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I feel like the writing for Glee has deteriorated recently, but they did write one subplot very well this week – the story of Kurt, Blaine, and a very damaging fight caused by Kurt’s poor decision to start flirtatious texts with a new kid he met in the music store.

This is a very carefully written, thoughtful story with a lot of layers to it, and when viewed thoughtfully and without bias, it reveals a tale of two boys who find that they make terrible mistakes when they do not communicate with each other honestly.

I have to disagree quite firmly with Natalie Fisher’s take on the episode, which condemned Kurt so completely that she did not understand why Blaine reconciled with him. Understand this: Kurt was wrong to text Chandler. That is not in question. However, the writers quite deliberately set Kurt up in a situation that directly mirrors Blaine’s relationship with Sebastian Smythe, and at the end of the episode Blaine even admits that this is true. More to the point, the story is not really about cheating at all.

This storyline was about lack of communication. It begins with Blaine: he is so sad about the prospect of Kurt leaving for New York, he begins to pull away from him emotionally. His behavior becomes cold and distant. This makes Kurt feel very lonely and unloved. Blaine is not communicating well with Kurt.

Kurt, saddened by Blaine’s growing coldness, gives himself validation by enjoying the flirtations of another boy, a poor decision that he excuses because it is not a physical relationship. When confronted in the bedroom, one of the things Blaine says to him is that Kurt should talk to him if he’s unhappy, not cheat on him. Kurt is not communicating well. He’s making excuses for himself and deflecting blame.

Blaine gives Kurt a smackdown in song, and Kurt has a conversation with his father that gives him a clue as to what is really happening. Burt has been avoiding Friday Night Dinners because he’s very sad that this tradition of theirs is about to end.

Kurt turns the situation around, not really by singing to Blaine, but by talking to him. The very raw, honest emotions of his rather shrill version of “I Have Nothing” do thaw Blaine’s heart a little, and that may be the impetus that gets Blaine in Emma’s office. However, once there, Blaine admits to both Kurt and Emma that his own relationship with Sebastian Smythe was very much like Kurt’s connection to Chandler. The cheating was not the real problem; the problem was that he was so sad about Kurt’s impending graduation that he felt he needed to distance himself from Kurt to avoid that pain. One text from Chandler – suggesting that Kurt meet him in the Plaza in New York – underlined not so much that Kurt had a guy on the side, but that he would no longer be in Ohio.

Once Kurt assured Blaine that his love for him would remain strong and that he was not being abandoned, Blaine poured out his love for Kurt and they were reconciled. They talked through it, like healthy couples do. This story was penned by a writer who wanted to present a balanced view that held both boys accountable for their mistakes while validating their worth to each other.

To read my recap of this episode, please click here.

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  • sarahd15

    I think this is a well written article. I still however feel that Kurt was more wrong in the way he was texting Chandler. When Blaine found the texts, he admitted he would text Sebastian, but all of their texts were conversational and “family friendly” unlike Kurt’s texts with Chandler. Also, Kurt admitted to Rachel that of course he wouldn’t tell Blaine that he was texting another boy, to which Rachel said that that is what makes it wrong. That he wouldn’t confide in his boyfriend about it. Kurt always knew if Blaine was ever talking to Sebastian. Although there are similarities in both situations, it is not the same.

    • Rachel

      Kurt knew Blaine was in contact with Sebastian – but was unaware with how friendly they got. I agree both boys have been in the wrong this series but to me Blaine and Sebastian’s behaviour was worse. Maybe Kurt wouldn’t have been as drawn to Chandler if Blaine had been behaving like his boyfriend. Sebastian was verbally bullying Kurt and although Blaine didn’t actively encourage it, he never told Sebastian to stop and still wanted to be friends. Blaine’s behaviour all Series has been disrespectful and it has nothing to do with Kurt leaving (although I agree that I think that was what the writers wanted everyone to think).

      • sarahd15

         As Blaine said, he turned his whole life upside down for Kurt. He has definitely sacrificed more in terms of their relationship. And I do think he should have talked to Kurt sooner about how he was sad Kurt is leaving soon, but come on….Kurt was being completely oblivious an insensitive to all of his loved ones that he is leaving behind! I think it’s dumb that it took Blaine practically yelling at him about why he was acting distant. All Kurt ever talks about is NYADA this NYADA that…it even started hurting his dad’s feelings. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be excited about school, I’m saying he needs to remember that he is still in Ohio, surrounded by his loved ones that will miss him deeply, and maybe he should try and focus on creating more happy memories with them sometimes.
        No he never did tell Sebastian to completely back off, but if you remember a lot of the drama between Kurt & Sebastian actually happened when Blaine was not even in the scene. Blaine barely saw any of it until Sebastian stopped trying to impress him.

  • Gary65

    In the end, the fault of the issue comes back to what Rachel said:

    Would Kurt show his texts with Chandler to Blaine?

    Would Blaine have showed his texts with Sebastian to Kurt if Kurt had asked to see them?

