He is the perfect Christian Grey.

  • Trhulfy

     Henry Cavill.  No question.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000003234916 Christina Martin

    Gaspard Ulliel or Henry Cavill

  • Sabrina

    It should be Henry Cavill, hands down. He has the subtle smile down, he has a good voice as well. Husky, but powerfull. Plus he has the jawline I would imagine on Christian Grey. He is ‘Greek god beautiful’. Matt Bomer is perfect on paper, but I don’t think he could carry to role and I really don’t like his voice. Ian Somerhalder is just creepy looking.. I wouldn’t have sex with him! Totally unrealistic.

    • Edie

      Totally agree. Henry IS Christian Grey! His Dunhill ads SCREAM Fifty! They run like a mini 50 shades movie. He has the looks, the body, the eyes, that boyish smile & sexy smirk. On Tudors he has played domineering, seductive, classy pained, playful & had no problems with the nudity or steamy scenes. He has done it all. He looks great in a suit, can be a classy businessman, yet dominant, sweet, & pull off painful submissive Christian as well. he has even played a greek god & looks like one as described. He has the total package. There is no actor that has been mentioned so far that has played all characteristics & has the descriptions of Christian like Henry. The closest is Alexander Skarsgard & even though he is handsome, he doesnt look like a greek god to me. Matt Bomer just looks like the good business guy i dont think
      he can pull off the dominant & controlling Christian. As for Ian, I love him in vampire diaries, but he just looks like an evil bad boy to me & I just can’t see him as a classy businessman billionare. As for Ana, Alexandra Daddario is perfect. She has all the descriptions of Ana. Long brown hair, alabaster skin, piercing blue eyes to big for her face, & great lips for her biting. She has an innocent beauty that requires no makeup, which Ana rarely uses, yet can be played up sexy when needed. At 26, she looks 22 & has the maturity for the steamy scenes. Her action training in Percy Jackson, would come in handy for Ana’s ittle action scenes as well. She looks sweet & innocent yet can be assertive as well. They would look great together! I just hope the studio gives them the chance & they would be willing to do it.

      • Ediec2317

        Any doubt on Henry Cavill? Take a look at this Dunhill Black ads mixed video.http://youtu.be/lCF9G3HZm-k ( called unstoppable-Henry cavill-New Divide

  • http://twitter.com/barbaralyn_b Barbaralyn

    Kris Holden-Reid. I love Alex Scarsgard, but Holden-Reid is an amazing actor

  • MommaZ

    They are all hot hot hot! Maybe Tom Hardy, he’s smokin! Please please please do not cast Kristin Stewert as Ana!

  • Xtinaaflynn

    Henry Cavill!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6AX7SYYPCKTXNWCHU46VJBQIYE Naomi

    Jessie Pavelka is Christian Grey without a doubt!!!!!!!!

    • Karen

      OMG if he can act, he has my vote :)

  • Courtmont

    Joesph Morgan you dont have to dye his hair and his lips are devine a trait needed for christian. Love this trilogy

  • Stephanie

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Christian Grey. He is a great, handsome, tall, hot, gorgeous actor. Search him on Facebook and Google or also in Youtube. He is so good and handsome.

  • Clairedoc2345

    Tom Hardy for Mr Grey, he has the looks, the whole macho thing and he looks very naughty lol!

  • Janey68

    Alex Pettyfer! Check him out in Magic Mike! Mmmmm….

  • jackie b

    Tom Hiddleston, absolutely…

  • Tammygallacher2001

    Alexander Skarsgard. Yes Please 

  • Missy

    Paul Walker would be a great choice!

  • Anna

    François Arnaud

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=595918568 Rebecca Hawkins

    Jessie Pavelka…..He is perfect!!!..:)..Xxxx

  • Alex Lowder

    channing tatum

  • Emma

    Henry Cavill is Christian Grey……any question about it check out: Henry Cavill: The Perfect Man on youtube and you will believe.

    • emylo

      oh 100% agree!!

  • denise

    Although older, my vision of Christian is Simon Baker.  I would love to run my fingers through his wavy hair!

  • Xianziii

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen!!!

  • Katie24uk

    Ian Somerhalder should be Grey.. Tom Hardy should be Taylor

  • Flaca_kt2

    ew Ian Somerhalder looks like a woman & Alexander Skarsgard looks 40…and if they case Kristen Stewart as Ana I will gag. 

  • Marie Chico

    Colin Egglesworth!

  • Tralece1162

    I think Christian should be played by   Alex Pettyfer , now that guy is hot

  • Lynette0501

    Matt Bomer is Christian Grey!

  • Niitu_d

    robert pattinson is Grey.

  • Jacquerobinson2

    Teddy sears has a great look for this and can be very mysterious

  • PBanning9

    Rob Pattison as Christian and Kristen Stewart as Ana.

    • KateG

      Are you effing serious?!?!?

      • Magnolia_primerose

        Please tell me you’re joking ! o.O

    • earnmd


  • Teresa

    My possibility:  Drew Fuller

  • Jot1987

    Ian somerhalder! He is perfect for the role I can see it now as he is sexy and a fantastic actor

  • Kelly121

    Channing Tatum ALL. THE. WAY!

  • Kyikat

    Jessie Pavelka!…Followed very closely by Christian Bale!

  • Ietc

    I vote Jason …. The PERFECT Grey


  • Annmarie0917

    jesse metcalfe 

  • anonymous

    Michael Fassbender or Jack Huston

  • KateG

    Henry Cavill

  • earnmd

    Collin Egglesfield hands down.  I’ve read the trilogy twice and all I see is him playing Christian Grey

  • Claire

    Both Ian Somerhalder and Alex Skarsgard have te whole package going on and we have seen the sex appeal in Vampire Diaries and True Blood….third choice would be Christian Bale as he was fab in American Psycho :oD

  • Jill4jags

    EL James must have been a True Blood fan and took Eric Northman without fangs to be Christian.  I so pictured Alexander as Christian while I was reading it.  Ian is GORGEOUS, but he is NOT Christian.  Alexander Skarsgard 100%- gorgeous, tall, blond, pouty, controlling, sweet, did I say gorgeous?

  • Toby2012

    I have no idea if this guy can act, and I’m not sure I care.  Johannes Huebl. He’s perfect. Enjoy! http://manofthecloth.co.za/trends/do-you-know-who-i-am-featuring-johannes-huebl/

  • Shanzie
  • emylo

    i think its one of 3 either henry cavill as my first choice, oliver jackson-cohen as 2nd choice then colin egglesfield as third!!! all gorgeous

  • Alexandria_32

    Gabriel macht hes the only person I could see playing him especially like he is in suits as Harvey

  • VeeA:)

    I would love to see Paul walker or Ryan gosling :) & Lucy hale as Ana

  • Annemariecorbett

    Oooh ian somerhalder please!!!! Xx

  • guest95

    cam gigandet, hands down. he’s got the appeal, we’ve seen him be a bad boy in never back down and seen the vicious side in twilight then the nice sexy side in burlesque. 100% cam 

  • Nickydruce

    if Ian somerhalder gets the role of mr grey i think i will become a cinema addict ;)

  • Weasymoore

    I think chris egglesfield should play mr grey……..

  • Weasymoore

    I think colin egglesfield should play Mr grey……

  • Ming

    Colin Egglefield Homie.

  • Marisaschieda

    Gabriel Macht

  • Bex McClean

    Jessie Pavelka

  • Carina
    • Henryischristian


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1083300653 Sara Albert

    Ian Somerhalder would be the absolutely amazing actor to play Christian!!! No one else can play the part as good as him

  • Mareenma

    Robert Pattinson.

  • Guest

    Tom Welling! 

  • ES81

    Jessie Pavelka!!!

  • ES81

    Ian Somerhalder is too dark on the outside.  Christian Grey is dark on the inside and georgous/businesslike on the outside
    Jessie pavelka

    • Chloe


  • LM69

    I’ve read the trilogy & I KNOW women will expect whomever plays Christian to be drop-dead gorgeous and chiseled perfection in flesh. He needs to have the on-screen demeanor of Mickey Rourke, the body perfection of Channing Tatum & Matt McConahey(sp…) Casting crew…..CHOOSE WELL

  • Ladyangelfox

    I would really like Paul Wesley to be Christian Grey. Before I get attack/ questionable comments…

    Hear me out..

    He was great as Evil and Light Stefan. He could fit very well in being dangerous but caring. He is an actor who can act controlled and playful in the best way I see christian.

    Ian is good but he would be too obvious in certain Christian areas.

  • Chloe

    I was born to play Ana .. SERIOUSLY there needs to be open auditions for her role I just need that one chance

  • Kakkyjovi

    matt bomer looks most like i imagine him to but he is gay!

    • Notmatt

       Matt is tooooo pretty.

  • Nicole

    robbert pattinson 

  • TBrad

    Chris Evans

  • Unknown

    Henry Cavill is perfect for the part. Hes a terrific actor and has the looks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1686243061 Izabel Cristina Oliveira

    I agree with Henry Cavil for the role. But I think Taylor Kitsch would be a great Christian Gray. Emilia Clarke or Emmy Rossum for Anastasia.

  • Nbleigh

    James Scott who plays EJ on Days of Our Lives.

  • Shelby

    Has so got to be Ian somerhalder :-)

  • Rockysgurl2281

    Armie HAmmer. Look at him he’s gorgeous and if prefer a not so famous person to play Christian!

  • Henry1995

    HENRY CAVILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH TUDORS!!!

  • Bex McClean

    Jessie Pavelka… nobody else can be Christian Grey!!!

  • Trouterbeck

    Michael weatherly


    Ben Barnes people he is sexy and fits christian greys description!!!!!

  • Kelly

    They need to add Bobby Flay to the list!

  • Bishsgrove

    Douglas booth

  • Fallows Darlene

    Channing Tatum! Check out his Fighting movie and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. He can play moody with an explosive temper and he has the “shy” smile!

  • Achoi

    Henry Cavill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KC368

    Paul Walker from Varsity Blues etc. is not listed but would make an excellent Christian Gray. He has that innocent yet deep look about him…soulful blue eyes…hair colors works fine could always be helped a bit…he would be perfect!!

    • Ediec2317

      I love Paul Walker, but he is 39 & does not look 27 anymore. I see him more as Elliot.

  • stephiex

    am I the only one who thinks Alex Pettyfer would suit?

    • Fdjvnd

       He’s too young.  But hot.

  • Fkalolo

    Henry Cavill for sure!

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.borres Borres Michael

    Oliver Jackson Cohen would fit the role as Chritian Grey

  • Ge_ge_2

    Gabriel Macht is the ideal Christian Grey

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ERKZBXFSNKYF7QG6OFDNFGHBO4 sharon

    I agree, Henry Cavill would fit the role down to a tee! He is the epitome of male beauty and exactly how I imagine Christian Grey would look.

  • Misslisaiv

    I love, love, love the thought of Shane West!!!!! That voice, that voice, that voice!  And look at the look in that photo! I mean Damn!

  • Tara

    Here is one that’s not on the list  Rick Malambri from Step up 3 Check him out!

  • Melaniee

    OLIVER JACKSON-COHEN as Christian Grey!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/robynjrose Robyn Rose

    Jessie Pavelko!

  • Grey Dreaming

    Henry Cavill all the way! His soft curls and that hot body!! 

  • Guest

    Chris hemsworth is the perfect Grey!!!!!!!

  • neta

    Charlie Hunnam!! Look him up and you’ll see why. 

  • power

    Goncalo Teixeira

  • Jfdnvgjfdn

    Henry Cavill of course.

  • Suzy

    Jessie Pavelka

  • Donna

    Matthew McConaughey would make a Perfect Christian Gray,,,,

  • Gybunny

    ..i would love to see ARMIE HAMMER play Christian Grey – - he’s so it!

  • Lncamp

    Jessie Pavelka is definately Christian Grey :)

  • Il0v3l8k3rs

    Bradley Cooper…. The other options are younger but none of them are as hot & sexy as Bradley Cooper!!!!!

  • Jhhagel

    Matthew Mcconaughey is Christian Grey… I swear it

  • sccl


  • ano

    Joseph Morgan….and no one else. It cannot be

  • Vikkie

    most of the comments that people have said below, i dont think highly of any of them! only two people i would like to see is either Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder! i perfer Ian thats how i have been imagening christain to look like.

  • Brett

    Kellan Lutz from twlight! He has the perfect body and eyes!

  • AlexPettyferISChristianGrey!

    Alex Pettyfer is the only Christian grey there could be. He is absolutely perfect in every way! What is everyone thinking with Ian? No way.

  • jaz

    what about tom hardy he can be gentle, sexy, seductive and rough all at the same time, and hes gorgeous :)

  • jewels

    Gabriel Macht. enough said

  • Tasha

    Alexander scars is what I had pictured in my head anyway! OMG

  • nita

    Tom welling people he would be great

  • Gema

    While I was reading the book, I kept imagining a man that looked like a younger Eric Dane/Ian Somerhalder/Alexander Skarsgard.

  • Mary

     Oliver Jackson-Cohen is great for Christian! Check this link. You’ll love it. http://www.facebook.com/OliverMansourJacksonCohen

  • Kendall

    Colin egglesfield. Or else!!

  • Karen

    Hayden Christensen no doubt at all!

  • kammy

    ian harding

  • Aaanniiee

    YES and I also pictured Chris Evans. But Tom Welling from Smallville and for Ana I feel Alexis Bledel and for Elena Diane Lane. I can’t see Ian or any of the above. There’s Jessie Pavelka, well I hope E.L. James gets her characters right.

  • Kristina

    Wentworyg miller by far holds all the characteristics… The look is his eyes the lips… He poops on all these other guys looks seriously people don’t kill Christian with the wrong actor… Consider him…

    • magnolia

      Finally, someone who thinks straight

  • patti stanton

    Alex O’laughlin!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taylor

    Charlie Hunnam (clean cut, of course) or Hayden Christenson

  • Crystina Garrett

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen ♥

  • Carol MC

    Alex Pettyfer for Christian no doubt about it!!!
    unsure if Lana Del Ray has ever done acting but think she would suit the bill as Anna!!

