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Although the full teaser trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 won’t be seen until this Friday with The Hunger Games in theaters, Summit today released a 15-second preview!

Check it out below and leave your thoughts in the comments. The trailer will be released in full online next week. You’ll have to see it in theaters this Friday to see it sooner!

Is that a shot of Vampire Bella we see briefly?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_72TDYOGTQX5TPTA2B3HV55XCAQ Corin

    A little disappointed it was only 15 seconds but at least I’ll get to see the whole thing on Friday morning when I see Hunger Games. 

    • Team Edward

      yeah true….but i wish this was not the last twilight.

  • 7Starrchasers

    still pretty exciting!

  • Tomas

    That was like an adrenalin shot! :D IT’S AMAZING!!!

  • Mrs_Badcrumble

    Just like with the Hunger Games, isn’t it a bit ridiculous to have a “sneak peek” of a teaser?! A teaser is already a really small preview of the movie, so why cut it even further?

  • Me

    Edward has the same expression and tone of voice as when Bella finally agreed to marry him.

  • ladyme

    They are killing us softly with this teaser.

  • Ravenclawrebel

    Can I just say that I burst out laughing? 

    • TeamBella76

       oh shut up.

    • http://twitter.com/ambersorensen ambersorensen

      I did too. “We’re the same temperature now”?? Seriously? That’s the best they could come up with????

      • http://twitter.com/Lorentio16 Lauren Dipple

        i thought this doesn’t seem that bad and then he said that lineXD really? i hope they’re saving the good stuff for the film:D

        • FlamingC

          Lol… Good stuff in Twilight?

    • Tomas

      Than you must be an idiot. This looks great

      • Hermione

        Naw, you’re the idiot for liking these idiotic books. 

        • Twi-fan.

          Shame on the both of you. Can’t a person have a different taste than you without being branded an idiot? Are you that self righteous? 

          • Ravenclawrebel

            I was at school, and for some reason I cannot respond on my phone. Anyways. To TeamBella76 and Tomas, I have tried giving the books and the movies a chance. I have. I bought the books before they were popular. I saw the movies. But lately… They have transcended the borders of cheesiness. As ambersorensen said, that “we’re the same temperature now” line is not the greatest. There are so many better ways to phrase it. I can understand why some people like it. I can. Just don’t ask me to like it, and do NOT call me an idiot. An idiot I am not, thank you very much. I am entitled to my opinions, however lame you consider them. Also, I consider it a bit immature to say shut up or call me an idiot just because I do not aspire to be some weak teenage girl. My life isn’t so awful that I need a man in my life to make me happy and to make me feel like I have some worth. I aspire to do more than fall brainlessly in love with some man who has serious stalker issues. 
            Anyway, I’ve said my piece. Feel free to respond.

          • Garfild

            You said you couldn’t respond because you were at school… I don’t know how old you are but you are very mature. Dare I say, in comparison with the other people who commented on this post, the most mature one?
            I won’t give my opinion on Twilight, but I just had to respond to your comment. Good for you Ravenclawrebel, keep it up! ;)

          • Ravenclawrebel

            I’m a senior in high school! I can’t respond to you, Garfild, but I wanted to say thank you!! I really appreciate your incredibly nice comment. :D

          • stargazer

            I definitely agree.  There are better ways to say it.  The book said it better (and I’ve only read the books once, and I’m not a fan.  I may be what’s called a fallen fan–I was so hyped up about it, realized that something was messed up, stepped back, took a breather, and realized just how messed up all of Twilight is).

    • FlamingC

      I did too. This was the funniest thing I’ve seen all week so far!

  • TeamBella76

    That was way too short ! And for you Twilight haters WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THIS ? Don’t say it’s a free country because we all know your jealous and have no life ! It’s stupid that you would waste your time on something YOU hate ? I question your ability to make judgements on anything. 

    • http://twitter.com/ambersorensen ambersorensen

      I’m not a Twilight hater. I read all the books – several times – and have been to most of the midnight releases of the films and the books. I just am not going to glorify Twilight when it is at best mediocre literature and filmmaking. It’s brain candy. Nothing more. But candy is good, so let’s not complain.

    • Hermione

      We question your ability to make wise book decisions. And what if we’re curious. Oh yeah I’m gonna say it… IT’S A FREE COUNTRY! YOu have no life  if you wasted your time actually READING these books! Ha!

      • Twi-fan

        I question your ability to be a civil and respectful human being with the knowledge base that would allow you to know that all people are not like you, do not like the same books as you, do not have to agree with you, and being so does not make said person stupid.

        • Hermione

          Oh I know that all people are not like me, like the same books, and do not have to agree with me. I’m not stupid. But there are MUCH better ways to spend your life than this Twilight crap, that’s my point!

