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New information about Supernatural‘s eighth season has been revealed, including whether Misha Collins will be back as Castiel!

SpoilerTV has reported some fan tweets from the current Supernatural convention in Rio (hashtag #RioCon), and among the things revealed, actors have allegedly confirmed that the season will have 24 episodes – in a time where some shows are only brought back for reduced seasons (like Fringe has been), this is reassuring news.

Another fan tweet quoted Jim Beaver (Bobby) as saying that Misha Collins will indeed be back in season 8. Clearly Jim has some knowledge about the finale, which must indicate that the door is left open for Misha to return, but of course we can’t take this as absolute confirmation. It’s a good sign, though!

  • TheOneAndOnlyCliche

    I gave up after about 7 episodes of this season, but I’m going to catch up because the fact that there’s a new showfunner gives me hope. No offence to Sera, of course, I’m just not the biggest fan of the direction she’s taken the show in thus far.

    • 7Starrchasers

      you should it actually gets much better!

  • http://wizforum.proboards.com/ Melissa West

    I love this show so much and the only episode/episodes I have missed are ones dealing with clowns as I have a major fear of them. I am so happy they will be having an 8th season and that Misha could return. 

  • Guest

    I don’t watch Supernatural, but does this mean that The Vampire Diaries will also get 24 episodes next season? Please say yes!

    • ChaosMaster16

      No. It is likely that TVD and if TSC is renewed (and it doesn’t look good), they will likely have 22 episodes because of the expensive CG and the amount of time it takes to produce an episode. If Nikita is renewed, it seems likely that it will have 24 episodes, but the renewal is also very unlikely.
      Everything will be official next Friday, 5/18.

    • LiveNLove

      I don’t think so, srry. I do think that TVD is a good show but this year when Supernatural had 23 eps it only had 22.

    • never

       nooo…nop,gest supernatural you cant see/watch on tv,ok?all day and night,gest cas and dean..hihi…untill end of the century,gest spn…

  • Meyfer Winchester

    OMG this is incleible am a big fan of Supernatural is the best series in the world andseen all 7 seasons t are eager inclibles Castiel returning to Season 8  =D aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yeah SPN is the best

    • guest

       i think season 4 was best, only cause cass was introduced

  • guest

    season 7 was really great espicially the ending, tht was EPIC, does anyone know when season 8 will return???

    • 3ds One

      October 10th @ 9/8c on CW

      • autumnfallsdown

         Actually, It comes back on WEDNESDAY October 3rd

  • ThietThu08

    Castiel and Bobby, I like both of them.
    Now, it’s hard to see Bobby again in Season 8, so I hope that Cass will be there.

  • guest

    Bring back Sam and Dean’s dad like they did with the granddad in season 6. That would ensure for at least 3 more seasons haha.

  • http://twitter.com/StephanieSara3 Shaima Al-Marzouqi

    Why was Mishas out from season 07 anyway, could anyone please tell me???????!

  • Shekinahesh

    I truly hope Misha is back as Castiel.  Dean, Sam, Bobby and Castiel make a good team.  They all bring a balance to the other characters, and Castiel so often brings a lightness to the show at exactly the right time.

  • destiel

    castiel/misha…the best ever ever ever personaj for supernatural show…and of course , dean…i want beak DESTIEL.. 

  • dr.rick.whatley

    Keep this show on for at least 10 seasons!  Keep on rockin’ SPN!

  • Denise

    i love the show glad it’s coming back

  • Alexandra Allen

    I want cas to come back!!

  • #deansnumberonefan

    so when it first came on i never watched it then about 2 months ago i started watching it and now OMG i can’t stop watching it!! i’ve watched everyone but season 8 and now i’m starting to catch up on them!!! love dean!! he’s a hottie:)

  • fan

    My man an I r both hooked on supernatural. Its a great show I could watch it everyday im hoping for season 9. Pleaseeeee. Shah dean is a hottttie…

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