  • Ome Fangsup


  • RachelB

    Let’s face it, Ian Harding is THE perfect Mr.Grey. If he was a little more well known, he’d definitely get the part. Until then, I cast my vote for Ian somerhalder. He’s to sexy for his own good.

  • Yum-Grey

    Tom Welling would make the PERFECT Mr.Grey. At least go check his picture out before you disregard this! The close to perfect Anastasia would be Emmy Rossum!! Or maybe Nina Dobrev…

  • 50Fan

    Colin Egglesfield!!

  • Chloe Rimmer

    Jessie Pavelka for Christian!!! As for Ana there needs to be open auditions! Let’s have a fresh new face hit the big screen!

    I have some acting experience and everyone who has read the book tells me that they envision me as Ana Steele. That’d be a dream come true to play her!!!

  • Mybignotebook

    Tom Hardy

  • It’sonlyme

    Paul Walker

  • guestx

    Gabriel Macht – his character Harvey Specter in Suits is 100% Christian Grey

  • Bex McClean

    Jessie Pavelka is definately my Christian Grey!

  • Livlaughlove2026

    If I could vote Ian Somerhalder 10 million times I would! Yummy! He needs to break away from Vampire Diaries anyways. What a talented beautiful man.

  • Trisha

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Christian Grey! See this link. http://www.facebook.com/OliverMansourJacksonCohen?ref=ts

  • Vernieb69

    I’d love to see PAUL WALKER play this role. He is HOT!!!…HOT!!!…HOT!!!…the intensity in his eyes..his body’s build as well as his versatility of moods..i can’t see no better actor than him. He totally fits the Christian Grey profile.

  • Vernieb69


    • Ediec2317

      I think megan Fox is beautiful, but people see her as to sexy. I think she could look innocent, though & then play the later part. Just wonder if the studio would hire her knowing she is normally in sexy roles, would be hard for the audience to see her as innocent. Angelina Jolie would have been perfect when she was younger. I think Alexandra Daddario is perfect. She has the long brown hair, alabaster skin, Blue eyes to big for her face & pouty lips for biting. She has an innocent beauty requiring no makeup which Ana rarely uses. At 26, she looks 22 but yet has the maturity for the steamy scenes. Here is a picture.

  • megan

    Colin Egglesfield hands down. He is the PERFECT one to do this role. When I read the seris I picture him. Ian Somerholder is no doubt sexy  but he just isn’t the part. 

  • Cway24

    I dont think theres a celebrity out there that can play.Christian grey!!!!

  • Philandcat

    ana character i think evangline lilly(kate from lost) wud make a good ana. for christian ryan gosling.

  • Naomi Jenkens

    A professor recently came up with a composite image of what the people think Christian Grey should look like and I think the picture looks a lot like Alex O’Loughlin…from the remake of Hawaii Five-0 (One of my favourite shows) and I think he could become Christian with ease…

    • Donna

      couldn’t agree more naomi i mentioned alex a while ago and he is PERFECT to play christian.just wander if anyone has asked him if he would even consider playing him,although he is commited about 9 months of the year filming HAWAII FIVE O.

  • http://twitter.com/Vanesa_NYC Vanesa MartínLorente


  • Thelex2923

    COLIN EGGLESFIELD!!! From Something Borrowed and The Client List. He is thee PERFECT Grey! GOOGLE IMAGE HIM!! Your welcome ;)

  • Ali-J.

    Colin Egglesfield YES!!! Sooo mysterious and sexy with the most intense eyes and perfect smile. Hes all i see when i read the books and Ive only watched him one film.

  • Wendyaugustine

    i hope they stay true to the book.. grey is a ginge .. so whoever is chosen best suit the colouring
    ana has dark hair like the crackw*ore mother of christian and his subs have to look like her and anna too…
    kate has red/auburn hair 

  • Aaanniiee

    Colin is to old looking.. Sorry

  • IShouldBeACastingDirector
    • games throne

      have you thought of emila clark from games of throne off HBO

  • GC

    ROBERT BUCKLEY! … perfect smile, age, and very attractive!

  • Justlivinlife1170

    Christian- Ryan Gossling
    Ana- Ashley Green
    Kate – Amanda Seigfried
    Elliot- Armie Hammer
    Mrs Robertson – Sharon Stone
    Mother- Diane Keaton
    Father- Harrison Ford
    Jose- Jesse Metcalf
    Taylor- Joe Manganiello

  • buddy

    if you put a book in her hand its anna in the library that is emilia clark!!! i think she is so amazing!!!

  • Shaii

     Oliver Jackson-Cohen!! SEE THIS LINK!!  http://www.facebook.com/OliverMansourJacksonCohen

  • Bexy J

    Ian somerhalder all the way hes sexy and has a dangerous side… alex skarsgard as elliot grey… :D

  • Kitty

    HENRY CAVILL, people! 

    Humor me and click:

    an angry Christian photo http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/2537411/henry-cavill-isabel-lucas-immortals-in-montreal-01/

    Now see this short video of Henry for Dunhill London and tell me it doesn’t scream Christian Grey. There’s also a helicopter! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKqFMxdN3Pc

    or PAUL WALKER. Omg.

  • Bubearyluv

    Matt Bomer and Emmy Rossum

  • Irishlove32704

    Alexander Skarsgard for sure!!!!!!!

  • Aalove

    Colin Egglesfield! Hands down

  • http://twitter.com/iam_adelheid ♥ I am Heids™

    ei don’t forget HENRY CAVILL!!! 

  • Zoez

    Cheyenne Jackson would be great! Don’t use anyone whose had a lot of exposure.

  • Encore725

    Hunter Parishh from weeds

  • Mindylynn1228

    Only Alex Pettyfer!!! Jessie Pavelka is adorable and has the face of Christian. But he’s too buff. Christian is a runner/ martial artist. He has a long lean body. Jesse would have to drop quite a few lbs. I feel most people are commenting and really haven’t read the book. Please re read!! Christian is very specific. Maybe we should let EL James pick HER Christian.

  • Kerry2011

    No no no not Ian somerhalder. I think drew van Acker as christian and Lucy hale as ana from pretty little liars there not well known which it think is best for this book no expectations.

    • jess

      lucy hales a great choice!

  • Monica

    Christian Bale

  • monica

    Michael Fassbender

  • Talia


  • Eva Jdesign

    Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer ! They bothe fit the description of Christian Grey! :)

  • Caitlinmeehan89

    Cam Gigandet!!!

  • Nicolaauton

    jessie pavelka

  • http://www.facebook.com/charlene.gibson.980 Charlene Gibson

    ahh im so torn between matt bomer and alexander skarsgard

  • Claire-macdonald

    Matt Bomer please! His playful side would suit it so much, the ‘shy’ smile she describes, it’s his face I always picture! x

  • Ana

    Peter facinelli .. googling pics of him with dark hair and I can see Christian Grey in him. He’s a bit older as well.

  • Theresa

    Matt Bomer absolutely looks the part…but knowing that he’s gay in reality sort of ruins it for me unfortunately. It kinda makes him unbelievable as Grey

  • Tia

    Elizabeth Olsen for Ana without a doubt!
    Possibly Lily Collins

  • Aimeelouisemorgan

    Aren’t all these men too old? I would like to see Shiloh Fernandez play him because he has the right level of moody and sexy and he’s the right age.

  • Matt is the one

    MATT BOMER no doubt! He is the one, no other guy listed here or anywhere else has the looks of CG. And Matt can act too, so I’m sure he can be great as dark and moody Christian even if he never had that kind of role. My vote goes to Matt Bomer! 

  • ALN

    Matt Bomer IS CHRISTIAN!  Seriously, can any of these other guys pull off a suit like he does?  Not to mention those beautiful smoldering eyes!  Between being a star on White Collar and his dance moves in Magic Mike, this man CAN ACT! 

    • maria

      there is only one person that has the most beautifull smoldering Eyes in the World and that is Ian somerhalder, besides the gorgeous face and Body and most of all he is a terrific actor, the role is made for him.

    • Lizzie

      Matt Bomer IS CHRISTIAN!! He is showing Hollywood that he is a terrific actor and by the roles he is getting he is finally being recognized. He already has several roles coming up and we all can add Fifty Shades of Grey to the list!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/cassidy.bonifacio Cassidy Bonifacio

    Matt Bomer is the ONE and ONLY Christian Grey! He’s PERFECT for the role and he’s a very versatile actor! 

  • Kathy

    Matt Bomer IS Christian Grey…no other will do

  • Arleeg_357

    matt bomer all the way!!

  • Tutu610

    You forgot Henry Cavill! He’s my choice!

  • Kakkyjovi

    mat bomer  because of how he looks but never seen him act. but could a gay man really pull christian off????

    • Ediec2317

      I agree. I think he is beautiful & fits Christian’s PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION. But the fact still remains, I have not seen him play any dark character, & can’t see him pulling Christian off due to the fact that Christian is a dominant & knows everything about a womans body. How convincing can an ACTOR be if he doesn’t have that experience?  This movie is part of a phenomenon, involving a character that is every womans fantasy. Wether he is an actor or not, gay or not, should not matter, but the fact still remains, his experience is with men, & the amount of & type of steamy scenes involved with this movie, requires experience with a WOMAN. Yes he had tv love scenes but nothing like this will call for. Its not the fact that he is gay, its more wether he could make us believe he is straight & dominating in THIS role, & even though Matt LOOKS the part, he hasn’t done anything risque, showing he can do the sexually dominating scenes that this requires with a woman. I still say Henry Cavill is the only one with the resume & looks & has done the sexy scenes to prove he is Christian. I have seen numerous names thrown out, but no ones resume compares to Henry. the closest would be Alexander Skarsgard, but even though he is gorgeous I think Henry looks more Greek god looking &  closer to Christians age at 29.

  • http://twitter.com/leahassaf leah Assaf

    I vote for Henry Cavill

  • Williams Leanne

    we vote for Ryan Reynolds

    • guestnc


  • Lil_rugrat_99

    Colin egglesfield …. PERFECT!

  • Julie_merrin

    Matthew McConaughey

    • Kakkyjovi

      i thought that but too old

  • Kakkyjovi

    colin eggleston oh yes please – comments please

  • Nikle

    Cam Gigandet!

  • Johana

    Matt Bomer is PERFECT!!

  • bears123

    Jessie Pavelka! He’s the perfect build…Ryan Gosling is just too small of a build for CTG

  • Zinspinoui

    Henry Cavill IS Christian Grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ljacques41

      totally agree!!

  • Mmckerchar

    Alex Petyfer may have potential, he has many looks and I think they could work on him and create the character needed. The more recent pics of him like in Magic Mike…he almost looks like a young Ashton.

  • Mmckerchar

    No I change my mind….I think Cam Gigandet is my final choice WOW

  • Leanne_rob_8

    justin hartley

    • MAK2000

      He’d be a good Elliot

  • Guest

    Henry Cavill, hands down.

  • jess

    matt bomer and ian somerhalder hands down and by the vote, other people agree.  lets just hope they dont do a robert pattinson and pick someone ugly when they are suppose to be greek god hot.

    • Gee

       agree! Rooting on MATT
      BOMER….Yeah,perfect match to the book’s description

  • Ljacques41

    Matt Bomber with his hair longer
    or check out
    Carlos Mendez 

  • Ljacques41

    This Is who I  think looks like FiftyEduardo Verastegui

    • Chanel

       Wow! Great pick! :)

  • Ljacques41

    Valentino Lanus

  • Babyblues0184

    Colin Eggleston should play Christian! He has eyes you can get lost in!

  • Tonya040486

    I’m reading the books now, and I went to see Savages tonight. During the movie I kept telling my husband that the actor who plays “Chon” would be a perfect fit for Christian Grey. I didn’t know who it was, but he had the perfect sexy smoulder, rough-around-the-edges tormented persona, and overprotectiveness that totally embodies Christian Grey. Turns out his name is Taylor Kitsch, and my vote goes for him!

    • Ediec2317

      I love Taylor Kitch & have always thoughtb he was gorgeous from when he was in the movie “The Covenant”, but I see Henry Cavill as Christian & Taylor Kitch more as Elliot or even Ethan? But he is gorgeous & yummy!

  • Jessicagabriela

    Am I the only one that thinks Kellan Lutz would be great for this role, he has the hair the eyes and he is huge/muscular and he is just GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • KB

    Tom hardy should play Christian grey I couldn’t think of anyone better. He is Christian grey

  • KB

    Christian: Tom hardy
    Ana: jennifer Laurence
    Kate: Blake lively

  • bk

    Christian – Alex O’Laughlin
    Ana – Rooney Mara

  • http://twitter.com/brookesalmons brooke salmons

    DREW FULLER. I’m sure he won’t get it though… Or if he’d even want it. I didnt care for these books very much, but if Drew Fuller was cast as Christian I’d love the movie no matter what. He’s perfect. I don’t understand most of these choices and would I HATE Ian Somerhalder. I just don’t get it.

    • http://twitter.com/brookesalmons brooke salmons

      Scratch that. I’d hate Alexander Skarsgard more than Ian.

  • Janbehr

    What about Gabriel Macht as Christian or David Boreanaz. They would be my pick

  • knarte

    Cam Gigandet please!!!


  • AmyD159

    Jessie Pavelka for Christian Grey!!!!!

  • Rebecca Steward

    Bradley cooper!!!!! Most definitely!!!! Yum!!!

  • AmyD159
  • Ekkochik

    Joseph Morgan from Vamp Diaries has the perfect arrogance with underlying boyish vulnerability for Christian.  I think the accent can still work well.

  • Steve Burton fan

    Steve Burton, who plays Jason Morgan on General Hospital. Checkout his pics. He would be great. “Jason” is a lot like “Christian”, and Steve could def pull off this role.

