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Two years after being optioned by Alcon Entertainment the casting for Beautiful Creatures has started. But who will play your favorite character?

Beautiful Creatures is being penned and directed by Richard LaGravenese.  When speaking at Yallfest, Garcia said that LaGravenese had finished the script but neither author had read it yet.

For those unfamiliar with LaGravenese’s work he wrote Water for Elephants, PS I Love You, and Freedom Writers.  He directed PS I Love You and Freedom Writers, both of which were adaptations.

When I think about casting for Beautiful Creatures there are 6 main characters that have to be right.  Ethan and Lena are a given but Link, Macon, Amma, and Ridley are such vivid characters that they have to be played by just the right person.

Who do you think should be cast as Ethan, Lena, Link, Macon, Amma and Ridley?  Leave your suggestions in the comments so we can compare!

  • http://twitter.com/TheaterGirl112 Adele Ivy

    I think that they will get the right person. I hope that this is going to be a good movie. The books were so well written.

  • SlythVx13

    Yes!! I love this series. I didn’t know there was going to be a movie. Stoked right now :)

  • Caroline Taylor078

    I loved the first book but really didn’t like the second, I will definitely watch the film though!

    • Cassyabib0109

      ethan: dave franco or chace crawford
      lena  : lucy hale
      link   : Dylan O’Brien
      ridely: Bridgit Mendler

      • Guest

        Ethan – Steve R McQueen/ Chace Crawford
        Lena – Lucy Hale

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely LOVE this series, and I can’t wait for the movie!!! I just hope that they cast the perfect people for the characters, and that the movie represents the books well

  • Christine Condon

    I fell in love with this series upon reading it last summer, and I’m super excited to see it on film….as long as hey get it right, and it has to start with correct casting. Of course that means Amma, Link, Ridley, Lena, Ethan, and Macon have to be perfect

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  • Anthi

    I trust Kami and Margaret. I would like Logan Lerman for Ethan. He’s so Ethan-ish :3

  • SarahW

    @Anthi – I had no idea who Logan Lerman was, and after seeing his picture I couldn’t agree more!  He looks like the Ethan I imagined!  Pretty excited for this movie, even though it will probably be a few years before we see it…

  • Kittylova09

    Ethan: Logan Lerman all the way!
    Lena: Amy Lee from Evanscence 
    Ridley: Avril Lavigne ( love her music! )
    Savannah Snow: Taylor swift
    Emily: Dakota Fanning
    Macon: Johnny Depp
    Amma: Queen Latifah
    Reece: Hayden Panettiere
    Ryan: AnnaSophia Robb
    Sarafine: Famke Janssen
    Del: Neve Campbell
    Ethan’s father: Adam Gregory
    Marian:Rashida Jones
    Link: Chord overstreet

    ( Got all the names from Beautiful creatures Cast-O-Rama )

  • Jayne

    this new Samuel Davis guy is very much Ethan; in my beautiful creaturish opinion :) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4692308/

  • Assasin98

    ethan : logan lerman
    lena : emily browning

  • Anonymous

    Logan lerman is too short ethan is tall Matt Prokop would be a better choice! HE HAS THE HAIR AND mea9392@gmail.comEVEN BROWN EYES ( no contacts needed and he is almost 6′ ft

  • Sweetpea17528

    i think dave franco should play ethan, lucy hail as lena,

  • Ridley Lover

    ethan: logan lerman
    lena: emily browning
    link: samuel davis
    sarafine: lucy hale
    ridley: blake lively
    savannah: annasophia robb

  • ridley lover

    oops i meant link should be dave franco and samuel davis should be ethan’s dad

  • BeautifulFan (Haha)

    I think tyson houseman or kiowa gordon should play Ethan
    And I think lucy hale should play lena

  • Qwwwertynessss

    I think Crystal Reed should play Lena, and Hutch Dano as Ethan. They just seem right to me.

  • Neonorangegiraffe

    Emily Browning as Lena

  • Jonathoncvilegas

    I would love to play ethan im a young teenaged sctor who feels inspired for the role

  • http://twitter.com/maggiemassacre Maggie Macklin

    Steven R McQueen as Ethan!

  • Guest

    logan lerman for ethan and lucy hale or emily browning for lena

  • Hpmovielover

    i think that ridely should be played by Avril Lavigne. she has the hair and the hots!

  • Kl2xtra

    Landon Liboiron should be Ethan!

  • darknesslover

    Alicia Josipovic should deffinitely be Ridley! Totally bad girl!!!

  • ay

    It’s hard because the authors didn’t give a very detail detail description, as to what they look like. It gave me the chance to invision them of how i thought they seemed. the movie will have a chance of destroying how i view them.

  • smudge

    they should choose some unknown actors to play the main characters, it would make the movie more fresh and i think it would be better if people saw the movie because of the movie and storyline and not the actors in it

  • LoganLermanForEthanWate!

