Although the second season has not yet been confirmed, Jason O’Mara is discussing changes he would like to see. It’s no secret that the show, although loved by fans, does have some problems. The issue that Fox seems to be struggling with now is, whether or not it’s worth it to take a second go at the show.

Earlier this month we reported that the decision for a renewal would be revealed in the upcoming weeks. The entertainment president for Fox made it clear that production would have to begin within the next month. That was back at the start of January. He did admit that the show had been “hunting for itself creatively through the season”. If and when the show does return, some changes seem to be on the horizon. Jason O’Mara is speaking out on his ideas to improve the series!

TV Line reports:

“When we use dinosaurs, I really hope they’re completely kick-ass dinosaurs — no half-hearted dinosaurs,” O’Mara told TVLine at Monday’s New York premiere of his new action-comedy, One For the Money (opening Friday). “Maybe it’s better to have a totally awesome dinosaur in [just] one episode, rather than seeing a dinosaur every episode that isn’t quite there.”

O’Mara also hopes for a little more action anchored in 2149 (a setting he thinks is “awesome”), a lot more mythology, and the introduction of “a really bad, bad, bad guy.” In fact, ”we need to find out who the baddest dude is and bring him into our story,” he said, suggesting James Earl Jones for the role, “since Sam Neill is already in Alcatraz.”

Do you agree with the suggestions O’Mara made? What would you like to see change if the show gets renewed?