    • MAK2000


  • Gvhollandheim

    Henry Cavill! perfect package :) I love Ian but Christian Grey is described as tall, masculine, and Greek god-like. so my vote is for Henry:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bango-Carrera/586456913 Bango Carrera

    It seems Henry Cavill, the actor who’ll play Superman in Man of Steel, has been sighted at the office of Fifty Shades of Grey producer De Luca. Cavill is a good match for Christian Grey.


  • Babytasha

    paul walker

  • Jess

    Colin Egglesfield.

  • Slimheather

    It should really be someone completely new that isnt associated with another role a bit like Andy Whitfield took the world by storm in spartacus…. he would have been perfect actually

  • Slimheather

    Ian Sumerhalder is just VILE he has eyes like a goat, evil and creepy he would be the worst choice ever

    • emma

      I agree!!! I keep seeing his name come up and when I view his photos he is strait up creepy. There is nothing “creepy” about Christian Grey or Henry Cavill playing him in the movie!

  • Rabz66_6

    Ian Somerhalder is clearly The BestOption for Christian grey! I’d use his s*** for toothpaste!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kimbrian9601

    Colin Egglesfield….. He is the total package to play Christian Grey…..

  • Lmb88_882

    Josh duhamel

  • Hertotheend


  • Chanel

    Henry Cavill! He is a perfect match for Christian Grey!

  • MAK2000

    Aussie Actors For 50 Shades.

    Ana- Esther Anderson
    Christian- Luke Jacobz
    Kate- Isabel Lucus
    Elliott- Todd Lasance

  • Gee

    Rooting on MATT
    BOMER….He’s exactly who I picture as how the book describe..The eyes, the jaws and all..He’s perfect for the part

  • Wgr0515

    Colin Egglesfield, without a doubt!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1098117726 Laina Anderson


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1098117726 Laina Anderson



  • Pinkygirll

    Henry Cavill

  • Tb838

    Henry Cavill…plain and simple

  • Guest

    Cam gigandet …..perfect!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Scott Caan or Alex O’Loughlin

    Both are smoking HOTT!!!!

  • Slimheather

    How about Dustin Clare, very sexy

  • KateDC

    HENRY CAVILL should be cast. The ONLY reason why women aren’t voting is because they haven’t seen him in action. In a year, if they don’t choose Henry for the part, all these women will be kicking themselves for not pushing the producers and casting team to get Henry Cavill. Next year, Henry will be hotter than hot. He is the George Clooney and Brad Pitt of the new millennium. Do yourselves a favor and Google him, ladies. And check out his videos. Enough with the vampire cable series guy (who’s tiny in person anyway).

    • emma

      You are absolutely right on with your prediction….it will be a shame if they cast this role with Ian….he is creepy to me anyways. Anyone other than Henry Cavill cannot pull this role off to perfection!

      • Ediec2317

        Exactly, he is the best ACTOR suited for the job. If he does FSOG & Superman, I dont’ think he will have spare time to himself for a long while, as he will be booked with movies. He is very versatile. I think the only thing I haven’t seen him in yet is a comedy, but he was playful on Tudors so I am sure he could. I haven’t seen anyone else who has the experience with the feelings & traits of Cg like Henry does & still match the description. Alexander Skarsgard comes closest, but he is 36 & even though he is beautiful, I dont see him as a greek god type. As for Ian, He is sexy, & has similar features, but Cg also has a boyish smile & look at times, & Ian doesn’t. Ian has a more evil bad boy look, which may be good for CG’s dark side, but his features & expressions are so important for this character. Henry has all those looks, so he is better suited for the role.

    • Stefanyy2

      actually i’ve watched him in the tudors and he’s not christian in any way!!

  • Daniellearezz78

    I’ve read about women pushing for Matt Bomer for the role of Christian Grey and chastising women who disagree. Matt Bomer is a beautiful man. But I also know that he’s married to a man and has a family with him. I respect that — so much so that I’d rather see him act in a film where he gets to fall in love…with another guy. Because in my sexual fantasy the guy I fantasize about is into women (since I am one), I can’t root for someone who I know prefers men on any level.  Because of the nature of the movie, I want a straight guy in the film. No amount of good acting will change that for me and I suspect many – certainly, not all- women feel the way I do. Those of you who disagree have the right to feel as you do. But this is about sex and fantasy and you can’t dictate to people what they’re supposed to like. I’d like to think the actor who’s playing Christian Grey will enjoy some of the scenes with Ana on some level. And that guy should be Henry Cavill.

    • Ediec2317

      Totally well said. I also think Matt Bomer is a beautiful man, maybe too pretty. I want someone who is into women. Christian is representing alot of womens fantasies & he knows womens bodies & how to give them pleasure. No acting can accomodate for experience in this dept. It would not seem convincing to me. He can play any other straight guy & does well on white Collar, but THIS role is not for him & I am not sure the producers/directors would want to take that chance. Anyone playing this role, HAS to have that kind of experience with women. I also see him more of a funny good guy, & cant picture him playing the dark side of Christian. Hen ry Cavill IS Christian Grey to me, he has played all sides of Christian in Tudors, & had no problem with the nudity & steamy scenes so he has done it all. As for those who doubt it, please watch Tudors, Im sure it will change some of your mids, & if it doesn’t you can always look up his Dunhill ads & youtube video Henry Cavill-Unstoppable to see why he is the only Christian Grey!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1019581013 Kimberly Mitchell
  • BecLuv77

    JAMES SCOTT!!!!!!!

  • Jjbsm

    Holy crap! I can’t believe Henry Cavill hasn’t been mentioned. Henry personifies the physicality of Christian Grey to a tee. It’s actually quite uncanny. Anyone else agree? Google his images. WOW!

    • emma

      I agree! Check out Henry Cavill: the perfect man, on youtube and the casting for Christian Grey is done!

    • Ediec2317

      I totally agree. Its a little unnerving how his character he played on Tudors has alot of the same traits as CG. Henry has played it all, domineering, seductive, classy, charming, playboy, pained & has even done the steamy sex scenes which were VERY hot by the way. He is so perfect. His Dunhill Black ads on youtube are a mini 50 shades movie. I swear It wasn’t Rob el James got CG from, other than the bronze hair, His mannerisms, the helicopter, glider etc, all are in those ads. He even has been caught in some of the same clothes CG wears. If he ain’t CG no one is. I dont’ care if he will be Superman, they are totally different characters & I still think we need someone with somewhat of a name for CG who can act very well, as Cg is a very challenging complex character. I dont’ understand what is it with jesse Pavelka. Yes he looks ok & has a great body, but he is a Fitness trainer, who made bit appearances on Friday Night Lights, he is not much of an actor, we need an ACTOR. Sorry just dont see how people can nominate men for an ACTING role when they are models or not actors. But I guess we can dream.

  • Guest

    Peter Facinelli, is a perfect Grey!

  • Slimheather

    Kimberly Mitchell all i can say is yes indeed he is spectacular

  • Anne Tarantini

    Cillian murphy. He has that other worldly look as well as being show stoppingly handsome. He is the type of man that women stare at and wish they were with him in bed being very naughty. He is extremely attractive and sexy and different which is exactly what this role needs. Vote for collian and not for these samey looking actors above.

  • Hshook81

    I think that Jessie Pavelka would play an awesome Christian Grey! I think we need a new and fresh face (and body) to take us by surprise! I also think Ana Steele should be played by Anna Kendrick!

    • Aml390

      I pictured Anna kendrick as Kate. How about Ashley Rickards as Ana?

  • SABG91

     Charlie hunnam!!

  • Jessicaharris93

    Christian Bale Is The One <3

  • AML390


  • Ang

    Ed westwick, right image, right age and certainly the wow dominant sex appeal.

  • CelesteDimichina

    Jessie Pavelka…he is my only pic for Christian!!

  • Mandydunn86

    colin farelle should play the part

  • Ediec2317

    My Fantasy cast:

    Christian: Henry Cavill
    Ana: Alexandra Daddario
    Elliot: Chris Zylka
    Mia: Zoey Deutch 
    Kate Amber Heard
    Grace: Diane Lane or Michelle Pfeifer
    Carrick: Pierce Brosnan
    Elena: Melinda Clarke ( She is a red head but she can be so devious & seductive, she would be perfect & I would so believe she would be able to get a 15 boy to give into her desires)
    The rest Im not sure.

    • Countrycandy3368

      I so agree with you on your fantasy cast.  Everyone that you have named here fits perfect.  I do hope for a movie.  I am almost done with the first book and it is hard to put down to do what I have to get done.  I love the book!! 

      • Ediec2317

        Thanks, I know some people are sticklers for the exact look, & I know Christian is suppose to have BRonze hair, but brown hair is close. I also thought of Katey Cassidy for Kate also. But for Elena, melinda Clarke has just always been convincing in this kind of roles she is perfect. She is not such a character that anyone would really care what her hair color is if they knew her work.

  • iris71

    James Scott is my Christian Grey.. when I read he’s who I see…

  • Ellao2468

    jensen ackles

  • Lana

    How about James Franco?

  • Aleisha

    jessie pavelka

  • http://www.facebook.com/joanne.joneswasharwood Joanne Jones Was Harwood

    Jessie Pavelka…….Very hot! 

  • Shelby

    JESSE WILLIAMS!!! Dark sexy seductive grey eyes and can play both happy in love and dark angry yum yummm

  • http://www.facebook.com/amber.white.549 Amber White

    JESSIE PAVELKA he should be number 1

  • http://twitter.com/sheila_hrb sheila harb

    henry cavill

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.george.56863 Lisa George

    Gabriel Macht

  • Debbyb

    Ryan Phillipe (sp)
    Perfect choice for aloof, uncaring, caring, hot, sexy, senual

  • Jokes

    Henry cavill!!!

  • Nat

    Channing Tatum all the way, he`s got the look, the body, the eyes and much much more.

  • Ana Steele

    Come on you guys! Christian Grey should be played by someone who’s not mainstream yet! Have you guys seen Drew van Acker of Pretty Little Liars? SERIOUSLY – GOOGLE HIM!

    • Ediec2317

      I see Drew more as Ethan. But he is gorgeous. Just a little to young looking for Christian, & Elliot is older by 2 yrs than Christian.

  • Rn_colleen

    I think Chris Evans would be a good pick for this part! There is a great pic of him in a grey suit that is exactly how I picture Christian Grey

  • Amy Hoare

    Ryan gosling has the smirk! It has to be him!!

  • Rebeccamorgan1
  • Fiona_23

    I think it should be Aiden Turner AKA Mitchell from Being Human, stunning!!!

  • JCL1

    James Scott…perfect candidate!  Copper hair, grey eyes, incredibly hot and already plays a mega millionaire.  Perfect!

  • Kathy

    Henry Cavill IS Christian Grey it’ll be a crying same not to give him the part

  • Rachellynn8806

    Derek theler!!

  • Tb_october98

    Gabriel macht

  • Scorpio1969


  • Lextanmom

    Jessie Pavelka PLEASE!!

  • Cochranja1

    Colin Egglesworth!

    • Cochranja1


  • ale_baby10_4

    Matt bomer, please ,is beautifull

  • Dianam4300

    Jesse metcalfe

  • Gonzalezmarisol50

    Tom Hardy…he is delicious

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002825654362 Ashlee Smith

    Ian somerhalder because when u read the book and think of him u go thats guy play the role of christen and he also wants to play the character so why not and for the girl someone needs to auditions an actress just wouldnt do right for the friends denfintly

  • Shna128

    Gabriel Macht

  • Loveebug12

    Michael Vartan

  • CRD722

    Paul Walker, and if not him Jessie Pavelka!

  • Mam1m

    Claire Foy would makew an excellent Ana Steele

  • x kimbo x

    Paul sculfor is your man!

  • Jaaaay

    I wanted Rob Pattinson as he looks like the perfect Christian with the colour of his hair, and whole character – but seeing as E.L. James said No – I would have to say Ian Somerholder is the best he has this whole seductive, Take me now!! Kinda thing goin’ on … don’t cha think??!! XD

  • LISA


  • Likamarie82

    Jessie Pavelka!

  • Elle Domini

    I see Paul Walker as more of the playful big brother Elliot. Maybe Paul Wesley as Christian. I know that would make me submit. Ana Steele should be some 1 so innocent looking its almost perverse to see her in the position CG wants to see her in. Lucy Hale or Milan Kunis are favorites of mine. And Liam Hemsworth as Ethan every time I read I just picture him.

  • Ei

    Jessie Pavelka, Chris Pine or Matt Bomer in that order.

  • Ei

    Let me add one more, Henry Cavill.  So in this order Jessie Pavelka, Henry Cavill, Chris Pine, Matt Bomer. I also think Alexis Bledel, Anne Hathaway or Amanda Seyfried as Ana.

  • Carest79

    SCOTT PORTER is the perfect Christian Grey (you have to see his movies/series)

  • Slimheather

    Paul Walker is who i see when i think of fifty he would be perfect

    • Sjere Z87


  • Catsphoto1

    I think Ian Somerhalder and Emmy Rossum should play Christian and Ana. Perfect.
    They are exactly who I see.

  • Megan

    Hello people! JOSPEH MORGAN!

  • Pjkaytree


  • lotska


  • Sjere Z87

    ARMIE HAMMER. without doubt!

  • June waugh

    Alex.O’loughlin would make a great Mr Grey.

  • Ckeegan12388

    gabriel macht!! 

  • aquarius0122

    I agree with Ei…Jessie Pavelka is HOT and would be a perfect Chrisitian Grey.  I also like Matthew Bomer. 

  • Marie

    I can’t imagine anyone other than Ian Somerhalder in this role!

  • Melissasmith78

    Tom Hiddleston for SURE! He has the right EVERYTHING for the role, tall, lean, handsome, right colour eyes, wavy hair and he has already proven he can pull off a darker colour (Loki).  On top of that he is pure lady boner material, and a fantastic actor with an amazing range of emotions to boot.  How could you choose anyone else?

