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While we haven’t actively covered news within the YouTube community, we know many of you are part of the video sharing site and we felt this story would interest those of you who are.

Mike Lombardo, who’s known online for his music which he distributes through YouTube, is the subject of a FBI probe following a revelation by one of his fans’ friends.

The Smoking Gun has shared a FBI affidavit which alleges that Lombardo swapped nude photos with both under and above age girls (who’re fans of his work) and was planning to meet up with one who’s underaged for a sexual liason this past New Year’s Eve:

The federal probe was triggered after a Boston University student told agents that Lombardo, pictured at right, had arranged a New Year’s Eve sexual liaison with a 15-year-old girl who was planning to travel from her Indiana home to meet him.

In an FBI interview, the teenager said she “received nude pictures of Lombardo and had, at his direction, sent nude pictures of herself to him.” When agents examined the girl’s cell phone, they observed “multiple nude images of Lombardo” and “multiple explicit text messages” between her and Lombardo. The messages included “plans to meet as well as explicit discussions of specific sexual acts.”

According to the FBI affidavit sworn by Agent Frederick Bragg, two other female minors, both 17, have told agents that they recently exchanged naked photos with Lombardo and engaged in sexually explicit discussions with him via Skype. Additionally, one of the girls “reported that Lombardo masturbated on a web camera and instructed her to masturbate on camera as well.”

During a December 30 raid at Lombardo’s Rome residence, agents seized four computers, his cell phone, a Motorola tablet and a variety of hard drives and computer storage devices, according to an FBI inventory. In seeking court authorization to search Lombardo’s home, Bragg noted that there was probable cause to believe that he had used the home to possess, produce, or distribute child pornography.

Though questions have arisen about the legitimacy of The Smoking Gun’s report, it’s important to consider their cited copy of the FBI affidavit sworn by an agent. Major news outlets have not picked up the story likely due to a lack of formal charges and the fact that he’s not a mainstream celebrity.

Since Smoking Gun’s story was published, Lombardo has been silent on his Twitter. The Tumblr community has lit up with opinions on the news. Some side with him, some don’t, and some are unsure what to think.

Lombardo’s record label, DFTBA Records, has removed him from their store. You can visit his YouTube channel right here.

For the time being Lombardo has not been charged.

  • Jodie

    Oh my god. What??

  • Silverfirelizard16

    Isn’t that the guy Hayley G Hoover used to date? 

    This is quite a smack in the face overall. If it’s true, this is a terrible terrible crime…and it’s made worse by the fact that he was generally well liked on Youtube. 

  • Alyson

    …..what. wow i loved mike, his music was really good and he seemed like an intelligent kid…this is such a shock.

  • ajroller

    I do like the idea of including the YouTube community on hypable.

    • gleeky-potterhead


  • notenoughpuff

    I know a lot of people are glad that sites like LeakyNews and Hypable are finally writing about this. I didn’t know of him until this, but I know many Nerdfighters who had his music and are now deleting those files off their computers.

    • Whitesock13

      I am too, though to be fair Hypable posted it and then 10 minutes later LeakyNews did … but more of this is greattt. So sad about mike too.

  • Lauren

    I feel so horrible. Mike was one of my idols, my absolute favorite artist, and I went to see him perform five times. I know it has nothing to do with me, but I’m a fellow Nerdfighter who feels like the community is supposed to be a safe place full of talented, wonderful people. I think he let a whole lot of people down.

  • http://twitter.com/Dannerzme Danilo Castro

    I… I can’t believe it. Not until there is a statement from the FBI or Mike. I don’t know what to feel right now. :/

  • http://twitter.com/RyanHBP Ryan Floyd

    YouTube sex scandal. Now I’ve seen everything.

  • Connor Frye

    Him having good music has nothing to do with this.

  • Becky

    I’ve been a subscriber of Mike on youtube for awhile and I love his music. This seems so unlikely. I mean, he just seems so genuinely NICE that this is hard to believe. Admittedly, I don’t personally know the guy but from the outsider perspective… wow. Of all the youtubers to be involved in a sex scandal, I would not have thought Mike Lombardo would be the type to do this.
    I’m going to try to withhold judgement until there’s an actual decision made in this case. I want to be on his side but wow.

  • Rachel

    I can’t even think of what to say, other than I feel sick. I mean, I was subscribed to him, not a huge fan or supporter of anything, but wow. What an abuse of power, he’s twisted.

  • Alujux

    Before we make any accusations, there’s hardly any information out there on this, and the guy never seemed off in this sort of way. You think if these charges were very legitimate they’d be asking his ex girlfriends about the way he acted in relationships, and his friends about if they ever recognized any odd behavior. In this situation, if Mike has done what these girls say he has done, the girls were compliant as well. People under the age of 18 can make rational decisions, and if they felt uncomfortable doing the things they did via internet and text, they had the mind and the right to not do the actions with him. These girls made as much of a decision to do these things as he did here, and it’s not right or fair to put all of the blame on Mike when these girls have as much or a functioning, sober, and healthy brain as him. Before we start calling him a horrible disgusting person, let all the facts show up first. I’m not saying what he did was right, and I’m not saying people should be allowed to do these things and get away scott free. But look at every angle before you start making decisions and judging people.

    • Alujux

      One thing I failed to mention was that I would never blame victims of a sexual crime. If these girls were actually sexually abused by Mike, then my prayers go out to them and their families. What I was saying is that we don’t know all the facts, and we can’t start putting blame on people when there aren’t even officially released statements from either side of the issue.

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