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Whilst searching for images for an upcoming Hypable feature, I came across these really nice portraits of the Harry Potter crew members which appear to have been released in February.

Each photo depicts one to three of the lead crew members (Director David Yates, producer David Heyman, etc).

These were shot by Levon Biss, who writes on his site:

Shot at Leavesden Film Studios over a week, we had access to pretty much any prop or costume from the last 11 years and enjoyed every moment. Thanks to my assistants Richard and Stephen for stepping in last minute to be my tea drinking Death Eaters. Also, a big thank you to the props department at Leavesden Studios for all their hard work, much appreciated.

These photos are very fun to check out!

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Photos, in order:
- Stephenie McMillan, set decorator; Stuart Craig, production designer; Barry Wilkinson, property master
- Jany Temime, costume designer, seated with two ‘‘Deatheaters.’’
- Nick Dudman, the makeup-effects designer, left, facing down Griphook, a Gringotts Bank goblin.
- John Richardson, special-effects supervisor, pictured in front of the door to the Chamber of Secrets.
- Julie Tottman, head animal trainer, with Monkey the dog, a Neapolitan mastiff.
- Greg Powell, stunt coordinator.
- David Heyman, producer of the Potter series, originally approached J.K. Rowling about a movie adaptation.
- David Barron, left, a producer of ‘‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two,’’ and David Yates, the director.

  • Eoin

    Now only if we knew what that new feature will be…

  • Gary65

    Would someone like to explain to me why the word “monster” is mis-spelled on the MonstEr Book of Monsters

    • http://hypable.com Selina

       It’s spelled right, the n and m just look weird.

      • Gary65

        No I’m talking about the E. They’ve spelt it “MonstOr” instead of MonstEr.

        • Kate

          Pretty sure it’s an e. It doesn’t look like the o for one. And I highly doubt they’d misspell it.

          • Gary65

            Well it looks very similar to the o’s in “book” and very different to the e in “the”. Just saying it’s kind of ironic that it’s spelt wrong.

          • Nathan

            Dude it’s a frickin’ “e”

          • Gary65

            Well it’s the funniest looking “e” I’ve ever seen.

    • Mrwilliams0710

      seriously…who the hell cares??

      • Gary65

        I’m just saying. It’s a little stupid that a pop that probably took ages to make doesn’t have the right spelling on the front. Just pointing out the irony is all.

        • Erose

           That’s definitely an e not an o…I’m pretty sure as you say noone could muck that up.

    • FlamingC

      I’m sure Harry could lend you a pair of glasses :P

      • Gary65

        And I’m sure Ron would assist me in shoving them up your ass :P

        • Nathan

          there’s no need to be so rude. 

          • Gary65

            Well when someone makes a rude comment to me, I see no reason why I should be polite in return.

          • Franko3

             Fine, you’re a twit. Now have a go.

          • Gary65


          • FlamingC

            Well at least i’m not the one who confuses an ‘e’ with an ‘o’.

          • Gary65

            There are 2 e’s on that book. They all have 3 prongs. That thing where the e should be in “monster” does not have 3 prongs. As far as I can see, it has no prongs. It doesn’t even have the combover of a regular e. So what is it?

  • http://hypable.com Selina

    Love the Yates/Barron picture!

  • http://twitter.com/greeneggsplusam Sam

    That is SO cool!

  • Garfild

    These are wonderful! I especially love the last one with Barron and Yates, the Black family tree makes me think of Sirius, one of my favorite characters…

  • GirlWhoCriedWhenSiriusDied

    ‘Nick Dudman, the makeup-effects designer, left, facing down Griphook, a Gringotts Bank goblin.’

    I love how you say ‘left’ as if we don’t know who’s the fake goblin and who’s the real person. ;)

    • http://www.hypable.com Andrew Sims

      These are the captions provided on the photographer’s website!

  • http://twitter.com/emilyecstasyTM Emily Bryan

    This is awesome! There should be more :P

  • Kathleen

    Props ftw!

  • FlamingC


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VCJSDSEDKYOBEKWGIXCDB2QPYA Henry

      that universe is to huge to give up on.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VCJSDSEDKYOBEKWGIXCDB2QPYA Henry


  • moonshoespotter1712

    hahahah they’re adorable.

  • http://twitter.com/G30rg13_R Georgie R

    Really cool and beautiful portraits. They must be proud!

  • Lewis

    Every picture uses a high dynamic range for portraiture these days :P

  • http://twitter.com/Celtise Celtise

    I especially love the Davids’ pictures!

  • http://twitter.com/xhpfanatic Grace Chen


  • Lucia

    I’m so glad that these were done – giving props to the crew! (aha, get it?) They did such an incredible job on the series and it’s wonderful to see them getting a bit more attention!

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