  • Rach

    Robert Buckley!!

  • Blind2811

    Tom hardy!!

  • DeRay


  • Rhianna

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Christian Grey!! SEE THIS LINK:  http://www.facebook.com/OliverMansourJacksonCohen You’ll see why did I pick him for Christian Grey. Watch the movie Faster too. HE IS AMAZING AND HOT!! CAN’T STOP DROOLING AT HIM> OMG!!

  • Carolineal100

    Alexander Skarsgard No question!!!!

  • Prabago15

    alex pettyfer! (idk how to spell it :P)

  • Louise

    Alex pettyfer or Jessie Pavelka! 

  • Jab

    Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian, he is not widely known yet, and he has the absolute right look for Christian, I have seen him on White Collar angry, and I think he really could pull of the dark angry portion of the role, but he would nail, the softer side. So hopefully people will start to really notice this incredibly beautiful man.

  • Mpm0781

    Colin Egglesfield would be perfect!!!

  • Michelle0551

    i totally think Taylor Kitsch should get the role of Christian

  • jmy

    Definitely Gabriel Macht!

  • jmikayla

    Jessie Pavelka and Ryan Phillippe <3

  • Me-tx

    Jessie Pavelka

  • Well Idolikeducklings

    JOHNNY DEPP. Maybe give him a shave, though.

  • I love Tyler Hoechlin<3

    Colton Haynes! Or Tyler Hoechlin, mmmmmm sexy<3

  • Jgb27

    JJustin Harley was born for this role, he has the whole package!

  • guest

    Paul Wesley!!!!

  • Guest

    Adrian Grenier.

  • Missi1121

    Henry Cavill!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pbjbriscoe

    Ian Somerhalder would play Christian Grey to a “T” he is smokin hott and his amazing are absolutely beautiful!!!! He is perfect for the part:D

  • Jenmolko7

    MAT BOMER PLEASE everytime i open those books the first imagine of Mr. Grey that pops in my mind is him MAT  BOMER !!!!

    • Suzzi4hair

      That is exactly what happens in my head too, MATT BOMER all the way, open your eyes people you know he’s perfect!!

  • Lizzyhbk

    U need to go with someone that already has red hair – we’ve had a chat in my office and we think Damien Lewis!!! Also Prince Harry lol.

  • tahleebree

    I honestly think that Robert Buckley should play Christian Grey. He’s from One Tree Hill season 7 onwards. Google him in images. It’s his sexy half smile, his eyes, oh my. When I read the book, i imagined him at Christian. He has that amazing smile, I think he’d be GREAT for Christian! have a look! :)

  • Ls_bridge

    He has to be perfection and Matt Bomer fits that bill. If the look isn’t right the film will be ruined.

  • Mommyrosey5

    Jessie Pavelka

  • Monica

    Henry Cavill would be perfect

  • Cazbah

    Jessie Pavelka all the way, there is no other Christian Grey!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000958464649 Mari Garcia-Ortiz

    Chris Evans!!! wow i cant believe he aint on the list he would be the perfect candidate!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000958464649 Mari Garcia-Ortiz

    I agree Chris Evans is heavenly he should be Mr. Grey hands down no question! i think Ashley Greene would make a perfect Anastasia shes super cute and can be really sexy as well.

  • Mdlehr

    Henry Cavill

  • Milliemilo

    look up Edward villapando, Lush

  • Cavillary

    Are you insane??? Where is Henry Cavill on this list???

  • Paulina789

    armie hammer & zooey deschanel OR Ian Somerhalder & the Gilmore girl

  • Hgsoccerlover81

    matt bomer definatly fits the character in my head ,sexy,fit,hair is perfect,and i wouldn’t mind him spanking me;)

  • Cullenists

    def Ian Somerhalder

  • pj

    uhhh…Hayden Christensen is Christian Grey

  • Pj

    Hayden Christiansen is the only tormented Christian Grey

  • Clewkowitz

    Henry Cavill is Christian Grey!!! he is perfect!

  • Vanjica

    Jesse Metcalfe (and his rocking body)

    • Ediec2317

      I love Jesse Metcalfe. He is my 2nd choice though. Henry Cavill is my 1st, he has more acting chops & has played all sides of Christian in some form on Tudors, even the nude & steamy scenes. But Jesse is beautiful. Loved him since seeing him on Desperate Housewives & John Tucker Must Die.

  • Anastasia

    Pues me pega más de christian grey: Taylor Kitsch.
    Armie hammer me pega más de elliot grey.Y porque michael fassbender es mas mayor que sino el pegaria de christian grey, que sabe como seducir a la camara.

  • ana

    Henry cavill or colin egglesfield as Christian

  • Anonymous

    Henry Cavill of course!!!!!!

    • Dkramer

      Well…he wasn’t on the list…but, he is the most gorgeous of them all and ooohhh can he be sweet and dark…oh yeah!  Those sex scenes in the Tudors! As Anastasia would put it, “Oh my!”

  • A Siscoe-Hapshie

    Alexander Skarsgard, most definitely!

  • Coolypso

    Read the books again and tell me I’m wrong…
    “He’s tall, dressed in a fine gray suit, white shirt, and black tie with unruly dark copper colored hair and intense, bright gray eyes…” &
    “…wearing a white shirt, open at the collar, and grey flannel pants that
    hang from his hips. His unruly hair is..”
    He is in his mid to late twenties, showed us in ‘Magic Mike’ that he has the bod for it, and portrays the poor little rich boy oh so well in ‘Beastly’ – he’s PERFECT!!

    • Dkramer

      wow…I like that idea!!!

    • Ediec2317

      Actually Alex is to young. He is only 22. Christian is suppose to be 27/28 with alot of maturity.

  • Af

    Paul Walker!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pinksleepeater

    Jessie Pavelka

  • Dkramer

    Matt Bomer just came out of the closet.  I have nothing against gays, but to play in a movie like this in a highly sexually charged heterosexual relationship….I wouldn’t buy a movie ticket.  He was lucky enough to get cast in Magic Mike.  Skarsgard and Bale are talented actors and their personality fits the part, but they are too old.  Ryan Gosling…my favorite, but too popular.  Armie…too pretty.  Chris Pine, not dark enough.  It has to be Ian.  He looks the right age and definitely h

  • Cindym1031

    Henry Cavill…PERFECTION

  • Marybellbaxter

    Oliver Jackson Cohen would be perfect as Christian. That role was made for him

  • MB

    Gabriel Macht on the show “Suits” a USA show. He fits the bill to a T. He has the sexy grey eyes and is strong, powerful and rich on his show with no wife etc… He came to mind mind over all of the others.

  • Drush36

    Jessie Pavelka would be my choice.

  • Jonah Alegre

    Matt Bomer & Alex Bledel. Or it could be me as Ms. Anastasia Rose Steele-Grey. xx

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=563935017 Bhavna Tank

    Jessie Pavelka please. He is Christian Grey

  • Dkramer

    Henry Cavill would be awesome, but since he’s been cast as Superman, and there will probably be more than one Superman film, he has to keep a good image.  Doing a movie where there is a lot of nude scenes and sex in it will probably be a conflict of interest for a Clark Kent character.  Don’t get me wrong..I’d love him for the part…I’m just being realistic!

    • Ediec2317

      I think Henry is the only person (for me anyway) who has the resume & looks for Christian. I thought of the Superman role also, but to me is if they hired him after Tudors, then it should be fine. If the nude & sex scenes was going to be a problem I don’t think they would have hired him to begin with?

  • MLN

    If he can do an American accent, Bradley James would make a good Christian Grey.

  • Jdgsce06

    Please explain to me why on Earth isn’t Channing Tatum on this list….

  • Lmos

    I am fed up hearing how Matt Bomer would be a great choice Hello people did u know Wentworth Miller is on the voting list!! 

  • Xufresh0301

    Jude Law is the perfect Christian grey

  • Tamanones

    GABRIEL MACHT! His body language and mannerism is Christian grey. Watch suits and you will see. He is what I envisioned Christian grey as after the first introduction in 50 shades. It would be hard to watch the movie if someone else had the role. Fingers crossed Gabriel MACHT goes after it

    • Guest

      Agreed! He is the perfect fit for the role minus a couple years!

  • bec

    IT HAS TO BE HENRY CAVILL!!! Seriously he IS christian Grey. Henry is also the right age to play Christian. VOTE HENRY CAVILL!!!!!!


    IT HAS TO BE JESSIE PAVELKA check him out at twitter @jessie_pavelka:disqus  he is christian grey…FACT!!

  • lizzie

    Jessie Pavelka,,,,,, x

  • lizzie


  • Charmaine

    There is only one man for the job of Mr grey and it has to be Ian Somerhalder so hot hot hot 

  • Casey2collins

    There is only one Mr.H.Cavill

  • Siihampje__x

    colin egglesfield 

  • Ashley Pickering

    The only man that only man that should play this part is Jessie Pavelka the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in my life he is so gorgeous if he doesn’t play this part then I’m not gonna see it I don’t want my viosn to be ruined by some ugly stupid actor that they decide

    • Randi

      I absolutely agree! He’s perfect! <3

  • Laurence Mputu


  • Dawn-shannon

    Channing Tatum to play grey

  • Vaygirl74

    jessie pavelka hands down

    • Randi

      Yes! <3

  • LSblue84

    Henry Cavill no question!

  • Sarah

    im sry but Alexander Skarsgard is so ugly i do not know how anyone thinks that he could be CG! CG is someone who is appealing! to everyone not just older women who are most likely the group of ppl that picked Skarsgard ppl need to start thinking of the actual character and not just ppl they think are hott so far alex pettyfer has made my list hes younger and attractive and a good actor with matt bomer but he looks kinda only for the part ian somerhalder is another alright choice but i just can see him as CG

  • Dkramer

    My top picks…Jessie Pavelka and Henry Cavill.  Someone mentioned Ryan Reynolds and Jenson Eckles…now thats some fine eye candy, but they might be too old for the part.  Has anyone seen Blue Valentine?  There’s some pretty steamy sex scenes in there with Ryan Gosling, but I heard they’re looking for a newbie.

  • Louise

    the best acotr to play mr grey is gotta be channing tatum hes hot and anamzing actor 

  • Burnley12344

    CAM GIGANDET … <<<< defooooooooo!!!

  • Gfeben

    Jessie Pavelka

  • The16thdae

    Chris Evans!!!!  Why isn’t he being considered?!!!  What’s up with that?  He’d be perfect. 

  • Kristy Dunn

    ROBERT PATTINSON he would suit the roll perfectly when I read the book that’s who I see playing Christian grey everyone knows he can pull the roll of as a younge sexy rich guy and he suits the discription perfectly also tickets sales would fly out the door

    • Randi

      No. That’s just wrong… -_-

  • CacemdKaren Cace

    Sam Champian from Good Morning America

  • Marykgonzalez

    How is Jessie Pavelka not on this list??

    • Randi

      <3 he's perfect! <3

  • Andrea

    Jessie Pavelka!!!! I don’t see how his name is not on this list, he would be the perfect Christian Grey!!!!

    • Randi

      Yes! <3

  • Lulu2830

    JESSIE PAVELKA!!!!! He fitts every description of Christian Grey there is in the book.. !!!!!

    • Randi

      Yes! <3

  • Mary Ober

    I think Bradley Cooper from the Hangover would be perfect. 

  • Meganjeanhodgetts

    absolutely Henry Cavill, he would be perfect for the role!

  • Pami09

    drew fuller

  • sonia

    its got to be jessie pavelka, he is stunning!!!

    • Randi

      yes! <3

  • Ellie

    Henry Cavill is the only possible choice!

  • Lycollins

    Henry Cavill!

  • Randi

    Jessie Pavelka <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/heather.rose.98434 Heather Rose

    Jessie Pavelka.  Cannot be anyone else.

  • Forestguard20

    noo Cam Gigandet should play this role all the way!!!

  • Kpendo3


  • Mnchkn66

    Alex O’Loughlin is who I pictured as Christian. He can wear the suit and look the part of a young billionaire, his eyes are something else, and he’s definitely got the ‘perfect hang of a pair of pants’!! Or Matt Bomer

  • Jomama

    Please no vampire ! Don’t want to be looking at Christian and think in the past he was a vampire!!!!!

    • JAY

      I agree totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5NALW3SFKRA554FFFU2ZFVPH2A Lily


  • christy

    Paul Walker or Josh Dumal hands down.

  • tabs

    matt bomer defo looks sophisticated n handsome at same time n got the floppy hair :)x

  • ccgrayson

    Gabriel Macht would be the perfect ChristianGrey!. Kristen Stewart for Ana.

  • April

    Colin Egglesfield

  • Cricket

    Colin Egglesfield hands down, his eyes are amazing, and sultry gray, like Christian’s in the book. Katie Cassidy as Ana. Michelle Pfiffer as Ms. Robinson. William Levy as Jose. Ashley Greene as Kate.

  • Angela

    Ian Somerhalder would be such a great choice. I had no idea who he was until I saw a picture of him as I was looking for Fifty Shades related articles after reading the books. I was stunned how perfectly he checked all the boxes after I read up on him and saw some of his work. His eyes and what he does with them  are such a selling point of the perfect Mr. Grey.

  • Kibz01

    Paul Walker!!!

  • Kibz01

    no one better. Paul walker fits perfectly

    • Gilesamber54

      o0o yes he would be ..

    • Mickala

      I agree.  That’s him, Christian Grey all the way.

  • Joanna Osullivan

    my idea of mr grey but i don’t know his name

    • Lanyagirl

      Jake Pavelka

      • Lanyagirl

        Sorry – Jesse Pavelka, Jake’s cousin.

        • Angela

          Ew, that smarmy guy from the Bachelor?

          • Bex McClean

            he’s not from the bachelor. it’s jessie pavelka, he has a fitness show. BEAUT!!!

  • Smp2000

    Colin Eggelsfield!!!! I dream about him after I read the book!!! He is beautiful and not super well known!

