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The season 2 finale of Pretty Little Liars called “unmAsked” will air on Tuesday, March 20, and the moment many fans have been waiting for will finally happen: “A” will be revealed.

As a fan since the pilot episode I have been wondering who this mysterious tormenter who goes by “A” could possibly be. There have been many theories as to who it could be, some obvious and some unbelievable. I am going to list who I think are the best contenders for the identity of “A”:

It is very clear that Melissa had it out for Alison since she found out about her and Ian. What better way to get revenge than to kill Alison and torment her sister and her friends?

Jenna holds a huge grudge after the incident that made her blind commonly referred to as “The Jenna Thing” and Alison was the one that put that into motion. Jenna knows that where Alison goes her four friends Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer are sure to follow and therefore would want nothing to do with them but should the opportunity arise where she could kill the queen bee and blackmail the four girls into doing whatever she wanted then I have no doubt that she would take it.

Alison took every chance to torment Lucas by calling him names and completely shunning him. She also spread a nasty rumor about him that would make anyone want revenge. Maybe Lucas just couldn’t take it anymore and ended the torment by ending Alison’s life.

Spencer and Emily both had dealings with Alison that they just passed off as a dream even though it felt very real. Alison could be very much alive and still be the one pulling the strings.

Mona and Hanna had both been nobodys and Alison loved to remind them of that. She accepted Hanna into her circle but left Mona in the dust and wouldn’t give her the time of day. Pretty soon after Ali’s death both Hanna and Mona got makeovers and became best friends. It has been revealed in recent episodes that Mona has been getting texts from “A” but could this just be a trick? Could Mona be “A” and just sending herself the texts to throw everyone off of her trail?

One of the parents:
I admit this one seems less likely but it is still a possibility. Mr. and Mrs. Hastings stood the most to gain from wanting Alison gone after what was revealed about Jason and Alison and how they are connected to Spencer and Melissa. We all saw how mad Mrs. Hastings was at Jason, could she be mad enough at Alison to want her dead and torment her daughter and her friends? Ella and Byron Montgomery and Ashley Marin seem to be unaware of what goes on in their daughters’ lives, but could they know more than they are letting on?

Of course “A” could be anyone, but these are my best guesses as to who it could be. Who do you think the mysterious “A” could be?

  • http://twitter.com/vidge Vicky

    A and Ali’s killer are different people though, so they’d be separate motives for killing Ali and just tormenting her

    • Claire

      I was just about to say this. Most of these theories are more about who killed Ali rather than who A is. Very different motives here.

  • Kelly Barker

    I’m thinking Melissa or Alison. It was Alison in the books, but the writers said it’s not who it is in the books. But it was also Mona in the books, so they could’ve been talking about her. 

  • coolcatcheesecake

    try reading the books. 

    • Hungerfan12

      The producers and writers have stated numerous times that while they are taking some aspects from the books, they aren’t really sticking to them at this point. But, I still think that who A is in the book could very well be who it is in the show

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=33411927 Ashleigh Morgan

        I’m pretty sure the producers have specifically said that “A” is not the same as in the books.

        • Sarah

          Yes, but there were multiple As. Maybe they’re just saying A isn’t one of them. I still think it’s Alison. She keeps appearing to the girls, and it seems very real. The only one she hasn’t visited is Aria, I think.

  • Gary65

    As A was born in 1994, it cannot be Melissa, Garrett, Jason or any of the parents. Some people think the threat comes from within and that it might be Aria. Given the vicious streak she showed in Monday’s ep, I won’t exclude her but I don’t buy it. I think it might be Maya or someone we haven’t met yet(that way they can spend the season 3 premiere explaining how A knows the girls).

    • Mia

      how do we know A was born in 1994?

      • Dlmarvin05

        it was on the top right corner of the medical records back when the girls were seeing that therapist. the therapist had been seeing A as well and left whoever’s it was file out and you could see the year of their birthday

        • Mia

          oh cool catch. i wish I was as observant as you guys :) 

          • Gary65

            No t really observant. It’s just that A’s identity was so close and I literally froze and went through every show of the medical report she was reading frame by frame. Observant maybe. Obsessed definitely

          • Mia

            i’m so pumped for this monday. i have no idea who it could be. it’s gonna be somebody no one would suspect. 

          • Gary65

            Maybe it’s you xD

            Or Jesus

    • Sarah

      I just don’t get why people would suspect Maya, besides the whole boots thing. What motive could she possibly have for everything? She wasn’t even around when Ali was alive. And she went away to boot camp, so she would have had a hard time finding out their secrets.

