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Dreams really do come true!  A Vancouver high school senior, Paloma Kwiatkowski, has been cast as Thalia in Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea Of Monsters.  More details after the jump!

Deadline reports:

The film shoots in Vancouver, which will be convenient for Kwiatkowski, since she is a high school student there who got the role after her very first audition. She signed for one picture, with options for two more where, if the series continues, her character takes on a greater level of importance. Her reps tell me Kwiatkowski will finish high school, where she is captain of her improv team and will be heading to the National Championships in Ottawa next month.

The second Percy Jackson will be directed by Thor Freudenthal. Production starts on April 12, and the film is due out on March 26, 2013.

What do you think of Kwiatkowski’s casting as Thalia? We think it’s awesome she was cast while still in high school!

  • http://twitter.com/laura_gally14 Laura Gallant

     Awesome! Canadian girl :D She’ll do great, I’m sure!!

  • http://twitter.com/Tripleness Tripleness

    Fantastic!  I love when the actors/actresses are about the same age as their characters (since they’ve aged Percy and Annabeth up for the movies, I’m assuming Thalia is older too).  Hopefully she’ll do well!

  • Alohomora

    Let’s hope this makes film 2 better than film 1 .. -.-

    • gcw07

      Hopefully they actually follow the books plot better.

  • Johanna

    well, yay thalia, but i’m not too enthusiastic about this movie, considering how god-awful the last one was….

    • Brianna Lofton


    • Percy Jackson

      Same here. I hope they won’t MURDER this book since it’s one of my favorites.

  • Alex

    well i give it a bit of a thumbs up for the casting an unkown for thalia instead of big name-

    still not really looking forward to the sequel. the first one Was fun, if you imagined it as a stand-alone movie and not an adaption. as an adaptation it was Dead awful- they too way too many artistic liberties and butchered the plot and many of the characters…

    here’s hoping some day there is a remake done right. Even if I can’t think of an actor as perfect for percy as logan leerman. 

    • http://www.rebellionradiopodcast.com Hurley

      Everything you just said is exactly what I’m thinking right now.

  • Mary

    I love that they got someone unknown, but I just hope she can act…
    Also, she is only in the last chapter of the book, so unless they change the story, she won’t be in much of the movie.

  • http://twitter.com/greeneggsplusam Sam

    I wonder if the screenwriters will read the book this time?

  • sammylovegood

    wait…….. Thalia is younger than the Percy and Annabeth actors!!!!! WTF??

    (good cast by the way)

  • pottergamesfan

    It’s great that they have actually cast someone to be Thalia, but how are they going to explain her story when none of it was mentioned in the first movie?

  • Kate

    I just wish they start again with 12 year olds…..

  • Gary65

    Hopefully, they’ll have the good sense to stay true to the books and make a good movie, instead of ripping out the book’s heart and soul like they did with the original. Did they learn nothing from Eragon? STICK. TO. THE. BOOK!!!

  • An Oxford Comma

    I’m more interested in their ability to erase the travesty that was TLT from our minds, so they can continue and make a good film

  • http://megan-conway.blogspot.com/ Megan Conway

    Saw the photo of her on Deadline and she doesn’t look that mad. I’d say she’s pretty close to the Thalia in my head. And they finally got the age of a character right! My only problem is that Logan and Alexandra are a lot older than her. I’m kind of worried about how this is going to play out on screen.

  • http://twitter.com/CatKoski Cat Koski

    I know everyone hates the first movie, but I thought it wasn’t that bad.
    Then again, I’m of the opinion, that a movie adaptation should not be identical to the book. 

  • Alyssa

    My mental image of Thalia is actually pretty close to the movie’s Annabeth. This actress is okay, though. Given that Annabeth has dark hair in the movie, we should just be grateful that Thalia’s still a girl.

  • Mad

    I’m glad it’s someone unknown, good luck to her! Hopefully the movie will work better with the book this time, I think people would have enjoyed the movie more if they hadn’t known what the book was like, I certainly did and then read the book later, so I was quite as disappointed.

  • Thalia-Grace

    True the last movie was nothing like the book. But I can appreciate it as a movie. Not a movie trying to be a book.

  • pygmypuff22

    Am I the only one who didn’t hate the movie? I mean it was a god awful adaptation don’t get me wrong they totally slaughtered the book but I mean unlike some other adaptions gone wrong (eragon for example) The Lightning Thief was actually a good movie when not considering the book. By itself, it was good. Oh side-note I heard Chiron was recast for the second that’s gonna be weird.

  • Grace

    Congrats! I live in Vancouver too and also really wanted the part!

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