  • Elshafieq

    William Levy 1st  Ian Somerhalder 2nd Maybe Christian Bale, he looks older though

  • Robynannmoore

    Gabriel Macht from Suits should be considered

  • Robyn05

    Alexander Scarsguard is perfect for the role of Christian, he has proved in True Blood to be sexy, protective, dominant and sweet. He was born for it. Cannot wait to see him on the big screen!!!! Wowy!!!

  • nicole

    Ian Somerhalder is perfect for Christian Grey!!!!! I’m in love with him.

  • Paris

    After reading the books, I think that Gabriel Macht would be perfect. After watching him in the show “Suits” I think his personality matches that of Christian Grey!! 

    • phoebe

      i’m with you on that i went through suit’s 2 seasons in 2 days and 50 shades of grey triology in 4 days……Harvey is enchanting. torn between Gabriel and Matt. Matt also ooze’s cool and control in white collar.

  • Bex McClean

    Jessie Pavelka

  • Kb22405

    I think Alex pettyfer would be perfect

  • http://www.facebook.com/Lilosunshine Loida Lilo Burns

    Henry Cavill

  • Fabienne Roth

    Gabriel Macht all the way

    • Mia







  • Mljsm5

    Who picked your poll above.  None of these men have the full Christian range.  Henry Cavill must be included  He is our Christian.  I even think the ladies who aren’t familiar with his work will love him if he is cast!!!

    • Kareneasy

      Absolutely agree.  He was the sexy Duke of Suffolk in The Tudors and he has a chest to die for.  He is smouldering, sophisticated and has a very certain “Touch of Class”, just like our Christian.

      • Ediec2317

        Not to mention the muscled thighs as described, to go with that chest! He can be businesslike & classy & as with Tudors, he can be playful mischievous, boyish & seductive all at once with that look he gets!

    • Kelikan

       I googled him, because I had no idea who he was, and I have to agree!! He embarks the entire character!!! GO HENRY CAVILL

  • Sydney

    Colin Eggelsfield!!

  • AvaHamblin

    Tyler Hoechlin would play the role perfectly he looks the part and can act. He was nearly picked to play Edward Cullen in Twillight, and was offerd another role in Twillight but declined it. He’s been in quiet a few films. He’s an amazing and talented actor, he’s currently playing one of the lead roles in hit series called ‘Teen Wolf’. Plus he looks gorgeous! Take a look at him!

  • Traceyjoro

    definitely James Scott who plays E.J Wells in Days Of Our Lives. He would be the ultimate Christian Grey.

  • Leeya

    BEN BARNES!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Ben Barnes by far. He would be absolutely perfect

  • Duggkaren

    Liam hemsworth or channing tatum are the only ones i can imagin playin christian 

  • Leeann


  • Jmciver

    Henry Cavill

  • Leigh

    Jessie Pavelka! Gray eyes AND bronzy brown floppy hair..!!! perfect! Google..

  • Fanasiablossom

    Jessie Pavelka

  • JAY

    HENRY CAVILL for sure!!!!! Doesn’t matter if he is playing superman! Any talented Actor can do very different roles. He’s the only one that could make this film tasteful!!!!

  • Yv

    Matt Boomer is defo the real deal for Mr Grey…..

    • Khadigah

      Matt bommer ruins the illusion since he isnt into women!

  • Deeb S


  • Maci_d_reagan

    Jessie Pavelka!! He is pure sexiness!

  • IcravePassion

    I’ve done my research ever since I finished reading the Fifty Shade Trilogy.  I’ve research all possible contenders for the role and the only one (in my opinion) is Ian Somerhalder.  He has all of the looks and characteristic that Christian Grey has in the book. How can they not choose him? 

    • Ediec2317

      I love Ian on VD, but for Christian he is to bad boy evil looking & doesn’t seem like a classy businessman. Have you seen Henry Cavill’s Dunhill ads on youtube? They SCREAM Fifty & run like a mini 50 Shades movie.

      • maria

        have you ever seen Ian a suit and in his model shots he is stunningly beautifull and classy. In VD he has vampire makeup on. It also helps that he is a terrific actor, he can do anything sexy classy dangerous vulnerable and so on

  • Ediec2317

    My Cast:
    Christian: Henry Cavill
    Ana: Alexandra Daddario
    Kate: Amber Heard or Katie Cassidy
    Elliot: Chris Zylka
    Jose: Blair Redford or Steven Strait
    Elena: Melinda Clarke or Elizabeth Hurley
    Grace: Diane Lane or Michelle Pfeifer
    Carrick: Pierce Brosnan or Rob Lowe
    Mia: Zoey Deutch
    Leila: Jessica Stroup

    • Ediec2317

      Other additional cast ideas:

      Taylor: Shane West or Devon Sawa
      Leila: Phoebe Tonkin or Lindset Fonseca
      Mia: (I looked more into it & Zoey is only 19, Mia is in her early twenties because she does drink at the club) so new ideas are: Odette Yustman Annabel, Shelley henning or Camilla Belle
      Ethan: Drew Van Acker or Chase Crawford
      Dr Flynn: Ioan Gruffud or Collin Firth

  • Styles4532

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Mr. Grey or Ethan!!  http://www.facebook.com/OliverMansourJacksonCohen

  • Khadigah

    Colin Egglesfield is MY 50!!! Exactly who i imagined whilst reading…HT HOT HOT!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ramona.fredericks Ramona Fredericks

    Paul  walker

  • Analizabonaparteoog

    Hayden Christensen should be grey his characteristics fit perfect

  • Alexandriagen

    Lionel Clerc is definitely Christian Grey

  • Jay

    Gabriel Match is Christian Grey!!!!!!!

  • Courtney

    Alex O’loughlin with his austrailian accent!

  • Dontlikealaska

    Gabriel Macht is who I see as Christian Grey. 

  • Bonni

    Dougray Scott! or Gerry Butler….though I don’t know if he could do an American accent well….yummy

    • Bonni

      please not Ian Somerhalder! he’s a DOG!

      • Bonni

        if it has to be someone from the list I’d pick Alexander Skarsgard for sure….with Chris Pine as a close second.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=643316712 Karen Malbon

    hayden christensen :P

  • Renny_o

    He is perfect for the part!! So color his hair if that’s the only issue.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000040930257 Kimberley Jean Scott

    Cam Gigandet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s perfect for it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1273975591 Sharon Shade

    Gabriel Macht – George Clooney would be perfect but I think they would see him as “too old” for the part. Macht can pull off the Clooney charm and allure and looks younger than his actual age.

    • Chez

      Clooney would be perfect as Carrick Grey

  • Larachel

    james scott is christian grey!!!! he is a soap star on days of our lives but deserves sooo much more!!

  • Nicole


  • Quarlesashley31

    Matt boomer or robert patterison

  • Quarlesashley31

    Kristin stewart would be the best at ana no doubt.

    • Bonni

      Kristen Stewart is the worst actress out there right now. She has one role she’s good at and that’s it. She’d pass, maybe, as Ana but she doesn’t have the intensity to really be perfect.

    • Chez

      Realy?  I think we should give other girls a chance, as it is, KS threw away the real deal. And she cant act unless you mean saying Umm all the time. Ana has a slightly larger vocab.

  • Holly

    Josh Henderson and Jordana Brewster should play Christian and Ana

  • Erin

    It’s probably been said, but in my fantasy, it’s wentworth miller

  • Sassy_harlet

    I totally think Alexander skarsgard is fantastic for the part of Christian grey.He is soo sexy but I do think they should audition an unknown for ana Steele.

  • Wivinejones

    Paul Walker would be the perfect Christian Grey. Look at the way his Jeans hang.  He would make every woman stop and stare if he walked into a room

  • Trac091

    James Scott who plays EJ on Days of our Lives would make a perfect Christian.  His role on Days has perfectly prepared him for this.  He has the looks and mannerisms one would picture for Christian.  He his used to playing the rich in control man, but somehow still manages to get people to empathize with him.  He would be perfect.  

  • Littleortem

    paul walker would do it for me if he played christian.x

  • Katie Mal10

    I think Peter Facinelli with blond hair would so do the trick…

  • Ms Salvador7

    Gabriel Macht pleeeeez!

  • Sara

    James Scott from Days of our lives









  • Sara_lahaie

    Hayden Christensen please!!!!!  JUDE LAW!

  • S Weiss94

    Tyler Hoechlin. nuff said

  • Sezza65

    The choice needs to be someone who is disarming, physically sculptured, and be able to demonstrate the darkness and the light in Christian Grey – even if the part is played by an unknown actor……..he needs to smoulder.  It shouldn’t just be the most favourite actor…..the casting needs to be right for this to be of impact. We need to be intoxicated by Christian’s character, and Anastasia needs to be a strong, independent-minded and gracefully beautiful female. Nothing tarty about her….she is a virgin, after all.

  • Holly

    Doesn’t even matter it’s not like the studio will take anybody’s opinion into consideration anyways but Ian should play the part

  • guest

    Gabriel Macht – perfect.

    • Mia


  • Egg8503

    Should be a ginger, Michael C Hall or Lewis Fraser would be ideal candidates, best brooding looks going too. 

  • Cocoagirl77

    Paul Walker is yummy! He would be perfect as Christian Grey!!

  • Sho

    Rick Malambri as Christian Grey!

  • MsMolly

    The only one who could pull off all fifty shades is Henry Cavill!

  • Mbarrera12000

    Gabriel Macht

  • guest


  • SharonN


  • Smaetchica1988

     Ian Somerhalder all the way, he is so sexy

  • Allison Hicks

    It just absolutley has to be Channing Tatum!!!!!!

  • Lee

    Tom Hiddleston would make a great Christian.  Physically he looks the part.  He can act the villain but at the same time has kindeyes and a killer smile. 

  • Paige

    My vote goes to Clark James Gable….don’t know anything about his acting, judging only from his “look”…

  • Laverne Pugh

    Robert Pattinson is perfect to play Christain Grey in 50 Shades of Grey. He looks the part and is a dead ringer to play the part.

  • Terri

    It’s got to be Jessie Pavleki

  • http://twitter.com/trixiepatt trixiepatt

    I think Matt Bomer could be, but frankly I can’t believe that someone looks like the Christian Grey of our minds

    • Chez

      could not have said it better, our minds. But if choices must be made then there are only four candidates. Christian Bale, Matt Bomer, Ed Westwick and Colin Egglesfield. Note – Robert Pattinson is Edward Cullen and will remain so in my mind so he must not play Grey. 

  • Scarletiff

    Gabriel Macht all the way!  He has the smoldering domineering and yet the still sweet charm as Christian Grey

  • Srea_25

    Jessie Pavelka

  • Paixaozinha05

    Tom hiddleston would be perfect for the role he’s got the sexiness and kindness that Christians character is

  • Bjives831

    Josh Duhamel

  • Ariana Thompson42010

    Chris Evans…. yumm yumm yumm

  • silvia

    me es imposible no pensar en tom hiddleston D: 

  • Guylaine

    I nominate Gabriel Macht also.
    He is perfect.

    • Karan

      Gabriel Macht is a little too old for Grey. He won’t be able to pull off a 27 year old character though he is extremely handsome. Somerhalder looks the deal.

      • carla


  • Kikki

    Cam Gigandet would be perfect!

  • http://twitter.com/schweety32 Jannine Wood

    James Scott from Days of our Lives.. Perfect Christian Grey. 

  • Abbycee17
  • Anastasia Steele

    Matt bomer is Christian Grey. He is perfect!!!!

  • Anita

    James Scott is the PERFECT Christian Grey!  The character he plays on Days of Our Lives is very similar – rich, controlling, and uber hot!  His facial expressions and mannerisms are exactly what I see in my mind when I read the book, and he has a similar affect on me.  ;)

    • Shirleyharold

       Anita, I totally agree with you. James Scott  is perfect for the part

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/O5ZPLAJXFQWF5ST5OKVHOVSIJQ John-jane Doe


  • Sheamusirishgirl

    I really like Armie Hammer for the role. He’s classicley  good looking, very handsome. There’s something about him that eludes christian Grey. Alexander Skarsgard is also extremely lovable and sometimes darkly sexy, sounds like some character I know in 50 Shades of Grey

  • Bonni

    JOSEPH GORDON LEAVITT!!!!!! He makes me cream my panties ;)

  • Courtney

    Alex Pettyfer!!!!!

  • Gina

    Colin Eggsfield!!! hands down this is our “Christian Grey”. Sexy and Sophisticated and mysterious!

  • Gpooh210

    I think James Scott who plays EJ Dimera on Days of Our Lives should play Christian Grey, he’s the sexiest man alive and he has those dark sexy eyes and raises his eyebrows that can make you melt.

    • Shirleyharold

       I completely agree. James Scott should be cast as Christian Grey. He would be purrfect

  • Nicolepayne33


    • Lil_italian_star

      yesss Jensen Ackles… hes perfect for the role. Christian grey is suppose to be this amazingly good looking guy with a crazy body,light eyes and a husky voice, well Jensen has all of that.watch supernatural and u’ll see Jensen Ackles in a suit and let me tell you, youll be speechless

  • Jenbaby9193

    Gabriel Macht!!!

  • Pcjtfamily

    I think EL James was thinking of Christian Bale when she wrote the trilogy and he is my 1st choice too, but …. next is Ed Westwick, Matt Bomer and lastly Colin Egglesfield. It goes without saying. As Ana, only two innocents come to mind and they have both starred with two of these men. They are Ginnifer Goodwin or Felicity Jones. CC 

    • Cherrie

      Bale is much too old for this role. Have you read the books?

      • Cheree(Chez)

        I want to reply without seeming rude, but cast your mind to a scene in American Pshyco with Christian Bale in a suit in a white bedroom, and it would make perfect sence. And besides, if you remember Equilibrium, wow. But OK he is not 27 anymore so then that leaves my other three choices. And yes, I have read the books plus more, have you?

        • Chantelmsierra

           in the very first chapter it says hes black  have either of you read the book?