          • Twi-fan

            There are many better things to do in life than calling yourself “Hermione” and complaining about Twilight online, also.

            At least these people are reading. That’s nothing to be so hateful about.

          • Hermione

            There are many better things to do in life than calling yourself Twi – Fan and complaining about someone who hates twilight online.

            If people are reading, they should be reading GOOD books. Not. This. Crap.

          • Twi-fan

            There’s a difference. I AM a Twi-Fan, and as far as I know, you are NOT Hermione, but that’s besides the point. 
            I’m not the person telling random people that they are wasting their lives because they read a book I don’t like. You have so much anger and resentment toward people who like a book (Which is honestly mind boggling). I read books. I read books I like, I read books I don’t like, I read books YOU like, I read books YOU don’t like. I apparently like books you don’t like. That’s just how the life of a book reader goes, and for some reason (also mind boggling), you can’t seem to accept that. I suggest, for your own well being, you get over yourself. You are NOT above people who like something you don’t. People are not wasting their lives because they don’t like and dislike  the same things as you. YOU are not universal standards. YOU do not have to like Twilight, I couldn’t care less about what you like. In turn, you should stop being so concerned about what I, and fellow Twilight fans like as well.Live your own life. Be respectful of others. Quit insulting people who like something you don’t like because you are frankly NOT as superior as it appears you think you are.

          • Hermione

            Well aren’t you a little bitch. You think I think I’m superior? Well you know nothing about my life so shut the fuck up. Because if you couldnt give a shit about what I think then why did you type that fucking long response. MORON!!!!!

          • Twi-fan

            Let’s try this again.

            I do not care about what books you like. I am not responding to your taste in literature. What i do care about and what I am responding to is your judgmental, condescending attitude toward a huge group of people you do not know, have never spoken to, and know nothing about, claiming that they are lesser because they like Twilight and you don’t.

          • Hermione

            I think you can tell by the comments, most people HATE Twilight. Twilight is for little teenaged screaming fan girls who dispute team Edward and Jacob every day. Trust me I’ve seen it and that’s ANNOYING. I read the first book and it was so boring I almost died. So shut the fuck up, go watch your shitty little series, and leave us ‘haters’ the fuck alone.

          • Hermione

            Also, I just love the fact that you said Im claiming people are lesser than me because they read this shit. Not once did I post that. I hate people like you who type this shit about people that they’ve never done.

          • stargazer

            I don’t know why Hypable won’t let me respond to Hermione’s comments, but this is to Hermione:  reducing your comments to such foul language does no good towards your anti-Twilight stance, or to you as a person.  Please clean up your language on this public forum.  I’m not an administrator, but I am one of the site’s readers.  I don’t like Twilight.  In fact, I hate several parts of it.  You obviously hate Twilight.  Twi-fan likes Twilight.  I usually enjoy reading the banter that goes back and forth between Twilight fans and Twilight haters, but this is too far.  Please stop this.  Any sort of reasonable or enlightening stance you took went out the window when you reduced your comments to expletive-filled name-calling.

          • Hermione

            @stargazer sometimes ‘foul language’ is the only way to get points across and I won’t ever listen to you because I don’t give a damn what you think.

          • stargazer

            @Hermione: I’m sorry you feel that you have to reduce your vocabulary to four-letter words that do nothing to improve your image and can only damage it.  The only message it brings across is rage, anger, shortsightedness, and pigheadedness.  And I’ll end there because, unfortunately, I don’t think anything anyone will say can change your mind, broaden your horizons, or make you take back such smallness.  And swear at me all you want, it won’t change the message you put across.

          • Twi-fan

            Okay, I suppose this is a lost cause. It’s possible that I’m talking to a screaming Herminoe fangirl preteen anyways. You’ll learn in time.

            I still don’t care if you like Twilight or not. You still shouldn’t care if i like Twilight or not. Just common respect for other people who haven’t done anything to you is a good trait to posses.
            (Before you go off again, I will say that I’m not being incredibly respectful to you right now because you made such insulting comments toward the Twilight fandom by saying “We question your ability to make wise book decisions. … YOu have no life  if you wasted your time actually READING these books! Ha!”
            I don’t see how you have the authority to tell people they have no lives (or lives inferior to your) just because they like something you don’t.

          • Hermione

            Once again, never said anyone was inferior. I’m much older than preteen (what the fuck) and yeah it’s a lost cause because I don’t care what you think. Have a nice life.

    • Liderc

      I watch the republican debates, doesn’t mean I agree with them. 

      As you said, we’re free to read or watch what we wish.

    • FlamingC

      Sometimes you have watch the bad stuff to appreciate the good. But don’t worry, we twilight haters don’t expect you fools to do the same…

      • Twi-fan

        Oh, you hate Twilight? Wow, you must be superior, right?

