Aww. In a new interview, Ringer‘s Sarah Michelle Gellar discusses her time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and admits that she didn’t enjoy the recognition that came with the iconic role.

In the Bullett article, “Here’s Why We’re Still Obsessed With Sarah Michelle Gellar,” Sarah talks about growing up in Hollywood, and naturally the conversation turns to the biggest role of her career: Buffy Summers. Sarah says (quoted on Luxury):

Back then, if you’d called me Buffy I would probably have been really annoyed. Now, of course, I get it and I’m appreciative of it. But that’s something that comes with maturity, which most people don’t have when they’re 24-years-old.

She also talks about the partying she did when she was younger, and how she worked hard to be a role model:

When I was younger, I was very careful not to… I just didn’t want to be seen with a drink in my hand. People looked up to [Buffy], and she was a character that girls respected.

So many people love Sarah Michelle Gellar for her role as Buffy, and it is admirable how she’s managed the pressure of her career!