          • Charm_0_5

            It doesn’t say he’s black—”unruly dark copper-colored hair and intense, bright gray eyes…” Ana always mentioned how soft and shaggy his hair was. I vote for Henry Cavill.

          • Ediec2317

            You obviously have not read the book yourself. Christian is not black. In the first chapter while Ana is waiting to go into his office, an african american man with short dreads comes out of his office & asks Christian if he wants to play golf the next week. There is no where in the books saying Christian is african american & the author said she based the characters on Edward & Bella.Rob Pattinson has copper coolred hair & grey eyes & he is not africa american.

  • Janel

    Hayden Christiansen definitely has the eyes, the brooding facials yet vulnerable ,charasmatic and a perfect face! He’s my #1pick!

  • SMI

    Matt Bomer is Christian Grey no other

  • JennyGrey

    Dave Franco is so hot, he’d be a hot Christian Grey!

  • Jesshp313

    Dude Gabriel Macht is 100% Perfect for the part of Christian Grey! I am crossing my fingers that they don’t f the cast up!

    • http://twitter.com/Casting50Shades CastingFiftyShades

       He is 10 years too old sorry

  • K_cahill22

    Gabriel Macht is Christian Grey no question

  • Bobbi81

    Doogie Howser Wud b a awsome mr gray

  • Jenski

    Josh Duhamel. He would be absolutely the perfect mix of serious business man with hot sexy underneath.

  • Shirleyharold

    I vote for James Scott on days of our lives. He is Christian Grey. I hope someone picks him to play the part of Christian he would be purrfect in every way. He looks and acts like a billionaire. James is a cross between Cary Grant and James Bond

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/O5ZPLAJXFQWF5ST5OKVHOVSIJQ John-jane Doe

       He is sooooo my choice as well !!!!  He would be perfect!

  • Guest

    Alex Pettyfer

    • http://twitter.com/Casting50Shades CastingFiftyShades

       he has been tweeting on this topic

  • Mdestiny6

    Chris Hemsworth for sure!!!! He fits Christian Grey’s description perfectly

  • I-heart-nerds

    Robert Buckley

  • Rensh_sj


  • Cosby, Stiller, Nast, and Yung

    The role of Christian Grey should be played by James Spader. The role of Ana should be played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Also, the movie doesn’t have to be called “50 Shades Of Grey”, they could come up with a different, yet fitting, title for the movie, something like “Secretary”.

    Oh wait – that’s already been done!

  • sara

    Ainsss Matt Bomer por favor!!!! atractivo, elegante con cara de bueno pero a la vez le pega hacer cosas malas. Ian tiene cara de malo no se refleja con la descripcion del libro…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/O5ZPLAJXFQWF5ST5OKVHOVSIJQ John-jane Doe

    James Scott is the perfect CG!  He’s the right age, has a beautifully trimmed figure (for those pants that hang at the hips), has a beautiful smile (to crack right after saying “We aim to please Miss Steele”)….and he’s accustomed to playing an overtly-wealthy business man in the soaps.  Please ladies, before you rule him out, just watch some of his youtube clips as EJ DiMera on Days of our Lives.  You wont be disappointed.  Good Lord, that man could blind-fold me any day….

  • Aeonflux_76

    Henry Cavill is going to hit the bit time with the Man of Steel. The guy oozes bad boy sex appeal making the rest look like vanilla duds!!! Please see the Dunhill advert… it’s a sign from the gods!!!

  • Digikt

    Henry Caville fits the bill better then anyone. A gorgeous British actor ……

  • Digikt

    for those of you who do not know Henry Cavill ( agree with you Aeonflux_76) 
    GOOGLE him. He is perfect for the part and I cannot see anyone else but him as Christian Grey…….Yes watch him fly as the Man of Steel in his upcoming movie. He was a bad boy in The Tudors. A Brit ! 

    • Syri

      Henry doesn’t do it for me. He’s not CG. And his being in Superman is even more reason why I don’t wish to see him cast in Fifty Shades. I’d rather not see someone who was just in a big movie. Let’s give someone else a chance who’s better suited for the role of Christian.

      • Ediec2317

        Just because he has Superman coming out next year doesn’t mean he can’t play Christian, they are 2 different roles, but I don’t think there is anyone that has been mentioned right now with the resume he has where he has played pretty much all sides of Christian on Tudors & have already done the nudity & steamy scenes AND has the look as well. Of course you have your Christian in mind, but for now he is the best suited for the role unless someone can prove they have more of the experience playing a character like Christian, has the look AND has done the explicit type of scenes as well, Henry has done it all, so resume & looks wise he is the best suited for the role, & he is the right age & height at 6’1.

  • ashlee

    Henry Cavill!

  • Chantelmsierra

    how about a black guy? 

    • http://twitter.com/Casting50Shades CastingFiftyShades

       I think this could work too!

      • Chantelmsierra

        Adlis Hodge fits it perfectly minus the dreds and grey eyes

    • Angelique

      He has grey eyes and copper red hair, how can he be black???????????????

      • Chantelmsierra

        Did you read the first chapter???????? It clearly says African American male with short dreds!

        • EdieC

          Um I think YOU have to reread the books, the african american man with dreads was coming out of Christians office when she got there & he asked Chtristian “golf next week?” , CHRISTIAN is not african american.



  • http://twitter.com/Casting50Shades CastingFiftyShades

    Henry Cavill

  • http://twitter.com/Casting50Shades CastingFiftyShades

    what about Taylor Kitsch?

  • Spydergirl0692000

    I believe another viable option for Christian Grey is Jason Behr, he’s georgeous and with hair dye and grey contacts he would be sooo hot!!! 

  • Nkcb

    Jessie Pavelka. He has that look that I imagine Christian to have—the intense, smoldering look of a control freak, sadness in his eyes, yet a very playful carefree smile.

  • Mruttledge

    It should without a doubt be Paul Walker, the eyes are perfect. Alexander Scarsgard is to old looking so is Christian Bale, Matt Bomer looks to femanine and Shane West no way. Has to be Paul Walker. If they dont get it right it will be a fail

  • Mruttlede

    Or maybe Hayden Chritensen. Great actor and we all know he can play nasty

  • Samblueza

    Alex Pettyfer please! Just check him out in Beastly in that black suits…devine!

  • Sarah

    Gabriel Macht is definitely a very good Christian Grey.

    • Crystal

      Ooh I love him! My vote goes for him or Colin Egglesfield!

      • carla

        my vote goes for Gabriel aubry

  • Egreer85

    Channing tatum

  • Kquinn330

    Henry Cavill is definitely Christian Grey! He’s the right age. He’s tall. Has dark hair and with a little help, he can get the copper highlights. He’s very sexy, if you ever watched the Tudors and his eye color is dead on! His voice is sexy and his British accent is not that strong so he should be able to pull it off! No doubt in my mind whatsoever! Won’t watch the movie if it’s not him!

  • Annsdfg

    How bout Cooper Bradley…

  • lee

    I couldn’t agree more with Henry Cavill as a choice for Christian Grey.  He possesses all the physical attributes and could pull off the material. He has the steely gaze and intensity as well as the ability to bring the romance and a sweetness to the part.  I see him paired with the British actress Felicity Jones as Anastasia Steele.  She too has a sweet yet sultry look which would really work for the part. 

    • Ediec2317

      Henry IS Christian Grey!But I think Alxandra Daddario fits the description of Ana more with her huge BIG blue eyes to big for her face.

  • lovelyreader


  • lix


  • luciangela

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡WES BENTLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennings Sandy1969

    Colin Egglesfield would definitely make an excellent Christian Grey.

  • Poiyzin

    Matt Bomer or Milo Ventimiglia all the way

  • Swimbostatler

    I am a fan of Alexander Skarsgarg in True Blood which has many sexy scenes. He would by far be the perfect fit for Christian Gray.

  • Bomer/Grey FAN

    BOMER is the right man for the job

    • http://www.facebook.com/gberger3 Ginger Berger

      I like him too !

  • Guest

    William Levy as Christian Grey!!!!!!

  • disturbdjane

    jared leto

  • disturbdjane

    matt bomeras well

  • Paige

    TOM HARDY. Dont even think of another person because TOM HARDY is the right choice and the perfect choice for this movie. TOM HARDY TOM HARDY TOM HARDY. 

  • may

    Gabriel Macht 

    • Mia



  • Kananisilva


  • Mabel31

    Rafael Amaya

  • Marielizsalguera

    Jessie Pavelka

    • http://www.facebook.com/gberger3 Ginger Berger

      Yes, I vote for him !

  • Catherineopferfrank

    Taylor Kitsch should definitely play Christian Grey without a doubt

  • Wblackb1


    • http://www.facebook.com/vmvoytko Vera Voytko


    • jaf


    • wblackb1

      Jessie Pavelka…yummy

    • http://www.facebook.com/Angellovesjoeyandlolly Angela Minoletti

      yummy, he would need contacts though

    • Pam Knight

      blaaaaaaaaaaaaa. looks only. no acting skills. many better choices. looks arent everything ladies

  • Mahogany1869

    Paul Walker from the Fast and Furious

  • Newyork_love1993

    Matt Bomer should deff play Christian hes perfect for the role

  • cmfh

    I NO I could play a great Ana;)

  • Liz_diaz

    Henry Cavill has a natural appear for Christian Grey

  • Liz_diaz

    Henry Cavill has a natural appearance for Christian Grey

    • http://www.facebook.com/samantha.lamont.5 Samantha Lamont

      that is an insult!

  • MichelleF

    Jessie Pavelka is everything and more that Christian is in the books. He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. He has to be someone that is so drop dead gorgeous that all women fancy. Plus he’s supposed to be ripped as well. Therefore Jessie Pavelka is the perfect Christian Grey. 

  • Adean

    Ed Westwick

  • Melissa

    Alexander Skarsgard this is the man for the job , his got the look just what I pictured him as reading the books , and as an actor watching movies eg : straw dogs , true blood, Battleship, I think he would do a fantastic job , and a plus has the body of a GOD ;-) 

  • Heather

    Gabriel Macht!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/missSibell Sibel Catalcam

    COLIN EGGLESFIELD for Christian Grey!!!!

  • Connie

    Ian Somerhalder is the only actor I can envision as Christian. Perfect package of the look and talent.

    • Bern

      I DO AGREE!!! Yes please!!!!!!

    • Sam


  • España

    Nos gustan:
    Paul Walker
    Jessie Pavelka
    Henry Calvill

  • blanca

    william levi

  • nmp

    tyler kinney and emilia clarke!

  • Melanie

    Ian somerhalder has the seductive eyes for the role. Prob won’t watch the movie if it’s the wrong rich sexy bastard!

  • Paul Walker

    Paul Walker is totally Christian Grey

  • Its just me

    Tom Hardy. Grow his hair, add the right color and he has the look. He has the attitude.

  • jensen ackles

    Jensen ankles should play Christian gray

  • Maria

    Ian Somerhalder is Christian Grey and the only reason I would go and see the Movie

  • AnaCapri

    Anyone who thinks anyone other than Gabriel Macht could play Grey hasn’t seen Suits! Gabriel is Christian.

  • Laura

    James Franco is the only Christian Grey!

  • Laura

    He is!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/smalltownsara Sarah

    James Scott!!

  • Nicola

    Only Henry Cavill would be the perfect Christian

  • cassi

    None of these guys would compare to Gabriel Macht as Mr. Christian Grey. Just watch him as Harvey Spector on Suits, and you could get a glimpse.

  • Creamish

    James Scott from DOOL!!!!!!

  • Ade

    Matt Bomer !!!

  • William Levy! Pleaseeee!

    I think that the perfect guy for this movie is William Levy! He is a great actor and he looks hot/amazing!

  • Raz

    Definiely Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter) in Suits

  • yotoots

    Jessie Pavelka for christian grey why isnt he on this list when his on the rest of them . ian doesnt have grey eyes his eyes are blue.. secondly his hair color is wrong , thirdly his chest is no where nere muscly enough…
    Jessie Pavelka – doesnt need to change a thing his got it all including the body..
    if not him then alexander skarsgard has the right look. age doesnt matter. ian somerhalder is 33 and yet your not saying his to old..

  • kmm30

    Gabriel Macht is my vote! YUMMY!

  • http://twitter.com/_ChuckyTheCat Elisa Carrillo


  • janet

    gaspard ulliel should be christian grey. absolutely perfect, isnt it?
    too bad he doesnt speak much english.

  • janet


  • Crysta

    Seriously, whomever you’re rooting for, google Colin Egglesfield. It might convert ya! He’s got the sexy businessman down and the smoldering eyes. There are alot of pics out there too of him in these sexy poses with women almost naked and it’s him all the way. I imagined Christian exactly like that. He was in Something Borrowed.

  • Chris Yabie

    Definitely Ben Barnes :)

  • Annie


  • Kellie


  • May

    chris evans

  • Cam4Christian

    CAM GIGANDET! He fits the look perfectly!!! :)

  • http://twitter.com/cindelrose Cindel ✌

    What about Cam Gigandet?! He has that smoldering, sexy look that screams Christian Grey!

  • Leolady

    Paul Walker, looks to die for – with his hair longer definately my idea of Christian grils :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/Angellovesjoeyandlolly Angela Minoletti

    Ian somerhalder and zooey deschanel would be a perfect representation of the book

  • ShannonW

    I can only picture Gabriel Macht when reading FSoG!!!!

  • ANdi

    Paul Walker for Christian Grey

  • Ana1117

    Henry Cavill,…no other,…!! George Clooney??? He’s cute but come on,..he’s too damn old,..maybe he could play Christian’s father

  • madge

    Definitely Bradley Cooper.. piercing, cold eyes. . intense personality…

  • http://www.facebook.com/melissa.sherrill.9 Melissa Sherrill

    Jessie Pavelka all the way!! He’s fifty to a T!!! <3

  • sharna

    I couldnt watch the movie unless Armie Hammer was casted. He has Christian’s looks down to the last detail. He is Charming Mysterious and 26 years old perfect age for 27 year old christian. I think Alexander Skarsgard is perfect for Christian’s brother Elliot. If they could make Christain Bale look younger he would be really great for the role of christian.

