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Joe Dempsie’s character on Game of Thrones has taken a more central role this season, and in a new interview he talks about Gendry and his relationship with Arya. Beware of mild spoilers.

Speaking to TV Guide, Dempsie talks about Gendry and how he’s interpreting the character:

I saw him as someone who hasn’t had a very easy start in life. He has no idea who his father was and has no idea where his mother is either — is she dead? Is she away? So I think he’s had to be quite tough and grow up a bit early on. It’s implied in the books that he’s not too bright, which is something I’ve tried to change quite a bit with my portrayal. He’s not sophisticated and isn’t particularly educated either but he’s certainly got street smarts about him and has got a determination. I also think he’s a man of principle. He’s probably seen a lot of horrible things, seen people treated pretty badly and he’s quite a fair person.

He also discusses the nature of Gendry and Arya’s relationship, and his answer should be of particular interest to book fans:

From what I gather in the books, there’s kind of an implied potential romance there for further down the line. But the way the casting is on the show, that’s not going to happen. [...] Now she’s shared her secret with him and he’s promised to keep it safe. I don’t think Gendry has ever been given that level of responsibility before or ever felt like people trusted him enough to do that. I think he looks upon her as a little sister now. That’s something he’s never really experienced before. The other way around, he kind of reminds Arya of her older brothers.

Arya and Gendry’s relationship is certainly a big part of future books, but do you agree with Dempsie’s interpretation?

Please note that we like to keep the site fairly spoiler-free as far as the Ice and Fire saga goes, but participate in any Game of Thrones comments discussion at your own risk.

  • grapes9h5

    Havent read the books but despite the ver brother sister like relationship they have now, I did assume that things would get romantic as Arya grows up (I assume in the books there ages are much closer together so this takes less time, but in the show it also works cause more time will have to pass as the child actors will clearly age). The part of the scene where Gendry teases her for being a “lady” seemed to foreshadow that sort of romantic type relationship.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gavin-Walsh/100000260589961 Gavin Walsh

      *spoiler* it does not happen 

      • Alina


        • http://hypable.com Selina

           Yes. There is still hope! ;)

          • http://memonisma.blogspot.com/ F.FRANKLIN

            You said what I intended to say..there is still hope for Arya and Gendry!!

          • Oceanaturem


          • Anne

            I really really hope they end up together in the final book. GRRM can be cruel but I hope he won’t kill Arya. She’s too special! And she deserves a happy ending with Gendry.

  • kairi

    On an unrelated note, gendry is sexy!

  • http://twitter.com/KaraLambo Kara

    Well if he was playing it as a brother sister kind of relationship, he must have been channeling Jamie. I saw some real chemistry in their Lady scene. But that could just be me. I am really digging the idea of Arya and Gendry. 

  • Nessa Guillen

    its chris from Skins generation 1!!!!!!!!!! haha

  • Oceanaturem

    Well as one of the girls that deeply relate to Arya…a hot, older man romance would definitely be welcome. 

  • peachywink

    Okay I’ve never read the books but after season 2 episode 2 I was searching online for fanfic between the two so wether it was what he wanted or not I think the too came across as haveing a possible romantic future.  There seems to be a strong fan group for the couple so I’m really hoping it happens>

  • Miriamnoe9

    I read the books, and he definitely feels something. The third book explains that Gendry is somehow complained that she is a “lady” and he just
    an ordinary blacksmith (he acts icy when she confronts him), he also feels some jealousy when Arya talks to a boy that works with the brotherhood without banners. He confessed her she looked pretty with the dress that lady Smallwood gave to her during their journey….. Etc ..

  • Giselle

    Imagine House Stark and House Baratheon will be joined thru Arya and Gendry in the future, atleast that is what I am hoping. The best relationships start from friendships…

  • Louise

    They must be a couple in the future!!!!!! :D

  • person

    But they are so great together! and Robert wanted one of his sons to marry one of Ned’s daughters..that can still happen

  • Vampie

    It’s definitely implied in the books that there’s more between them but
    Joe is going by the fact that they cast Maisie and him, with their ten
    year age gap, in those specific roles. I don’t think HE thinks they’re
    going to go down that road. Not until Maisie’s legal anyway, if ever.
    He’s clearly uncomfortable with the thought of anything occurring
    between them, and who can blame him? She was 13/14 when he met her. He
    may never see her as a woman, even though she’s cool with it (anticipating it even). But as an actor, if the producers DO
    decide to go there eventually, he’ll have to get over it.

    • Anne

      If and when it happens, she’ll be much older…possibly 18 or 19, right? He won’t mind then.

  • shruti paranjpe

    In the show I could see the chemistry between Arya & Gendry, but then HBO has a habit of making everything rosy & nice. But I felt nothing of the sort while reading. All that tumbling about & fighting & arguing & protecting which many think of as romance, I feel children do it all the time. That need not mean anything. And to be honest I find Arya a lot more accomplished than Gendry. That girl has learnt water dancing, has survived outlaws, the gold cloaks, the Hound, her father’s beheading & her family’s brutal murder, has killed, has travelled across the sea, reached Braavos, is training to be a faceless man….she has done so much at such a little age & can do much more! I want someone better for her, someone even better than her & that sets the bar pretty high :) I actually wouldn’t mind seeing her with someone a little older than her.

  • Zoe

    The way I see is that upon meeting her (in the show) he obviously didn’t even think about a relationship forming–like at all. But the scene when she says that he could have been her family really touched me and it made me think that now that they are separated, the next time they see each other again, she will have “grown up” and an attraction may ensue. I mean, kids in shows grow really quickly, the puberty fairy makes sure of that. So, they will alter the ages a bit or whatever, and I most definitely see Gendry and Arya becoming a possible item. At least, have a romantic tension type of friendship at first or something. :P Excitement..

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