        Really, is it necessary, feasible, valid, legitimate, the slightest bit reasonable, sensible, judicious, humane, or rational to be so general, condescending, haughty, disdainful, snooty, and cavalier as to call so many people you don’t even know such a name simply because they like something you don’t?

        (Yes, you are not mistaken. A Twilight fan who knows words. It’s not that rare.)

        • Hermione

          And you must be another silly little fan girl who makes up lies about what people say.

        • FlamingC

          Lol more like a Twilight fan who has access to a dictionary :P

          • Twi-fan

            I think you mean “thesaurus”, but no, I just know words.
            It happens.

          • Hp432

            Studies do show rare cases of such events taking place… But I personally think this is a scam.

          • stargazer

            Y’know, I believe you, regardless of what others say.  This thread is really getting out of control.  It’s interesting because you’re the most intelligent commenter in support of Twilight that I’ve read, and many of the HP supporters are responding less than intelligently.  (and this is coming from a Twilight hater and a Harry Potter lover, by the way)

            Go Twi-fan!  Stand by the books you love!  And stay above all the garbage handed out to you!

            And I shall respectfully hold my Harry Potter books tight and dress in robes on Halloween.

          • Twi-fan

            Thank you. @stargazer

  • HPluvRavenclawweasleygranger

    OMg I’m using a Harry Potter name on a Twilight post, i’m such a rebel, lolzz!!!

  • Rdh014

    That picture of Taylor is such a Derp face…

  • http://twitter.com/acjub CK

    I love how they try to make it look epic. And how they fail so badly.

  • http://twitter.com/WhatTheGrace Grace Nzita

    It’s so good to see something Jacob Black!! Why does Edward talk like that though!?! lol

  • Plat

    This will be the only bad part of seeing Hunger Games!

  • Jess

    I see hard nipples. Someone is a bit cold. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/iDomi Domi Ed

    I forgot there was more Twilight with all the Hunger Games promotion.
    Edward who?

  • FuzzyWolfLuvJBJ

    Can’t wait to see the full one at midnight for The Hunger Games!!!!!

  • Jason

    There’s something strange about this…. Oh yeah, Jacob’s wearing a shirt. 

  • a.carney7

    ohmygosh.ohmygosh.ohmygosh. inner twihard coming through…again. ugh.

  • Hahaha

    what a fail. 

  • Woala

    i though Jacob didn’t like Bella anymore.. 

  • Angelofrock09

    That was definitely a boring trailer to watch.   

  • Twi-fan

    Time for some posetivity.

  • Twi-fan

    Time for some positive responses.
    I really enjoy this teaser trailer (It’s not a trailer, people). 
    I don’t see why they used “We’re the same temperature now” as the first thing you hear from Edward. It means something, but it’s uninteresting out of context.
    I do want to say that this is NOT a reflection of Stephenie Meyer’s writing ability and it does NOT make the movie or book laughable. A lot of books have boring lines. 
    There’s a line if Harry Potter that goes “I need you to sign the permission form”. That’s not the most profound or interesting line in literature, but that’s nothing to laugh at.

    Anyways, I’m was very excited by seeing Bella running through the trees on her first hunting trip. I can’t wait to see the entire thing! Especially all the vampires from all over the world, Renesme’s special power, arm wrestling with Emmett. I’m excited for pretty much everything. 

  • Lippo07

    part 2 of breaking dawn is going to be so dam good i can’t waet for it to get here soon .

  • Melissamem

    That’s it? Really?

  • TC

    What’s the point?  15 secs I’ll never get back.  A real trailer please.  Refuse to see Hunger Games just to see the trailer for BDP2.

    • stargazer

      I’m sure if you went to the Hunger Games just to watch the trailer and saw the movie as well then you’d have an excellent experience.  All the critics so far are saying great things about it. (Note I said “so far.”  I do not claim to have foreknowledge that all the critics will hail the Hunger Games as the greatest movie of the millennium)

  • Alissafoderaro

    Hunger Games is better. So is Harry Potter. So is my history book. Someone needs to turn these people into piles of sparkly dust.

  • http://twitter.com/thenerdycostar i will have orderϟ

    Honestly, please everyone, shut up. If you don’t like the books/movies, why do you even bother viewing/commenting on this post? I am personally a fan of HP, HG, LotR, GOT, and anything else you might come up with. I read Twilight before all of those and fell in love with them. Do I believe that line was a tad bit overdon, of course, but please, why does it matter if you think Twilight is “gay”? Leave this post and the others to people who actually enjoy the content. We don’t need to be put down.:) Thanks, but please grow some common sense:)

  • Jayybabyy89

    Her ring is on the wrong hand. is it not?

  • FlamingC

    Transformers is a masterpiece compared to this load of crap.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=199602041 Nicole Elisabeth

    this is BS!!! I went to the Hunger Games and it WAS NOT in the previews!!

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