    Logan Lerman SHOULD definitely Be Ethan Wate!

  • LoganLermanForEthanWate!

    Logan Lermna is the perfect one to take the role of Ethan Wate! Dude he definitely fits the character! :)

  • Guest

    i don’t think logan lerman would be a good idea but as for lena, jodelle ferland would be a good choice

  • Rowsi-Bob

    I am so exited about the film! I have nearly finished the first book and I love it. I think that Chase Ellison would make a good Ethan and that AnnaSophie Robb would be a nice Lena :)
    I can’t wait!!

  • crazygirlrebekah

    Ok I LOVE this book and if they cast bad actors and actresses I will KILL them! so I have worked on this all morning so I hope it can be of help I like all these actors and actresses

    Ethan Wate-Logan Lerman
    Lena Duchannes-Emma Roberts
    Ridley-Avril Lavine
    Link-Chord Overstreet
    Link’s mom-Sue Salvester
    Marian-Giada (from the cooking show)
    Ryan-Annasophia Robb
    Ethan’s dad-Dylan McDermott
    Savanna-Lexi Reed
    Macon-Johnny Depp
    Emily-Dokota fanning
    Amma-Maggie smith (maybe amma is hard)
    Reece-Haydon Panettiere
    Sarafine-Helena Bonham Carter.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aundreya-Garcia-Drea/100000048778349 Aundreya Garcia Drea

      OH MY GOWSH! You read my mind for all except ridley I was thinking more along the lines of maybe….well actually Avril is probably best haha Nice work:D

      • crazygirlrebekah

        DUDE IKR! Great minds think alike!

    • Samshady_2000

      get out….

    • Angel

      omg ur right her or the girl in i am # 4 Who plays #6 should be ridley!!

  • crazygirlrebekah

    If they make this movie anything like the Twilight series I will be super mad!!!

    • crazygirlrebekah


  • Kat

    Ethan: Matt Prokop
    Lena: Emily Browning
    Link:Frank Pacheco

  • Twiheartcullen64

    ethan should be jason rathbone
    lena should be ashle green
    ridley should be dakota fanning link should be exavier lovesong
    sarfine should be nikki reed

  • Ann

    I love the book Sarah Bolger for Lena.

  • Crescentlips

    Nicole Fox for Lena. No matter what. This has to happen. Look her up if you don’t know her- she’s PERFECT. They CANNOT ruin Lena, no matter what. And Nicole Fox is perfect.

  • Vanessazoccarato

    ethan wate: Logan Lerman
    lena Duchannes: emily browning

  • thatotheraspiringwriter

    garret hedlund as Ethan Wate and Emily Browning as Lena Duchaness :)))

  • crazygirlrebekah

    ooooo Jodelle Ferland would be GREAT for Lena she is even th right age!

  • crazygirlrebekah

    Dakota fanning would also be really great for Lena if she dyed her hair black

  • sam

    ok everyone whos choosing the cast… please dont listen to the lg’s PLEASE the last thing i want for this book is to have really bad actors… ill cry … legit

  • Maliha.A

    Ethan Wate-  DEFINATLY Logan Lerman  
    Lena Duchannes – selena gomez, miley cyrus, vanessa hudgens, emma roberts or malese jow
    Ridly- definatly Avril lavine
    Link- Chord overstreet, cody simpson, alexander pettyfer, Liam hemsworth or cody christian
    HOPE IT HELPED im a massive fan of the novels <3

  • Fate Amor

    Ethan: ???
    Lena: Samantha Boscarino
    Link: Logan Lerman

  • Alaynav

    i think the girl who plays #6 in I Am Number Four should play Ridley

  • Crystalc23

    I think Sam Elliot would be a perfect Macon and the Amanda Sefreid girl would be a perfect Ridley

  • Dye Emily Browning’s hair black and call her Lena

  • meg.a.reader

    Even though they have made some decisions on the cast, I would have loved and would like to see these celebrities play in this series. I just went with what I imaged the characters to look like, not going with their acting skills or popularity.

    Lena: Jessica Stroup
    Ethan: Kevin G. Schmidt tied with Steven R. McQueen
    Link: Chord Overstreet tied with Cody Linley and Adam Hicks
    Ridley: Evan Rachel Wood; Ciara Hanna or Amber Heard
    Marian: Freida Pinto; Sanaa Lathan or Rashida Jones
    Uncle Macon: Daniel Day-Lewis tied with Michael Sheen
    Sarafine: Evangeline Lilly tied with Sophia Bush and Kate Beckinsale
    Amma: totally agree with Viola Davis

  • Miss Duchannes

    How about Isabelle fuhrman as Lena?

  • Cody

    You cannot forget about Marian Ashcroft! Please do not allow her to be cut from the movie if she is the 2nd and 3rd movie will be ruined. Marian Ashcroft was a beautifuly well written character, Ethan treated her like an aunt in the books and she was apart of his life.

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