It happens every time. As soon as word gets out that scenes from our favorite comic book movies are in the final stages of completion, there’s always that one person in the forum that claims to have exclusive information about the film. Have your salt ready, because here we go!

Let’s begin with The Avengers since the feasibility of seeing a clip has heightened now that the film has a rough cut ready. Again, we have no way of knowing if these descriptions are accurate, but they’re at least plausible and it’s fun to speculate!

From IMDB (via CBM)

It starts off on a bridge where we see the Hulk roaring at what looks like a line of Shield officers trying to hold him off from getting any further down the bridge. I’m assuming this is the same scene that was from the Russian trailer that was shown a while back, so I’m now fully convinced that the trailer description wasn’t a hoax.

Anyways, we then see Fury behind the line with a megaphone saying (and I’m trying the best I can to remember the dialogue on point for the entire clip) “Mr. Banner, all I want to do is talk to you, but not like this. I’ve got a lot of firepower in front of me and I’d really rather not have to use it.” We then see Iron Man hover down slowly behind the Hulk saying “No offense Nicky, but I think that kind of firepower is a little outdated to have any affect whatsoever on this fella.” The “Nicky” line got some giggles out of the audience. The Hulk turns around and faces Iron Man, who seems to be about 100 feet or so away. We then see Thor descend down from behind Iron man, and Cap stopping at the same spot on his motorcycle. Cap gets off his motorcycle and runs to the sides of Iron man and Thor.

We then see Hulk make a grimacing face as he slightly growls, waiting for them to do something. Thor then says, “I think this foe has proven that it’s going to take more than a shield and a man of iron to take him down.” He then starts to walk proudly towards the Hulk. Cap then yells something like “Take it easy Thor.” As Thor gets closer to Hulk, he starts to say as he stops right in front of him, “You have proven that are a true opponent indeed. But do you know how many monsters I’ve taken down in seconds that were ten times your size?” At this point Hulk does not look amused in the slightest. Thor continues saying something like “Now you can calm down and exchange words with us, or I’ll make sure that you never–” At some point at whatever he was saying, Hulk back hands him while he was speaking mid sentence, causing Thor to drop the Mjolnir and flail all the way down into the water under the bridge. This part got a lot of laughs as well, and I’m sure that was the intention, as well as to show Hulk’s strength and Thor’s arrogance.

Iron Man then says something like “Well I guess the Man of Iron up next.” We see Hulk trying to lift Mjolnir of the ground, but unable to do so. Iron Man then flies and charges towards Hulk, charging his repulsors. Before he can fire, Hulk gives up on the Mjolnir and grabs Stark’s arm and throws him at the line of Shield officers. On the ground, his helmet starts sparking so he throws it off, and it rolls towards Hulk. Hulk picks it and starts roaring again, until he is nailed in the back of the head by Caps shield. Cap catches his shield as it returns to him, and Hulk turns around slowly while growling. We then see that shot that was released a while ago of a figure holding stark’s helmet, so it’s confirmed that the figure is actually the Hulk.

Anyways, Hulk starts charging towards Cap, and Ca runs towards him, leaps over him, and smacks his head with the shield mid-air. That was really cool to see. Then at one point Hulk grabs Cap and pins him the the ground with one hand. Trying to help, Sheild starts firing at his back, but it doesn’t do anything in the slightest. Fury says to Stark, “You want to use some of your UPDATED weapons?” in a sarcastic but urgent manner. Stark then says something like his suit is malfuctioning. Hulk starts to raise his fist, getting ready to slam it on Cap.

Just when he is about to smash him, he hears a whistling sound, looks up, and see’s Mjolnir coming directly at his face. The hammer knock the Hulk off of his feet, releasing Cap, and is falling back mid air about to land on the line of Shield officers and Fury and Stark. They all scurry to get out of the way before they get crushed by the Hulk’s body. Hulk lands on his back. He looks dizzy and much calmer as a bunch of the shield guards surround him and point their guns at his face. We see Mjolnir fly back to a now soaking wet Thor, who simply says “I told you.” And that was it. That’s all I can remember from the one screening I saw. I’m sure I missed a lot of cool bits, but it was so fast paced that it was hard to keep track. It was possibly the coolest action sequence of any Marvel movie yet, though I have to say.

So that’s that. No credentials, no proof, nothing but our own naive trust. Here’s another report from someone who claims to have seen an early trailer for Man of Steel, which also seems plausible since the trailer might be appearing any day now (and certainly before The Dark Knight Rises).

