We know, it’s a difficult notion to imagine. There are hardcore fans that have managed to remain satisfied by the Star Wars prequel trilogy (and frankly, we envy them), but your run-of-the-mill Star Wars fan can pretty much break bread over the fact that they were expecting much more out of Phantom Menace.

Now that Phantom Menace has crossed the Billion Dollar Movie landmark, Movie reviewer Belated Media (check out some of his other videos, he’s by-and-by one of the best out there) has a few words on how, with just a few minor changes (okay, several major changes), Phantom Menace could have launched the world into Star Wars fever all over again.

We know, Red Letter Media was able to fully deconstruct why the prequel trilogy was unforgivably awful, but this video (like Vader himself) is about redemption.

What do you think? Would you pay to see Belated Media’s version of The Phantom Menace?