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Adam Lambert, who was first not a fan of Glee, has now talked about how he imagines himself on the show!

Talking to THR, Adam reveals that he first didn’t really like the show or its “agenda” he now appreciates it and would love to play himself on the show some day:

“When Glee first came out, I was like, ‘I don’t really like this show. But now I watch it… And you know what? I do think the show has an agenda, but I respect the agenda. I think it’s a very brave agenda to try to push. I think that they’re one of the few people that are doing it. So it’s definitely one of a kind and very revolutionary in that way.”

When asked who he would like to play on the show, Lambert responded:

“I want to just be me. Why do I have to be a fictional character?”

Would you like to see Adam Lambert on Glee? What story line do you see Adam playing?

  • Guest

    I’m sorry but if he doesn’t like Glee, why should he be on it? And most certainly not as himself either.

    • ZJJ

      He didn’t like it at first.  He watches it now.  Some people are instant fans, some are won over.  In the end, a fan is a fan.

  • Theaterboy1

    I would LOVE that! I think I have a good storyline: In an effort to gain popularity the Glee Club decides to make a music video and as luck would have it, Adam Lambert was in town shooting one of his own. They only need to convince him to let them be a part of his music video. The only way Adam would consider it is if they have a Glam Off: The kids would have to perform three of Adam’s songs and dress in classic Adam attire with Adam acting as judge. If Adam likes what he sees then the video would be shot here. To complicate things Adam is one of Sue’s mortal enemies and she pushed Figgins to ban him from the school. Adam and Figgins come to a compromise: The video can be shot at the school if some of the money he makes from it goes to the school.

    • GoodGollyMissMolly

      Bullshit. You’re worst than the actual writers for Glee… and that’s really hard to do… 

      • Anon8

        I would consider this cyber bullying considering how rude this comes off in text. I personally like Theaterboy1′s radical ideas all the time. 

  • Trumpeter 72395

    he should be a judge at the national competition

  • http://twitter.com/Tarah94 Tarah

    He’d be amazing on Glee. 

  • Amy S.

    I say Kurt Hummel goes to an Adam Lambert concert when he moves to New York!

  • Aart223

    Omigod Adam Lambert and Glee combined! Two thirds of my favorite things coming together! Somebody pinch me cuz I must be dreaming!!!!!!!!

  • juliza

    adam lambert deberia cantar algun dia en Glee seria stupendo 

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