  • sarah

    Paul Walker is my Christian grey :-* he is 50 shades of delicious

  • Roonie23

    Henry Cavill is my fifty shades!! fuck me sideways he is so god damn hot!! and that boy can act!

  • Roonie23

    HENRY CAVILL IS MY FIFTY SHADES!!!! fuck me sideways he is so hot!! and the boy can act!! pick him!!

  • Tee

    I think people should also consider Chris Evans for the part of Christian Grey.

  • Carla

    Ian Ian Somerhalder !!

  • rhondarollin23

    JESSIE PAVELKA please please please please

  • Carole

    Hayden Christesen

  • http://www.facebook.com/nikkisimon.wistow Nikki Simon Wistow

    When you find a person who meets your imaginary character and does it more than justice… you know its right. Matt Bomer all the way…

  • Divchyna

    James Scott too! For sure

  • SAM

    mi Christian Grey!

  • Melissa Lubbe

    What about Alex Pettyfer?


    Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy should play Fifty

  • InsomniacTiger

    You’ve got to be kidding.
    Henry Cavill should play Christian. He would be perfect for the role.
    Need I say more?

  • ilex

    Bradley Cooper!!!!!!

  • ilex


  • Valentina

    Si releo, y vuelvo a leer el libro, y que conste que lo he hecho, ya le pongo cara al personaje de Cristhian, y esa es la de Matt Bomer, y Dios mio que cara!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/samantha.lamont.5 Samantha Lamont

    Gabriel Macht <3 he is what i imagined of Christian Grey.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marlo.boyce Marlo Boyce

    This IS Christian Grey

  • Lily

    Cam Gigandet from the OC and Burlesque…he is Christian. Has the looks, the eyes, the body and the acting ability to play all 50 shades of Christian Grey.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sharlene.lawlortrussler Sharlene Lawlor-Trussler

    Rick Malambri would be perfect!

  • Leia

    Tom Hiddleston would be perfect!!

  • karo

    Hayden Chritensen or Bradley Cooper

  • keisha

    Hayden Christensen – playful but dark perfect

  • Sarahjane

    Zac Efron is the perfect Mr Grey!!! Watch him in this movie!!

  • Bern

    Ian Somerhalder is THE perfect MR GREY if they don’t use him they will be spoiling a VERY good book!!!! EVERYBODY I know, that read the book agrees!!!!

  • NikkiMB

    What about James Scott???

  • NikkiMB

    James Scott is just coming out of his contract with Days which will allow him to venture out of the daytime soap!! What a perfect opportunity and what perfect timing! He is perfect for the part absolutely beautiful and talented actor!

  • Gabriel Macht

    Christian Grey = Gabriel Macht

  • http://www.facebook.com/myguitarliesbleeding Rebecca Drummond

    Ohhh, Ian Somerhalder <3

  • Celtic Charlie

    Eddie Redmayne would be perfect….you need somebody not too smooth…..need that edge to him..and definitely NOT a pretty boy

  • Celtic Charlie

    How sexy was he in Birdsong?

  • Tee

    I think Chris Evans should play the part of Christian Grey, he’d do it perfectly and he’s a really good actor.

  • Channing Tatum

    channing tatum for Mr Grey pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Joss

    I think Henry Cavill would be perfect

  • ja

    henry cavill

  • mojo13

    So inconspicuous but think he would be perfect, Cam Gigandet has the charm and the mystery for this role.

  • Arlene

    Gabriel Macht, Most definately posses the qualities for this character, cook, confident, and a bit mysterious, regardless of the age of the character, he could pull it off.

  • Amanda

    Timo Descamps. No need for contacts, he’s muscular, and he’s not super well known, so people wouldn’t have the problem with oh! he played on this or that. He could BE Christian Grey.

  • http://twitter.com/kaylatruongg Kayla Truong

    TOM HIDDLESTON! He already has RED/COPPER hair, GREY eyes, and his acting is impeccable!!!!

  • xkanex

    Christian Grey should definitly, without a doubt, be played be Tom Hardy. That tough masculine persona but he could without a doubt pull of caring and loving. And to top it off absolutly fit as ****! He is my Christian Grey, all day long!!

  • Sfrye

    Joel Rush should be Christian Grey!

  • Sfrye

    This is Christian Grey….

  • XsamX

    Ian somehalder for Christian grey deffinatly who could turn him down

  • steph

    I say cam gigandet.. he’s perfect!!

  • Kelko

    Colin Egglesfield should play the part of christian grey , his really handsome , eyes to make you melt and most of all his expression has a dark side to him like a secret in his life :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/taylor.j.downes Taylor Jane Downes


  • http://www.facebook.com/ladyyuraa Clarice Balduino

    Tom Hiddleston!

  • hwright

    James Scott!!!

  • Ron

    Ian Somerhalder

  • http://www.facebook.com/katrine.d.jepsen.1 Katrine D Jepsen

    Ian Somerhalder!! He already possess the qualities of Christian Grey.. And those burning eyes.. oh.. my..

  • Kiesha_is_Rich

    The role of Christian has to be played by someone with amazing eyes. That’s the key!!!!

  • brenda martin

    Cillian Murphy without a doubt but he wouldn’t do it.

  • XXtina

    It really needs to be William Levy.

  • Love143

    Definently Taylor Kinney Oh My God he is soo hot

  • mystery

    Matt bomer should be christian…i cant see Ian somerhalder as him..people may be thinking of him because he’s “hot” but actually think about how christian’s personality is and quite frankly it is NOT him!

  • mystery

    Either him or Alexander skarsgard..i agree he has the look but not in a suit

  • mara

    GASPARD ULLIEL! So sexy its almost absurd! And a good actor

  • Maddy

    I vote for Ian Somerhalder, because for me, he is the perfect Christian Gray. He has the gray eyes, the look and the charisma, that E. L. James have described in the books.

  • Dawn

    These are our idea of Christian grey.

  • Dawn

    Bradley cooper or Alex pettyfer

  • Srta.Grey

    Ian Somerhalder *______* !!

  • ~Mel~

    Peter Facinelli!! He has the eyes and the tousled hair. This was the man I imagined from the start of 50 Shades!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Nafisa.Weasley Nafisa Weasley

    Joseph Morgan (AKA Klaus) He absolutely has the bad boy act down and if you’ve watched the vampire diaries you know he’s a PERFECT Christian!

  • http://www.facebook.com/carrie.trumble Carrie Sobek

    I reall think Chris Hemsworth would be the best Christian because he has muscles for days and you have to have a guy that can play is part of a tough guy too

  • http://www.facebook.com/carrie.trumble Carrie Sobek

    And all the guys they have going up for being Christian are way to small and skinny

  • Bomerbabe25

    Matt Bomer all the way!!!

  • Lynie

    If it’s anyone other than Matt, I’m gonna cry.

  • Jayne

    Matt Bomer is gay, he has a husband. I say Jessie Pavelka :) It’s a shame Matt Bomer doesn’t even like women… He was THE christian grey.

  • Vivian

    Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian Grey!! Elegance, charm, control,divine beauty.Only Bomer has the fifty shades of Grey. I’m sure! If you really want a successful movie you have to choose him.It’s the first time I see an actor completely identical to the book character.Incredible!

  • wendy

    Gerard Butler

  • Lennyd26

    Matt bomer is perfection in everyway! No other man could play Christian like he could :)

  • Jammers

    Matt is most delicious looking out if all these men. He’d be the perfect Christian

  • eerie

    nathaniel buzolic

  • vangoghzear

    Gaspard Ulliel!

    • Pauline

      Gaspard Ulliel is French (with an accen)t. He can’t play CG.

      Anyway, it’s not the kind of roles he would accept ! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/tope.olubunmismith Tope Olubunmi Smith

    Matt Bomer IS CHRISTIAN!

  • misbah

    Matty B ALL THE WAY..

  • mishy

    What about William Levy?tall,muscular,copper highlights,megawatt smile.

  • Steele

    JOSH HOLLOWAY, or someone similar, would be perfect to play Christian Grey, is handsome, attractive, good actor and has that mystery and darkness that is essential to play Grey.

  • yes

    ian harding!!!!


    Ben barnes is really fit to play christian grey. Some people only look at the fact of christian as a sex god thats why they think ian and ryan are fit to play the part. But they did not see the side of him with elegant and noble features which can be depicted in barnes. I hope people will learn to see that. If you doubt barnes acting capabilities, you should see him in dorian gray. You have a very great insight and i love how you read through the lines and saw a grey factor in barnes. To the writer, i do hope you will be able to help voice the right in the wrong by making people undestand. Good choice

  • ispeakyoulisten

    bradley cooper?

  • ispeakyoulisten

    ella rae peck and ryan gosling

  • ispeakyoulisten

    Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey
    Ella Rae Peck as Anastasia Steele

  • Fernanda

    JOSH DUHAMEL, for the love of God !!!!!!!!
    He is just perfect!!

  • Pim

    Drew Van Acker !

  • ash

    henry cavill for sure

  • Pim

    Drew Van Acker

  • Raeline

    2 words – Gabriel Macht

  • Cynthia Hernandez

    okay people you really need to get a grip!!! ian somerhalder is WRONG for the roll hes too witty and cant play a stright face on the other hand JOESPH MORGAN AKA KLAUS from TVD is PERFECT for the role he even talks like him and hes an amazing ACTOR aside from being so freaking HOT!!!!

  • cynthia hernandez


  • Victoria Sibbett


  • Alex

    ian somerhalder is so hot and PERFECT for this role.

    p.s. – i love him on the vampire diaries!

  • Laura

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen is the only one in mind tat fits Christian perfectly!!

  • miss K


  • alice

    MATT BOMER ! NO DOUBT! He has a bit of fragile in his eyes, deep inside… which is what Ana finds out about Christian… behind that powerful man there is a fragile heart!
    Ian doesn’t have that in his eyes!
    MATT BOMER ! Who cares if he is gay in real life, he is an actor! And he plays roles! If he is a good actor, he can play anything!!! Or from now on straight people play straight roles and gay actors play gay roles!
    That’s so narrow minded!
    MATT BOMER !!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/satioxperia Gladys Amelie Acuzar Ampo

    Chris EVANS!!

  • Michelle

    Henry Cavill!!!!!

  • A

    Peter Facinelli

  • Monica

    Sin dudarlo, Ian. cuando me estaba leyendo el libro la primera imagen q me vino fue la suya. el personaje q interpreta en cronicas tendria una parte muy similar a Grey a si q crek q no le costaria mucho meterse en el papel.Q tengas mucha suerte (Ian) y nosotras tambien de q sea tu. recuerdos desde España

  • Pav

    Has to be Matt Bomer, surely! Come on, he is perfect for the role.

  • Cheyenne

    JARED LETO! Watch Hurricane the music video!

  • http://twitter.com/MorgannaTorok Mara Teixeira

    Henry Cavill! He is perfect for the roll of Christian Grey

  • http://twitter.com/juliananina Juliana Nina

    I think that Stephen Amell is perfect!!!

  • http://twitter.com/CristinaPattz Care Mikaelson

    Joseph Morgan…damn it! He is his incarnation . I want HIM. Period u.u

  • tangoluv13

    hayden christenson

  • 50ShadesofCrazyabtChristian

    Gabriel Macht can definitely pull of this part but he just seems a bit old? Hot but old…What about Hayden Christensen….A younger version of Patrick Wilson would also have been great…look at him in this ‘A gifted man’ poster…stunning….

  • Gina

    Gabriel Macht

    • Jessica

      he’s ugly like wtf?

  • Joanna

    hayden christensen all the wayyy just look him up on google his smile omg

  • Joanna

    perfect christian grey

  • http://twitter.com/adiss29 Adriana G. Galvan

    Henry Cavill, he would be perfect.

  • Courtnee


  • Granola

    What about Drew Fuller?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.tubbs.56 Jessica Tubbs

    paul walker please! :D

  • Shannon peters

    Paul walker definitely!



  • http://twitter.com/NansiYousif Nansi

    Henry Cavill

  • BEXX


  • http://twitter.com/Peaceful_PJ Peta J

    Jessie Pavelka!!!!!!!!! How can you go past this one??????

  • http://twitter.com/GalinaGalanos Galina Galanos

    William Levy, no one else would do it better!

  • Salma

    Henry Cavill!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina Frenzel

    Either Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill… After “Superman” I don`t think Mr. Cavill would take such a job, soooo…. Matt Bomer IS the right choice =)
    Hadn`t thought of Gabriel Macth, thou’… he`s absolutely hot!

  • Ana

    Matt Bomber FTW!

  • nicee

    Matt Bomer is perfect Christian. I agree that all other candidates are really hot and stuff(which does not mean that Matt is not), but Matt is real Christian! We choose not the hottest and sexiest one, but the one who fits more! :) people, vote for Matt! :)

  • http://twitter.com/AnnetteSimmons Annette Simmons

    Matt Bomer is Christian Grey ! Oh My ! The perfect man for the job!

  • http://www.facebook.com/marie.green.1023 Marie Green

    Chris Hemsworth all the way

  • julesxxxx

    ian smolderhalder has to be christian!!!!

  • Michelle

    Ian Somerhalder is the perfect choice for this role. Ian’s eyes, that smirk and his whole aura ooze Mr. Grey. Terrific actor that will more than do the role justice.

  • Clairedoc

    Tom Hardy is my Mr Grey!!

  • jan

    gabriel aubry!

  • Angel

    MR. HENRY CAVILL for God´s sake! He´s the best one for the part.

  • shonni

    Alexander all the way he the only one who can pull it off we need a sex god and he truly is one noone else pleaseeee he amazing actor and has the looks and body to go with it vote alexander !!!!!

  • Lauren

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen!! No doubt in my mind that he would be aaammmaaaaazing!!

