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The night didn’t start off the best for everyone in the cast, but once everyone got settled, the cast and creators opened up about all kinds of things at the TV Academy panel! Here’s a round-up of details based on certain media outlets who are there covering the event!

Here are some interesting details brought to us by William Keck, who is reporting for TV Guide Magazine!

  • Dianna Agron and Mark Salling aren’t present at the event because they are currently on set shooting scenes.
  • Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz and Heather Morris all still don’t know if they will be back for season 4.
  • Jane Lynch spotted Lauren Potter (Becky Jackson) in the audience and blew her kisses from the stage.
  • Ryan Murphy says that next episodes will show Rachel not giving up on her dreams.
  • Lea Michele said she was devastated to act out Rachel’s situation on tonight’s episode (“Choke”).
  • Jenna Ushkowitz has been bursting in to tears every couple of days while they shoot the final scenes of the season.
  • Lea Michele says she hopes to work with Whoopi Goldberg in season 4 as her NYADA teacher.
  • Chris Colfer on Kurt’s tight pants from tonight’s episode: “I had no idea it was going to be the battle of the bulge.”
  • Dot Marie Jones (Beiste) gets choked up talking about the domestic abuse her character went through.
  • Ryan Murphy says that he was impressed with NeNe Leakes on Celebrity Apprentice and offered her the role of Roz without auditioning.
  • Almost the entire cast will appear as mentors on the second season of The Glee Project
  • Amber Riley says it’s “interesting” when she and Chord Overstreet have kissing scenes “because both of our lips are so big!”
  • In 2 weeks, Dot Marie Jones will sing the song “Mean” by Taylor Swift along with Mark Salling (Puck).
  • Chris Colfer on filming sex scenes in “The First Time” episode: “I was scared shitless.”
  • Cory Monteith on filming sex scenes in “The First Time” episode: “I was really sweaty.”
Check out some of the videos below from last night’s event which highlight some of the points above!
Santana talks about Brittana

Chris Colfer and Darren Criss talk about “The First Time” episode

Lea Michele talks about her scenes in “Choke”

More details are sure to emerge from tonight’s event. We’ll be updating this list with any new information worth passing on.
Do any of the points stand out to you? What are your thoughts on some of the details?
  • http://twitter.com/Red_Fiasco Cris

    They shouldn’t be at the event if they don’t know Darren Criss is straight XD Hilarious.

  • Cbear

    Oh my gosh! Glee is FINALLY doing Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez! Aaaaahhhh, I really hope they do well on them (especially since I love their music)!

  • Gary65

    Who are these stupid, superficial people? The guy is talking about a really big scene for his character and a really hard thing to do as an actor and all you can think about is whether or not he’s gay!?! Morons

  • http://twitter.com/w_lowry Will Lowry

    Jenna, Kevin and Heather had better be back next season, they haven’t gotten a proper send-off this season like many of the other characters have had.

    • http://twitter.com/germanAkice Lisa Mandel

       Jenna and Kevin aka Tina and Artie are Juniors! They have to be back! And it is still not clear if Brittany aka Heather will graduate so she might have to be back as well… If the writers fuck this up I don’t know what I am gonna do but it won’t be pretty

  • http://www.facebook.com/amber.carney3 Amber Carney

    OMG! It’s about time they do some TSwift on glee!!! I’ve been begging for this to happen for…uh forever! I am so excited now!! The other thing I really want to see on glee is a Disney-themed episode. I’d explode with happiness :]

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745581155 Kallah Jean Turner

    Please tell me I’m not the only one that noticed Darren’s bright blue socks as soon as I pressed play on the first video? No? Just me? That doesn’t surprise me. And clearly those two girls don’t know a whole lot because everyone knows Darren is straight. Silly girls. They should pay more attention. But this interview was rather awesome!

    • Grace

      I LOVE his socks!  He never stops being totally awesome :)

    • RumbleroarLuna

      Nope. I definitely noticed right away

    • http://www.facebook.com/amber.carney3 Amber Carney

      It was the first thing I noticed too! Have no fear :)

  • Jham40

    All I thought of watching Naya talk was Cher from Clueless saying ‘see how their legs are crossed toward each other, that’s a sex invite’ (look at Chris and Darren) lol

  • RumbleroarLuna

    Wait. It says “Santana talks about Brittana.” Shouldn’t it say “Naya talks about Brittana?” Especially considering the others are done by actors’ names, not characters’

  • Smallville_lover5

    If they don’t do Taylor’s song well, shit’s gonna go down. 

  • Pezza-roz

    wait, it says Lea wants Whoopi Goldberg as her “NYADA” teacher. Does that mean she gets in evetnually?

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