      • Gary65

        Yes but we also know that she was released from boot camp a long time before she returned to Rosewood. Also, we have no idea where she was when Ali was alive. She might have known her. Also, as she lived in Ali’s house, she could have found where Ali was keeping stuff and found out the girls’ secrets that way. I dunno. Of all the current characters, she’s the most suspect to me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iDomi Domi Ed

    I don’t think it’s going to be Mona.
    I think she was “A” in the books and the producers have said that its going to be a differentperson.

  • Theaterboy1

    I have also heard the theory that it could be one of the four girls themselves but honestly I would rather not believe it is one of them. If I had to pick one of the Liars I would pick either Aria or Spencer. Also I know that “A” and Ali’s killer could be two different people but that doesn’t mean that “A” didn’t want Ali dead as well.

    • Sarah

      And all the other girls say that Aria is the best liar…

  • Rachelgurl19

    i still think A is more than 1 person but if i had to pick 1 i would say Noel without a doubt

  • http://www.facebook.com/crystalmarieholt Crystal Holt

    isn’t the finale on monday, march 19?

    • Theaterboy1

      yeah March 19 sorry. I am so bad at math and I counted wrong between now and monday.

  • TheFirst

    Well, the producers have said it will be another A than in the books. In the books, the first A is Mona, so my guess is it won’t be her.

    Whoever it is, I’m sure a new A will be stalking the girls in the third season.

  • Sarah

    A won’t be someone the girls have previously expected. That would be boring. That rules out Melissa, Jenna, Garrett, and possibly even Lucas. It’s going to be a huge shock when we find out.

  • http://twitter.com/eriberry89 Erika D.

    i feel like we can speculate all day long because when the episode airs, we probably STILL wont really know who A is. They like to keep torturing us.

  • -A

    Suspect#1  Melissa- In season 1ep.ep12 Spencer gets an email after trying to listen in on Ian and Melissa the email said “Married for an Alibi Or Love? -A
    In Season 1 Finale Melissa and Spencer were hit by a car. Spencer goes to the bell tower to get Melissa’s cell, But Ian was waiting for her to arrive during there spat A  pushes Ian off the bell tower ultimately killing him Melissa was pregnant and was hit by a car. So how is Melissa A if she was in hospital and why would she send Spencer that email ? Im guessing Melissa inst A. But possibly involved in her murder

    Suspect #2 Jenna First off she would be too obvious but secondly if you watch episode 13 of season 2(the first secret) its a flashback episode you see Jenna JUST moving to Rosewood however Ally was receiving A- texts around the time they first met in the department store and she receives a doll with a note saying  ”my time to torture you” So if Jenna just moved Allison wouldn’t have had time to torture her yet(just an observation)But possibly involved in her murder

    Suspect#3 Lucas- intelligent enough to pull ALMOST everything off except for A pays people to do some of their dirty work ,and A has nice eyes(a waitress compliments their eyes) A seems to be fairly fit… In season 2 ep 16,Lucas gambles away 4grand of Caleb’s money, and all of his money having to sell his comic books to repay. In episode   season 2 ep 16 (same episode)Hannah is crying in the bathroom and A fills the sink with water to recreate the boating incident with and Lucas and her. Lucas had been MIA since then so it probably wasn’t him that filled sink. In conclusion , unless he is fit, wears contacts and has money we dont know about then he isn’t A.

    Suspect 4 Allison–The Liars all get texts from A. “A is for Allison not Ameture”, durinf the ruined fashon show  after A ruins it on the screen it reads:
    My Dresses
    My Shoes 
    My Rules 
    (Or something Rather)
     Hannah Spencer and Emily have hallucinations/day dream of her

    Suspect 4 Garrett - At the end of episode 23 season 2 after the fire at Jason’s we see someone possibly -A plant  an officers badge possibly Garrett’s.  

    I think arias brother would make a good suspect. He robbed places for items, he told his sister he robbed Garrett place mentioned a  gun, in one episode you see someone stealing Spencers dads gun….arias brother ,mike broke into Emillys place…. 

    I can keep going by im gettig tired of typing 
    Spoiler Alert 

     Mona is A in the books, then it was Courtney, Allison twin(mental patient) Allison is really Courtney, the real Allison ended up in mental hospital by accident. Courtney was living as Ally while the real Allison was locked away but i read somewhere they are changing A

  • Jacob

    I think it is going to be Ezra. No one will see it coming, and it explains why Aria is nearly never there when the others need her, and if everyone remembered when A stole Caleb’s laptop at the school… Ezra’s a teacher, and he would be able to get into the school without anyone thinking twice of it. But whoever A is, this episode will be amazing. And someone is supposed to die, and he/she is supposed to be close to Hanna, so I think her Mom’s gonna kick the bucket. . . Or Mona…

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