  • Cristina

    Jude Law

  • Issey

    Henry Caville for sure, although I believe Matt bomber is perfect in looks he is too short for the roll, Henry has the sexy look and the height and the mysterious look to fit the part, the other guys are good lookin but none are a fit for Christian Grey if you go by the book

  • Simple

    Stephen Amell! He is drop-your-panties gorgeous…

  • Lisa

    James Scott!!!

  • Gere♥


  • Sunshine_neni Grey

    Cuando leo el libro, pienso en Ian. Es perfecto para Grey.

  • vicky

    MATT, MATT………….BOOMER………

  • Mia








  • Karoline Bonatte

    Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian!

  • Klaus and Hayley

    Joseph Morgan!! he’s perfect for this role…

  • Carla

    Iannn pleasssssss



  • Suzanne

    Wentworth miller = Christian grey

  • LOLA

    omg WHY isnt henry cavill on the list? Hes PERFECT as christian grey!!!!!!!!!! hes got the looks and hes got the talent too!

  • SamPage best christian

    Sam Page is great in my opinion

  • Christian

    Cam Gigander, damn!

  • Kili


  • crayon_addict

    Matt Bomer i think can showcase split personalities like Christian. I really do think, he’s born to be Christian Grey :-)

  • Jessie

    Ella Rae peck for Anastasia! She would be perfect for the role!

  • J

























  • Zuleima Grey.


  • nena cleotilde

    Debe ser Matt!

  • me

    Josh Duhamel

  • http://www.facebook.com/BethWagner29 Beth Ann Thompson Wagner

    Joe Don Rooney, Sexy, Sultry, and has a body to die for. I believe he could pull it off. Besides I believe he could play the piano and sing his own music as Christian


    I VOTE

    Alexander Skarsgard but i like and matt bomer no way this one from TVD

  • Maria

    Matt Bomer gay or not he is Christian Gray. He is a great actor and looks the part.

  • FiftyShadesAddicts

    What about JESSIE PAVELKA?

  • FiftyShadesAddicts


  • http://www.facebook.com/ileimnytruyol Ileimny Truyol Castañeda

    matt es el indicado

  • andreinaoviedo

    Ian Somerhalder is Christian Grey

  • BettyeD

    Gabriel Macht hands down

  • helen

    Rupert Friend, new face, sexy and good actor

  • KristyKation

    Christian has to be so goodlooking girls can’t look him in the eye….pick a devastatingly handsome “copper” hair colored, Young man in his late 20′s…..

  • http://twitter.com/fiesoke Fieso

    Jude Law!!! Njam!! He really got the eyes for it!! :-)

  • Tugba Isik


  • http://www.facebook.com/schmidtara Tara Peters

    Taylor Kitsch, Shane West, or Ryan Gosling for Christian

  • Sunday LaBauve

    JOSH DUHAMEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tranquility

    david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli david giuntoli

  • Kate

    1st choice: Wentworth Miller. He would be the perfect Christian Grey. His acting is definitely up for the role and he would pull the role off incredibly. Intense/Bad boy/highly intelligent/man with a cause/sensitive = this role screams Went to me. (Have you seen Prison Break?!) And add to that his voice, and those eyes, oh my – PERFECT!! (I did mention that voice right? If given the role, he would absolutely win over all women everywhere-I promise you!) He is older but can pull off 27 with no problems whatsoever. Though he is mostly seen with very short hair, when he grows it out some it does look curly so I think they’d have no problem getting the right look there.

    2nd choice: Ian Somerhalder. He too can do the bad boy/sensitive man role excellently and he absolutely can pull off 27. You really must look at his role on VD to see it, photos just don’t do him justice. When I first saw him, it was photos of him being up for this part and I honestly didn’t get it-but then I saw him on Vampire Diaries and it all became crystal clear! He has the look, the appeal, the ability, he too has exactly what the role needs.
    I have to say if they choose someone other than one of these 2 men, I’ll be extremely disappointed. Not only are both of these men incredibly sexy (which this character HAS to be or will never work, we’ve all seen others where the book has a character who’s looks are a very important part of who the character is and if they don’t have that–they can be a fantastic actor but never sell the part), they would each bring something of their own to the table that would sell it beautifully.
    I think these books are already going to be difficult to make into movies to start with- with a rating that can be in theaters and given that, they need someone extraordinary to do it justice, and that would be Wentworth Miller!

  • Anna

    Paul Walker , Channing Tatuum

  • Ale

    oliver jackson cohen is better of all

  • ashley

    Lucas Bryant from Haven on SyFy

  • In my opinion

    Colin O’Donoghue, He is a perfect Hook and would be a perfect Christian Grey. They need someone who isnt overcome by fame yet to play him because his character isnt,he is very suave and casual.


    matt bomer!!!!1

  • Katie M

    Kellan Lutz!!!

  • Cbales

    Alex pettyfer

  • missgrey

    paul walker!!!

  • missgrey

    paul walker – any other is impossible!!!



  • Lee Ann Granden

    robert buckley or chad michael murry who be perfect

  • gracii


  • anne

    Oliver Jackson Cohen, watch his movie Faster and you guys will know he’s perfect as Christian

  • cpk

    peter facinelli

  • lion

    I think LUCAS BRYANT should play Christian.

  • Paula

    Hugh Jackman as Christian Grey and Anne Hathaway as Ana Steele OR
    Bradley Cooper as Christian Grey and Zoey Deschanel as Ana Steele. I think either of these fit the part perfect. Plus you also have to think about the audience who’s going to be watching this. They aren’t all going to be 18 years old. lol

  • asn11

    drew fuller

  • Phoebe

    Matt Bomer and Gabriel Macht are my favorite ……they ooze Mr Grey Charisma.

  • Debby T

    I could never accept Matt Bomer as Christian Grey knowing Matt is gay. I wouldn’t be able to accept the love scenes between him and Ana’s character. It must go to Ian. Those eyes are perfect. Hurry up with the movie.

  • Marly

    Henry Cavill

  • Trudy

    When I read the Grey Trilogy, Alexander Skarsgard was my Christian Grey in my mind, he would play him brilliantly. Here’s hoping

  • mariemayxx

    Chace crawford is PERFECT for the character!!!

  • ChrisEvansForChristianGrey

    Chris evans

  • shy

    my main picks for all roles are….
    Ian Somerhalder (Gray)
    Ashley Greene (Steele)
    Michelle Pfeiffer (Ms. Robinson)

  • Alexis

    I think Ian Harding should play Christian Grey, I would deffinately watch the movie if he was in it

  • Alexis

    I think Ian Harding should play Christian Grey. If he was in it I would totally watch the movie

  • http://www.facebook.com/kierra.marder Kierra Robert Mayhall

    I’m sorry ladies but Alexander has the Christen persona he fits the bill…….

  • Cooper Fan

    Bradley Cooper is the perfect Christian Grey

  • LexMore

    Hayden Christiensen! All the way! He’s intense, grey eyes… wicked smile and we all know he can play arrogant yet vulnerable. That’s my vote.

  • karensays

    josh duhamel !!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla

    JOSEPH MORGAN! His charm, charisma and physique make him THE perfect Christian Grey!!

  • disqus_Zr8Dfy94mv

    I loved the series and have been picturing the characters in my head over and over. I have found some who I would be pleased to play the super sexy, mouth watering hotness that is Christian Grey ,but I’m srill not happy w/ it because I fined Christian to be a hot bad boy no one can reach up to his sexy standard but if i had to chose it’d be CHANCE CRAWFORD. And ana should be ALEXIS BLEDEL. She’s exactly who’d I expect. and if Ian or Ryan got casted I’d probably die a 1000 deaths… Their just not someone to be playing Christian…

  • J

    Joseph Morgan

  • gast

    hasn´t christian grey got red hair?
    so he must be played by tom hiddleston.
    and emilia clarke should be ana

  • http://twitter.com/kate60math Kate60Math

    Bradley cooper would be awesome

  • upperlevel

    Matt bomer is gay and I dont think he would fit right knowing that, this is nothing against opposite sex people is just me being a girl wont find him breath taking

  • lily

    Ryan gossling is my fav

  • Aparecida Timóteo

    David Giuntoli is perfect to perform it.

  • Kamil

    Gabriel Macht as Christian Grey, Emma Stone as Anastasia Steele !

  • Poisonous1


  • Cristine

    David Giuntoli to Mr. Grey, please!!!! He’s soooo HOT

  • Catalina

    Cam gigandet !!!!! he is the perfect Christian Grey ! just look his eyes *—*

  • Rita

    Jay Ryan without a doubt! His love scenes with his co-star are so tender and romantically believable, and his portrayal as the “Beast” speaks for his dark side!

  • Quadey

    Just watch the Dunhill Black & London commercial of Henry Cavill please. He is Christian Grey!

  • Guest
  • http://www.facebook.com/denise.dohertybauman Denise Doherty Bauman

    Jesse Metcalf, or Matt Bomer

  • Liz


  • Tori


  • http://www.facebook.com/dramafree2011 Tammara Johnson
  • guest123

    Christian Grey = Green Eyes + Red Hair + Suit
    That sound so like Mr. Tom Hiddleston :)

  • amber

    I think chace crawford would make an excellent cgristian grey.

  • Seona

    Consideration….serious consideration for CTG….should b given to Theo James..now currently in lead role on CBS Golden Boy…Fresh face..has the intensity..and good looks with strong jawline along with good hair. A good actor.


  • MLO


  • CMB

    Henry Cavill!

  • DivaSe


    Chek out Brit hottie Theo James! Gooooood looking. Someone not over exposed. Good face, strong jawline, INTENSE smoking eyes. He has the rite stuff to be considered!

  • Meg

    Christian needs to have red hair or the whole thing will be wrecked; it’s all over the book, his ‘copper’ hair.
    I say stick a ginger wig on Matt Bomer.

  • Soly

    Matt Bomer is the perfect men to Christian Grey!

  • Shannon Clemons

    West Bentley!

    • Shannon Clemons

      Wes* Bentley.

  • VRE

    What about Taylor Kinney?

  • MB

    Henry Cavill

  • MathewFanForever

    CG is confirmed to be Alex Pettyfer. Although, I personally prefer Matt bomer. For me he is perfect for this role. he has a mysterious smile, he is extremely handsome and his acting is very good too. my Grey is always gonna be MAtt bomer. Watch White collar and check out his acting. gay or straight, he is an actor. he can pull it off :)

  • Killer




  • Eva

    None of the above fit the spec for Mr Grey. The only one I vote for is Paul Walker.

  • redhen

    Ivan Sergei justed watched him as Jack Hunter

  • Hana Noviana Sanjaya

    Matt Bomer (33%, 7,509 Votes)

    See? He fits perfectly !!

    • Stefanyy2

      yez what a relief we’ll be fantasize abt a gay actor while watching the film!pfftt

  • Yeimy

    Matt Bomer

  • Nicole

    I Think Henry Cavill should get the part!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    Jessie Pavelka is exactly how I picture Christian.

  • annabelle

    Ed Westwick will be my perfect Christain Grey <3

  • Guest


  • Lee Anne

    Gabriel Macht for sure! purr-fect!

  • sj31

    Daniel Gillies (Elijah – Vampire Diaries)….

  • Lisa

    Paul Walker would be perfect as Christian!!!

  • Shannonoday

    Tom Hiddleston

  • Becky

    Jessie Pavelka!!!!!!

  • mmm

    Paul Walker!

  • ave

    Colton haynes as christian grey

  • sosi

    Leo DiCaprio <3

  • aubree

    Robert Nuzzie!

  • Stefanyy2

    the only 2 fit to play the role are alex pettyfer and joseph morgan.they hv the look,the gaze,the accent and the attitude.ian is my favorite actor among all cited above but he’s just not grey.and i definitely dnt want a gay actor to po portray christian!so no to matt bomer!

  • Anon


  • hiii

    I think tom hiddleston would be a amazing choice for Christian!!!!

  • Azurocha

    Alex O’Loughlin – the one and only Christian Grey. Sultry, commanding, sexy voice! Yum!!!

  • Lisa S

    You’re all lame. It’s Henry Cavill or no one!

  • Mari


  • lgubovics

    Alexander Skarsgard is 50 matt bomer is elliot not christian come on folks we have all seen these actors act and no way u cant say alexander wouldnt pull it off he defo would and matt would pull elliot of no problem, as to who should play ana i just am not 100% sure on that yet think we need a new unknown actress for her :) lh

  • lgubovics

    christian grey has a smoldering sex face with the best depth in his eyes but can pull off a hurt man behind a smile he has musles is very tall and BLONDE alexander is the only christian grey :D

  • Nina

    Alexis Bledel and Austin Butler that’s how I pictured it. And I think Austin butler has that hair and that gaze thing down pat. It would be perfect!

  • Lisa Andrews

    I wanna maybe see Billy Miller (Billy Abbott on the Young and the Restless)

  • SammieB

    GABRIEL MACHT FROM “SUITS!” That face, that suit, that tux….whew.

  • Doll

    Henry Cavil this is a no brainer. Matt Bomer is my number 2 pick. Stephen Amell number 3

  • Julianne

    Hayden Christensen !!!!!!

  • Mandy Burchfield Rauhuff

    Cam Gigandet should be the next christian grey

  • DeDe

    If it can’t be Matt Bomer then please let it be Scott Eastwood! (if he’s tall enough)

  • LMG

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers

  • Bemily

    Gabriel Macht

  • felicia

    Josh duhamel!!!!!!

  • marta

    Matt Bomer IS CHRTIAN GREY! please please please!!

  • Alice

    Chris Holden-Ried is a God!

  • DebK

    Stephan Moyer.

  • L.Bryant

    Alexander Skarsgard or Ryan Burns

  • Morgan

    CHARLIE HUMMEL. Seriously people come on. These other canidates are NOT Christian grey. No where near!! And seriously?? Alexander Skarsgard? Ew no not Christian Grey material.

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