From CBM:

“Opens with a shot of space. The camera is panning around the planets and zooming through space. There’s a voiceover of Jor-El (Russell Crowe) saying, “My son, our world is no longer safe for you.” Suddenly, one of the planets explodes and a small ship is seen zooming out of the flames, and the camera pans around it to face it flying away. Shot of Jor-El and Lara placing a young baby into a ship. “We have been hit by an unexpected force.” Shot of General Zod leaping off of a low bridge with a sword, about to hit Jor-El who is holding a shield. The bridge has been sliced in half, as the front is smoking red.

New Shot: The spaceship flies quickly past some satellites. The camera pans around to reveal that it is entering Earth’s atmosphere (BTW, that deep “bbboooowwww” sound that keeps on being in trailers for action movies is present in this trailer). Shot of scientists looking at scans, seeing an unidentified object entering Earth. Then the ship crashes into the Kent Farm, with dirt flying everywhere. Different shot of lots of trucks driving down a road. Jonathan and Martha Kent race out of their house and look down at the ship. Jonathan mutters, “What is that….?” The ship starts to make noises and show strange languages appearing above it. The Kent’s stand back. The roof of the ship slides back and a chair is erected up, with a small child sitting on it.

A voiceover of Martha Kent, as clips appear. “When you were a child Clark, well, the easiest way to put it was that you were special”. Shots of Clark lifting the car off the ground for Jonathan to get underneath and fix it, Clark in school spinning a pencil in the air using telekinesis and finally Clark standing in his room with a strained expression, pointing his head upwards. The camera directly faces his feet firmly on the ground, before they rise about an inch. “You could do things that the other kids couldn’t.” A bus is falling off of a bridge, and a teenage Clark is seen in the window, looking panicked. Shot young Lana Lang looking terrified. Suddenly the bus stops. The camera pans down to the bottom to show Clark floating in mid-air holidng it up. “Which caused friction with the other kids.” Clark is being cornered in the school park and beaten. A new shot of an adult Clark wearing a cap and grimy brown jacket standing in an alleyway, he then pulls up his hood and walks away. “You were extraordinary. You could do amazing things. You were a Superman.” New shot of Martha talking to adult Clark in the kitchen. “I know all of this. But why? It’s been kept from me all my life. I’m about to go out into the world, and I’m not leaving until I know what they are.” “Clark, that’s the reason you’re leaving.” Clark walks into the barn and takes his old ship out of a crate. There are a quick-cut shots of him watching videos, reading documents etc and looking worried.

NEW SHOT: Clark dives into the water in an icy area shirtless. He walks into a massive ice hall (Fortress of Solitude). Clark is in an igloo with an old man, warming their hands over a fire. “We don’t get much visitors here. Why are you here?” Clark sits back and says, “I have powers. Unimaginable powers. And I don’t know what to do with them.” A rock music track starts playing. A plane lands on the runway and Clark walks out. New shot of him pulling a blue outfit out of his ship, with the ‘S’ emblem. The camera zooms in and the shot changes to a man falling out of a vortex and into a building, looking dirty and rugged. It’s Zod. Superman is flying in the sky and flies down, using heat vision to attack an unknown flying thing infront of him (Probably Zod but I don’t actually know). The Kent’s rushing out of their farm and trying to get into the bunker as a massive Tornado sweeps across the land. Superman flying through different buildings and smashing through the windows, holding a strange monster just bigger than Supes. Superman straight falling off of a mountain (aerial view, shot straight down) and then edging forward in the air, before he is fully flying. Clark Kent talking to Lois Lane in the Daily Planet. “So, you’re new here. Good luck trying to get anything first, I’m quick with all the hot scoops.” There is then a new shot of stacks of papers being thrown into a van with Clark and Lois standing next to it. On the front of the papers, there’s an image of Superman flying through the air with the headline, “SUPER-POWERED VIGILANTE HITS THE STREETS OF METROPOLIS; DUBBED “SUPERMAN”. Clark walks away back into the Daily Planet saying, “What was that you said yesterday Lois?” Now it’s a montage of shots of Superman punching various different crooks and beating them up. Voiceover of Martha Kent: “I can’t believe you’re back, it’s so surreal.” “I discovered my purpose in life. My journey is beginning. And it might have led me to my end.” The final shot is Superman and General Zod on the streets of Metropolis, battling using heat vision. The beams are meeting in the middle, and flames are flying all around them. The red light in the middle grows brighter and larger, and consumes the whole screen. The Superman emblem appears, with the words “Man of Steel” written across it. Then the words, “Coming Soon”.”

Does this seem legitimate to anyone else? We have shots from filming that seem to match up with the scenes described above, but any Hypable follower could have gotten that information when we published the photos.

So what do you think? Are these descriptions the real deal? Will Hulk take on the Avengers as described above? Should we expect a Man of Steel trailer soon?