In 2009, just before the Grammys aired live, Chris Brown was arrested for beating up Rihanna in a car on their way to the ceremony. Now, just 3 years later, they are featured on upcoming remixes of each other’s songs (listen to them here). Does this send the wrong message?

The collaboration has disgruntled one person to the point that this online petition was created to block Island Def Jam Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment from releasing the music. The petition was created on the stance that the collaborations endorse domestic abuse:

SIGN THE PETITION & Urge Island Def Jam Music Group (Rihanna’s label) & Sony Music Entertainment (Chris Brown’s label) to pull the recordings from a possible release, and put the lives of young dating abuse victims before the music and relationship of another.

Do you think that these collaborations send the right message? Do you think that they are grown adults and musicians who are free to do whatever they want? Take our poll to see what other Hypable readers are thinking:


Do you think it's okay for Rihanna and Chris Brown to collaborate on music together?

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