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Sure to be one of the more exciting moments of this year’s Academy Awards red carpet (unless you love seeing the dresses), watch as Sacha Baron Cohen spills what he claims to be Kim Jong Il’s ashes on E! host Ryan Seacrest.

Cohen is in character as The Dictator, the name of the lead character in his film of the same name. It hits theaters May 11th in the United States. Seacrest seems peeved to say the least!

  • Kimmee

    BEST MOMENT OF THE OSCARS!  I was dying this was so funny

  • sarazarah

    Poor Ryan! Hahaha!

  • Gary65

    I hate to be a huge downer on the joy but this is just creepy, considering crazy, Islamic bastards are blowing up American soldiers on the other side of the world cos some of them burned the Koran. There’s such a thing as taking it too far. This is just asking for trouble.

    Again, not trying to be a downer but personally, this just gives me the shivers.

    • http://dervish-banges.tumblr.com Tariq

      I really just want to clarify that there is a difference between Muslims (people who practice Islam) and the people you’re talking about. You’re talking about the extremists, and it worries me that people are classifying anyone who practices Islams in the same category as those extremists. 

      I don’t want to cause trouble and that’s all I wanted to say about the matter. Just know the difference. Regarding the video, I agree that Sacha is going too far. He needs to know the difference between being funny in your own movie and possibly getting very offensive on live television.

      • Gary65

        Ummmmm….I’m not exactly sure what it was I said that made you think I regarded normal Muslims and extremists as the same. There is a big difference between crazy Islamic bastards and regular Islamic non-bastards. The ones killing people are the former. You, I assume, are the latter. Sorry I phrased it badly :D

        • http://dervish-banges.tumblr.com Tariq

          Just a case of misinterpretation and clarity then! I’m glad you don’t feel that way. :D 

          • http://twitter.com/BmVc1 Brandon

            Anyone who practices religion is an extremist.

          • Sarah

            why …?

  • Cat

    that suit was probably so expensive…

    • CliveRogan

      No one pays for anything for the Oscars, I’s be shocked if he hadn’t been given it to wear.  Besides, there are worse things than having dry powder that can be easily brushed off.  Dictatorships for instance.

  • http://twitter.com/BmVc1 Brandon

    Amazing moment. And there is no such thing as “too far”

  • Violet

    sorry, but that was incredibly offensive. This is why people hate Americans for stunts like this…

    Plus that Burberry suit was expensive…

    • http://twitter.com/BmVc1 Brandon

      Sacha Baron Cohen is not even American. Try again.

  • Just Sayin

    Blah blah blah.  Poor Ryan.  The multi-zolti-Zillionaire probably took a couple thou out of his pocket and had his assistant run to the store buy a brand new one.

  • Ssahrishkhan08

    I don’t think this was funny. Ryan Seacrest didn’t look too happy about it and it was done in poor taste.

  • http://twitter.com/w_lowry Will Lowry

    That was completely unnecessary and disrespectful to Ryan. Once again a reason for Sacha Baron Cohen to not be invited to the Oscars.

  • Setsuna Piitown

    I wouldn’t be surprised if North Korea decided to go to war with us, over this.

  • Liderc

    I don’t find Cohen funny, but what I do find funny is anyone making a joke out of Ryan Seacrest, that guy has to be the biggest phony talent-less person in LA.

  • Alysse

    I thought this was funny and not at all over the line. I think it was important for the academy to allow him to pull his little stunt as it was an expression of free speech. Also, many of the movies celebrated by the academy deal with controversial issues. While most of Cohen’s movies are super gimmicky and it is important to see that he is poking fun at something people fear so much. I think it keeps us all from being too serious. And really is someone going to try to attack the US for something some comedian did at the oscars? Probably not. I wish that Ryan could have found the humor in it, I mean its not like he’s any kind of hard-hitting news reporter.   

    • http://dervish-banges.tumblr.com Tariq

      I think Ryan was more upset about the suit than anything. I’d be furious too if I took time to pick out a suit I loved and wore it to something prestigious only to have an actor come and spill ash all over it. It’s not paint or something permanently stained but still, it must have put a damper on at least part of his evening.

  • http://www.youtube.com/fravit Fravit

    I feel like this was probably all pre-arranged, especially after that whole drama over the Academy banning him from the show should he do anything unexpected. Seacrest probably was in on it to some degree.

  • http://twitter.com/itsmeSherryn Sherryn Elizabeth

    Is anyone else over Sacha Baron Cohen and these kind of stunts? Ali G and Borat were hilarious and completely original concepts, but I feel like now people know who it really is and what he is doing, the whole thing loses its effect.

  • http://www.rebellionradiopodcast.com Hurley

    Haha “When somebody asks you what you are wearing, say 
    Kim Jong Il!” Classic

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