    We have our answer.

  • Jamie

    I love this article.

  • http://twitter.com/Annanass777 Anna Di

    I applaud this post.

  • Isistelle

    Ah! So right, so right! I think the plot was well handed, it was totally about the lack of communication, and as a Klainer I cried…which is rare to me! Also both Chris and Darren played amazingly, I really lived their story through the screen and I felt all the emotions

  • Accio493

    Yes, exactly! I thought ‘Dance with Somebody’ was a really good episode, mostly because of this storyline. 
    And Darren’s eyes in the picture with this article hits me right in the heart every time.

    • sarahd15

      Darren had an outstanding performance in this episode! Great emotions!

  • Guest02

    its hard to take anything glee does seriously. Kurt was practically flaunting himself to blaine when they first met. And what does blaine do? He uses kurt to help him serenade to a gap employee. And what, it wasn’t until kurt sung to a deadbird that blaine fell in love. Actually, it was only because it was the season finale. Now were supposed to believe blaine is the vulnerable, insecure type. Seriously, the writing is hard to take.

    • Jamie

      I actually think the changing dynamic in their relationship is very believable and true to life (unlike a lot of other things on Glee).  I have witnessed many a real life one-sided relationship shift like that.  Additionally it makes sense to me that Blaine would be more confident when they were on his turf at Dalton, and the opposite would be true at McKinley.

  • annie

    though i think that kurt was completely in the wrong, its not that blaine didn’t know that kurt was a senior and would be leaving him back in ohio

  • Katelyn

    Yeah, but the difference is that every time we saw Sebastian try to flirt with Blaine, Blaine told him to back off (either verbally, or with body language).  Blaine made sure that as soon as he realized that he was being put in a position that would hurt Kurt, he backed off.  Kurt, on the other hand, actively flirted with another guy.  He ACTUALLY cheated, while Blaine was only put in a position where he COULD have cheated.  

    But of course Blaine would forgive Kurt.  Blaine gives up EVERYTHING for Kurt, and Kurt doesn’t have to make any actual sacrifices for their relationship.  Of course Blaine freaks out when he realizes Kurt is leaving…because so much of his life revolves around Kurt.   Sure, they both sucked at communicating.  But Kurt screwed up.  Not Blaine. 

    • Iris

      Yes, but apparently Blaine was also having phone calls with Sebastian without telling Kurt, and we don’t even know what the two were talking about during those calls.  
      On Glee Wiki – Sebastian Smythe profile: “It is later revealed that Blaine and Sebastian had been talking on the phone behind Kurt’s back.”

      They could have been slightly flirty during those calls…who knows?After all, Blaine is still talking to him after he almost blinded one of Blaine’s eyes, tried to hurt Kurt, and ripped of ND’s set list.
      After all, Blaine is still talking to him after he almost blinded one of Blaine’s eyes, tried to hurt Kurt, and ripped of ND’s set list.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amber.carney3 Amber Carney

    I agree. The issue was not so much the cheating as the communication…most couples go through this at some point. I think what Kurt did was cheating in a sense, but the communication was definitely the more major problem.

  • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

    The situations were not the same at all. Kurt never told Chandler that he had a boyfriend, and he never told Blaine about Chandler. Sebastian and Kurt were aware of each other. More importantly, Blaine firmly told Sebastian that he wasn’t interested in him. That is the biggest difference – Blaine wasn’t interested in Sebastian, while Kurt enjoyed flirting with Chandler and liked the attention. Blaine was visibly uncomfortable every time Sebastian was around. I think the reason why he kept in contact with Sebastian is partially because he wanted a connection to the Warblers, and mostly because he was being polite. He already told Sebastian that he wasn’t interested, and to his knowledge, Sebastian backed off. Remember that Sebastian told Kurt that he was still after Blaine, but Blaine was not aware of this conversation. Blaine didn’t know that Sebastian had ulterior motives since Sebastian never hit on him again, so why not, he gave him his number. This was completely different than what happened with Kurt and Chandler.

    • Guest

      I completely agree with this! I think the main difference is that Blaine saw Sebastian as a friend. Nothing more.

  • Brandon

    I have to admit I was in shock when this happened on the show. Why you ask? Because this recently happened to myself (actually it happened the day before and continued on from there). Glee and my life seem to like to mess with me a lot.
    I feel as if they did handle the storyline well. It happened the same way with my situation. The lack of communication can cause someone to not think straight and forget about the one they care about the most.
    Let’s just say my boyfriend and I reconciled just as Kurt and Blaine did =)

  • Jham40

    Actually Kurt didn’t know that Blaine and Sebastian were talking, in the Michael episode when they were all in the coffee shop talking about Michael Jackson, and Sebastian came over and started talking Kurt was like ‘oh and how long have you been talking to him for’

  • marissa

    HOW DID SEBATION ALMOST BLIND BLAINE!!!!!!!!!!! ive been trying to find out like forever and i never saw the episode please i reall want to know

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