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After the surprise hit of Disney’s latest animated take on the classic fairy tale, many fans were hoping that a sequel would be greenlit. When the poster for the sequel (displayed after the jump in it’s full glory) hit the internet today it seemed as though their prayers were answered, but it turns out we won’t be seeing Rapunzel and Flynn in a full two hour adventure.

Expect a little more closure to Disney’s Tangled next May because according to Stars Entertainment, the plot in the upcoming short film Tangled Ever After will revolve around what has happened to Rapunzel now that she has been reunited with her parents.

Now there’s no hiding the fact that she’s wearing a wedding dress in the teaser poster below. Does this mean that we’ll see her walk down the isle in the short film?

So what do you think? Are you excited for next May? Do you think we’ll see a wedding? Do you wish that the Tangled sequel would have been greenlit as a full feature?

  • Erika

    It would have been awesome as a full feature, but this is great, too!

  • Yourworldonfire

    great news! :D hope it doesn’t over do repeated humor from original

  • Anya

    Aw, this makes me happy! Loved Tangled so much. And I think doing a short is a smart idea, they can do a fun and sweet film instead of having to come up with a whole story that most likely would not be as great as the first one.

  • Alicia AuBuchon

    I’m so excited for this! I think Tangled is one of the best Disney movies period. And this is coming from someone who grew up in the 90s!

    • Igora

      Haha, agreed! For sure Tangled is the best feature film they have released since the 90s, perhaps not as good as some of the classics of that decade, but definitely a huge improvement upon their recent work.

  • Mayvioletblackburn

    Did I miss something or are those three little girls new? Are they their children?

    • Claudia

      I think they’re the girls that braided her hair. But it could be a possibility! :)

      • Mayvioletblackburn

        Oh okay! thanks

    • http://twitter.com/ShaShaShauna Shauna Gallo

      I think Claudia is right.. Those definitely look like the three little girls that braided Rapunzel’s hair towards the end of the movie! :)

  • Claudia

    I’m so excited. I absolutely cannot wait!

  • http://twitter.com/Rachelgurl20 Rachel Gay

    awsome i justed watched tangled the other day its a great modern tale of rapunzel

  • Guest

    I’m really excited for this, but the grammar Nazi in me has to point out that it’s aisle, not isle (quote: “Does this mean that we’ll see her walk down the isle in the short film?”)

    • Anonymous

      hahaha! the wedding isle is in twilight :-P

    • camillo

      You’re not being a grammer nazi, you’re being a spelling nazi.

      • Guest

        Very true, but people don’t seem to recognise spelling Nazis as much

        • Camillo

          ‘Tis a sad world.

        • Guest2

          lol its Recognize

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1326703278 Annie Downey

    I love this movie so much and am actually glad it is a short film instead of a full length one, Disney doesn’t always do the original justice when making sequels…Pixar on the other hand has a better track record.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=722496967 Ana Selene Rodriguez Garcia

    I really love this movie and I’m excited to see the short but I would also love to see a full sequel

  • Parthenonlover

    Oooh I can’t wait! Tangled was the first non-Pixar Disney film I genuinely loved.

  • Anonymous

    Flynn looks so suave in his handsome Disney tux.. he almost reminds me of Eric from The Little Mermaid! I don’t care whether it’s a full length film or a short.. some Tangled is better than no Tangled!!!

  • lainaG

    Ah I can’t wait! Tangled is one of the best films Disney has made in a while and I would see it no matter how short!

  • http://spoonspace.yolasite.com Lucien

    i hated tangled. sorry

  • harrypotterhungergamer

    How long will it be?

  • Anonymous

    WHOOOO! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=519763125 Nathalie Wardell

    Loved tangled, took my two girls to watch it at cinemas and even my husband had a tear in his eye! Also a 90′s child who watched Lion King & Beauty and the beast DAILY!
    Brilliant to see disney has its magic back!

  • http://twitter.com/taylie27 taylore thompson

    I love Tangled!! but I can’t get use to her with brown hair :(

  • Rachel

    I’m so excited for this!! And yeah, it’s a wedding short. I believe that was the first thing they announced it was going to be. Although, those Stabbington Brothers are scaring me. I’m very excited to see what happens!!

  • Nicole Pulcinella

    It better be the same people doing the voices!!!

  • Lioness

    So excited to see more Tangled…especially, Flynn, lol. It’s good they are doing a short. Sequels rarely turn out as good as the original. 

  • Brandygavetti

    I say YES that Tangled Ever After should come out and be a full movie I am one of the many of the one how saw it on the day it came so I hope it because a full movie 
    Love A Disney Princess Lover Princess B Martin

  • Tenshichan

    i love tangled but i would prefer a full length film. ^^

  • Misswriter18

    Tangled is probably my favorite Disney film now! :D I only hope that Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi come back to do the voices of Rapunzel and Flynn. Otherwise, I think I’ll be disappointed in this short film…

  • Crystal

    I wish they would make a full length Tangled two! I heard this is only going to be like a few minutes long because its a short story…..i wish it was longer, Tangled Forever!

  • LMW

    I agree totally!!!  It’s my all time favorite cartoon movie. (and I’ll be 57 in March so I’ve seen a “LOT” of Disney and other production’s cartoon movie’s.)           The character’s are so funny aside from the evil old bat who says,” I’m making “Hazelnut soup” and sings “Mother knows Best” so many times I want to scream. But in all fairness, that’s the point of her character.  Still, “Aughhhhh” LOL!!!  I do have to say that Flynn Rider is the HOTTEST cartoon character I have ever seen.   My daughter, grand daughter’s, and friend’s all agree on that one.  We all wish Disney would have released a whole cartoon movie sequel rather than a short one.   (:-{   Thank You for doing a sequel for us even though it is a shorty though Disney.

  • Magenmccorison33

    im really upset its a short film i hate those! i think they should have done what they did with shrek to tangled.

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