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A new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film is only days away with the imminent release of The Avengers, but the film’s official running time was revealed today.

Australian Event Cinemas posted a synopsis of the film on their website, which stated that the film is……. 2 hours, 40 minutes long!

Many expected the film to clock in at around 3 hours, so you may be disappointed that this is just over 2 and a half. However, with the tons of trailers for Winter blockbusters that will be showing before The Dark Knight Rises, your midnight screening still shouldn’t be over until about 3am!

Are you happy or disappointed with this length?

The Dark Knight Rises will be released July 20.

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  • Nicolataghizadeh

    2 hours 40 minutes?

  • Meselyn

    The Dark Knight was 153 minutes, or roughly 2 1/2 hours…so I’m fine with this run length. Any longer and I feel most people will be drawn out of the film by a feeling of wanting to leave.

  • grapes9h5

    No this expected. I never thought the film would be a full 3 hours, just close enough to that to be notably longer than The Dark Knight, which it is. Im quite happy with this. It’s still a VERY LONG movie

  • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

    Christopher Nolan is one director I trust. If he believes this length is enough time to tell his story then THIS is enough time. 

  • Azeem

    2 hours and 40 minutes of pure awesomeness! I can’t wait!

  • hpatdh33

    Im fine with it, its going to be amazing!

  • Hehedied

    It’s longer than Darkknight so that’s actually long haha

  • http://www.rebellionradiopodcast.com Hurley

    People wanted this to be 3 hours? Jeez, that’s long…

  • http://www.facebook.com/katie.bjordahl Katie Bjordahl

    I like it because this movie obviously has a lot of inner-weaving plot points.

  • The Dark Knight

    it´s not the lenght .. it´s the quality of storytelling which makes the movie

  • batman

     3 hours!very very good

  • Aaaa

    nearly 3 hours of boring. well that seals it. it can’t beat avengers because word of mouth will be, “man that was too long and boring at times”

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