The Edwardian drama has been causing quite a stir on both sides of the Atlantic, winning awards, influencing fashion, and even effecting stately home prices.  Now it seems that even book publishers are jumping on the Downton bandwagon.

It’s not unusual for books to be republished or commissioned based upon the merits of a film or television series.  Supernatural romances, and in particular vampire themed novels have been cropping up everywhere due to the success of Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries.  Now it seems there may be a new genre (or rather, the return of a very old genre) to challenge this success, and it is being heavily marketed to fans of Downton Abbey.

Memoirs of kitchen maids, letters home from World War I soldiers, Edwardian dramas and novels based on the sinking of Titanic are among the new works being published in light of the shows success.  And it isn’t just new books doing well.  The Decline and Fall of British Aristocracy, and 1949 novel Love in a Cold Climate have seen record sale weeks.

Will you seek out novels set in Edwardian Britian because of the show?  Do you have any recommendations for your fellow readers?  Share and discuss below!