After the surprise hit of Disney’s latest animated take on the classic fairy tale, many fans were hoping that a sequel would be greenlit. When the poster for the sequel (displayed after the jump in it’s full glory) hit the internet today it seemed as though their prayers were answered, but it turns out we won’t be seeing Rapunzel and Flynn in a full two hour adventure.

Expect a little more closure to Disney’s Tangled next May because according to Stars Entertainment, the plot in the upcoming short film Tangled Ever After will revolve around what has happened to Rapunzel now that she has been reunited with her parents.

Now there’s no hiding the fact that she’s wearing a wedding dress in the teaser poster below. Does this mean that we’ll see her walk down the isle in the short film?

So what do you think? Are you excited for next May? Do you think we’ll see a wedding? Do you wish that the Tangled sequel would have been greenlit as a full feature?