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Two interesting Glee spoilers to share with you today!

First, thanks to an insider we know who is selected as the Prom King and Queen at McKinley on this Tuesday’s episode:

Finn wins prom king. Rachel wins prom queen via write-in vote.

Should it have been another couple? Was Finn and Rachel ultimately becoming King and Queen too predictable?

Second, Amber Riley tweeted a photo of herself in her graduation gown. They are filming the graduation scene today!

  • Blair Warren

    Urgh. Of course Rachel and Finn. Why not Tina and Mike? Or actually why not Quinn for prom-queen? She wanted to win real badly last year and this year she’s in a wheelchair. They could’ve at least done something nice for her considering all the miserable years of high school she’s had to experience!

  • Guest

    Amber look so pretty!!!

    i don’t understand how any of the ND can become prom king/queen TBH. aren’t they suppose to be unpopular losers at McKinley? 

  • jennifer_dances

    I had NO idea, actually, because Rachel isn’t very high in the social status, so I didn’t expect that. I honestly thought it was going to be Brittana or Klaine, because they’ve been two big focuses this season, and it just seems like something Glee would do, especially since the first lesbian couple actually won homecoming “king and queen” in real life recently.

  • Kate

    Of course. OF COURSE. Princess Rachel SOMEHOW wins prom queen. What the hell. When did she become popular enough to even win? Since when did ANYONE in that school like the people of glee club? Aren’t we constantly reminded that they’re the complete and utter losers of the school (besides Finn, who’s in football, and Brittany and Santana, as Cheerios)?

    I can just pray that it’s not true. Otherwise my poor pillow will feel my wrath. I seriously hate how this show focuses on Finn and Rachel. (Obviously they’re my least favorite characters…)

  • Isistelle

    Damn it, I didn’t want to know, why did I come here ><
    But if really it's true I'm disappointed. Finchel prom king and queen?? Really? Oh that's so predictable. I would rather prefer Kurt to be reelected and Blaine with him as kings of the prom, even if it would be repetitive for Kurt

  • Jham40

    ugh finn and rachel seriously? only thing worse than them would be kurt and blaine because although I love them, no.  Should have been Quinn and Finn – then when the dance comes, he tells her to get up and dance .. and she does .. cliche but oh so gleement lol

  • guest

    Klaine never had a chance. A school hat votes in a gay male student as “Queen” as a cruel joke is not going to change enough within a year to have them crowned King and King. I’m interested to see how the write-in votes for Rachel works out.

    • SeanV22

      She stuffed the ballot box again! JK ;)

  • Line

    Oh my God, this show is getting so ridiculous. I mean, I love Rachel a lot, but she isn’t a prom queen. Finn is predictable and acceptable, but honestly I would have preferred it was Puck or someone else, because Finchel has just become so nauseating.

  • guest

    This is one of those times when i don’t like ryan murphy.


    I don’t know about anyone else but i love finchel & think that them being prom king and queen is great!

  • Leigh

    Ugh. Rachel would never win prom queen.  It should be like Puck and Brittany or people who are actually popular and liked.  And I hate how people always excuse this stuff like “but it’s Glee!” There’s a difference between Glee being funny and camp and just being bad.

  • Rose

    This is absolutely unbearable!  First, Becky Jackson wants to run for Prom Queen but she is either persuaded not to or not allowed to like only Blaine can’t style his hair the way he wants too for this school dance!  

    The actual candidates for King are Rick the Stick (hockey player who ran for class president), Finn, quarterback and Brittany, senior class president and a hot, popular Cheerio.  The Queen candidates are Missy (nobody), Quinn, most gorgeous girl in the school, currently wheelchair bound, and Santana, take no prisoners Cheerio Captain.  Now how the hell are we supposed to believe that Rachel obnoxious Berry  wins by a write in ballot?!!  I get that Rachel is the star of the show.  But we know she will triumph at Nationals and end up going to NY anyway.  And I see no reason why the McKinley student body would like her enough to write in her name over those other choices.  

    Glee is supposed to be an ensemble show, not The Finchel Hour!  Since they won’t or can’t give couples like Klaine and Brittana onscreen kisses except once in an entire season, this would have been the perfect time to give one of the few “goodies” available to Brittana and it would have been a great addendum to last year’s Prom Queen storyline.

    Fail Glee!  You fail, once again.  Is it any real wonder that your ratings and itunes sales are seriously tanking?    

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6NQL7X25WHLJL46FGFVQP5SWGM Nazinga

    Less Finchel more of everybody else! Love you,Amber Riley<3

  • Emily Hewitt

    So glad Finchel are in the spot light for the first time this season they make a wonderful couple and Prom King & Queen.

    • Rose

      I sincerely hope you’re being sarcastic!  I feel like I’m watching The Finchel Hour instead of the ensemble show this is supposed to be.  No wonder the ratings are tanking.

  • Lucy

    Rachel deserved to win after all the crap she has had thrown at her in life. 

    • Rose

      BS!  Rachel is an adored only child who is smart, beautiful and talented.  She’s not popular but there are plenty of reasons for that!  At this point in time, Rachel is engaged to the guy she always wanted and will soon be highlighted beyond everyone else in the Glee club at the Nationals competition AGAIN.  When she puts her big girl panties back on, she’ll realize her dream isn’t over either.  That it’s merely time for plan B.

      On the other hand, unattractive, unpopular Lucy Fabray worked to change her situation.  Even after becoming quite gorgeous, the insecurities that drove Lucy to become Quinn were still there.  Quinn got pregnant the first time she had sex.  She was disowned and thrown out of her home.  She gave the baby up and tried to put her life back together with a troubled mother and absent father.  But for a year and a half, no one saw the cracks in her stable facade.  Quinn saw her baby only to realize that she had to give her up again.  With her grades and hard work, she is accepted to Yale but was grievously injured in an accident.  She’s worked hard and persevered with continuing her school work and rehab.  I can understand why she still wanted her long held dream, to be Prom Queen.  And it is totally like a dramatic teenager to want to wait for a dramatic moment like at prom to stand in public.  It’s not like she’s healed and strong yet.  I didn’t mind Quinn realizing that she doesn’t need the crown.  But I wish she knew it’s because she’s so much more than a plastic crown.  As for giving it to Rachel, that was totally unearned.  I’d rather they gave it to Missy Gunderson or Becky.      

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