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Despite having one of the bestselling YA series in recent history, Stephenie Meyer still attends book signings like fellow fans!

Author Jenny Lawson, who recently published a memoir titled Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, blogged about her experience where Twilight author Meyer made a visit:

We sold out of books in the first half and I signed everything from tongues to metal chickens to xanax bottles, but the most bizarre thing I signed was this…

That totally sweet and normal looking woman? Is Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series, who flew all the way out to come to my reading and surprised me so much that I got all fangirly and started rambling about how I dressed up as a werewolf for the last movie and then I misspelled her name on her book. True story.

Lesson here: Be less drunk when you’re signing books. Also, Stephenie Meyer has a complicated name and very pretty hair.

A photo of Meyer greeting Lawson can be seen below. We’re sure it would’ve been easy for her agent to obtain a signed copy, but Meyer wanted to meet Lawson for herself at a public event. We love seeing this – Meyer is a real fan!

Thanks to The Lexicon for the tip.

  • Ashlee

    Haha That’s super cute! :)

  • Alex


  • Ashyancy

    Gosh, you just have to love her. :)

  • Emmalou

    She seems like such a sweet person :) 

    • Jael

       I’ve actually met Stephenie Meyer and she is a really sweet person.  I would love to meet her again… hopefully when I get my own novel published and I can tell her, “remember me?  You signed my copy of the Host at a book signing in Torrance, California.”

  • LauraJay

    that is fracking adorable! :)

  • sia

    This is way sweet !

  • Gary65

    Literary skill aside, my fave author is now a battle between JK and Stef :D

    • guest

      How exactly do you put literary skill aside when deciding on a favorite author? 

      • Misswriter18

         Well, everyone has different skills in literature. So, you can’t compare authors with one another? At least, that’s what I get from it.

        • Andrew_ww

          Of course you can compare author’s skills.

          • Lee

            Measure of success: criticial acclaim, work won’t be recognized until you die, or, ridiculed but made you millions of dollar while still ALIVE and allow you to enjoy the money and explore new projects without worries of starvation and family ridiculing you for your dumb choice of profession. 

          • Misswriter18

             In the end, you can put aside the skills of the authors and just focus on the stories they created. You don’t compare authors’ skills to one another since everyone is different and all writers showcase different styles regardless of genre.

          • Disraeli

            … I don’t know who’s crying more. Me or my old English professor. 

      • Gary65

        I meant as people -_-

  • http://twitter.com/Michaleon Mimi

    So cute! :) 

  • FlamingC

    I bet this Lawson chick was devastated to see that doofus Stephenie Meyer was a fan of hers. She probably cried herself to sleep that night, “Why, why does that half wit have to love my writing?!?!?! Why couldn’t it be some other author who loves my stuff???”

    • Liderc

      Apparently you didn’t read the author’s quote in the article.

    • Maddie

      “I got all fangirly and started rambling about how I dressed up as a werewolf for the last movie” try actually reading the article before you post idiotic comments like this. 

      • FlamingC

        What else do you expect her to say? She can’t be mean so she made up a lie.

        • Lee

          A lie that, if she really believed Twilight was shite, would embarrass her to the next millennium?? 
          “I got all fangirly and started rambling about how I dressed up as a werewolf for the last movie”; embarrassing lie for someone who really feels: 
          “Why, why does that half wit have to love my writing?!?!?! Why couldn’t it be some other author who loves my stuff???” (sob, cry)

    • Thecoolguy4ever

      Meyer is not doofus, and she can write what you would study for a 100 hundred years, live two lifetimes, brainstorm your mind till your veins make permanent dents in your forehead and still wouldn’t be able to-no, not write- even articulate.

  • http://twitter.com/angrykittykj Krystol

    Honestly, stuff like this makes me wish more authors were like Stephenie. She is so sweet and down to earth!

  • http://twitter.com/SoulToHeart1 Soul To Heart

    Very cute

  • Andrew_ww

    Thats were she belongs. On the “attending a book signing” side.

    • Thecoolguy4ever

      Personally, I think she belongs on the “signing books” side and is a very nice person.

  • Mary

    Although I’m not a great fan of her books, Stephenie Meyer seems like a nice person (:

    • sia

       Really ? Annoyed by all these Potter fans who need to stop bugging !

  • http://twitter.com/HUGO7321 hello.

    awww :)

  • Tomas

    This IS an adorable photo :) An she did a great job on the Twilight saga! 

  • DreamNox58

    Makes you realize that they actually are real people too.  Sometimes I tend to forget they are people just like you and me.

  • http://twitter.com/Merina2 Merina

    She is wonderful :)

  • http://twitter.com/BrokenSilence37 Adriana EP

    aw. can’t stand the twilight saga but this is an adorable pic.

  • http://twitter.com/NyanRyuzaki Daniel Stinson

    Although her writing is bad and hopelessly overrated, it’s adorable that she did this x3 I respect her slightly now.

    • sia

       Shut up loser. Obviously her so called bad writing has made millions of people feel things that SO CALLED REAL AUTHORS WILL NEVER DO A IN A LIFE TIME SO WHO’S THE REAL AUTHOR NOW ? Get a life thanks !

      • elmerfud#12

        its people like you that really cant tell a good book from a bad one

    • GinnyWeasley002

      Me? I don’t especially like her books, I don’t especially dislike her books. Some people just call her a bad writer because they don’t like her books. There IS a difference between disliking the book and bad writing. I have read better authors, but, hey, give her a chance, could YOU have done better? 

  • sia

    Bad writing BLAH BLAH BLAH shut up already. Honestly if her writing was so bad it wouldn’t have hit people so much she has things to work at but a writer she is and like it or not SHE KNOWS HOW TO WRITE AND TELL A STORY ! 

  • Annie

    That is so stinkin’ cute!

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