Myra McEntire’s debut novel about time travel was optioned by Fox. 

Hourglass is about a teen girl, Emerson, who thinks she sees ghosts however they are  something completely different. Her brother Thomas hires Michael, a consultant from the Hourglass, to help her understand who she is and what she can do.  Michale and Emerson work closely together which causes results in feelings that can not be acted on for so many reasons.  Hourglass is a fast paced, time slip novel where nothing is what is seems. MTV called it “Doctor Who in YA package” and Novel Novice said “Take one part X-Men, one part The Time Traveler’s Wife, add in a charming Southern setting, a heavy dose of angst and romance, and a generous splash of Myra McEntire’s signature sense of humor — and the result is Hourglass

From Deadline Hollywood:

Davis will produce, and Magnet Pictures’ Brandy Rivers and Mitch Solomon will be exec producers. The acquisition was made from Davis’ discretionary fund.

You can find Myra McEntire on twitter and visit her website for more information.

Earlier in the week we posted about Time Traveling being the next big trend in YA.  With the option of Hourglass and several other time travel books is seems Time Travel may also be the next big thing at the theater.  What do you think?