Episode #15 – How ‘Buffy’ Broke Us

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Marama Whyte, Natalie Fisher, Caitlin Kelly, Jimmy Bean

January 6, 2013

This week’s Vampire Hype podcast is a special edition Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode! Selina’s wildest dreams finally come true as she’s joined by fellow Buffy fans Caitlin, Jimmy, Marama and Natalie to talk about the show, and they somehow manage to cover everything from best and worst storylines to favourite episodes, relationships, characters, villains, and the possibility of a reboot movie!

Please note: spoiler alert of epic proportions. This episode of Vampire Hype is strictly for Buffy fans, by Buffy fans, and we don’t hold back!

– When we started watching the show – none of us remember, it’s too long ago!
– The timelessness of Buffy
– Best show of all time?
– We particularly love the fashion…
– Our favourite characters
– Is Buffy every fan’s automatic favourite?
– “Oz.” “Awwwww.”
– Oh! A wild Jimmy Bean appeared!
– We share our favourite episodes
– We are all Fools For Love
– “Normal Again” generates some interesting discussion
– Surprisingly, we don’t all love “Once More, With Feeling”
– Selina wins the sing-along!
– Natalie shares her Comic-Con experience
– We talk shipping! Bangel vs Spuffy
– Is there even a conflict, as the couples were so different and happened at different times in the show?
– Wait, Spike/Angel? A freudian slip, or canon?
– Spike and his ability to love without a soul
– Caitlin sticks up for Buffy/Angel
– Marama doesn’t actually like shipping (rejoice, fellow non-shippers!)
– Willow/Tara, Willow/Kennedy… or Willow/Xander?
– The possibility of Faith/Buffy
– Xander’s love interest in the comics and why it’s not totally awful
– There were also a few things we didn’t like about Buffy, believe it or not!
– Season 6: Buffy‘s Order of the Phoenix?
– Best and worst villains
– A Buffy reboot movie: yay or nay?
– Listener feedback: why YOU love Buffy!
– And stay for the blooper, because Jimmy’s in the dark.

We hope that all Buffy fans appreciate this episode, which is pretty much our love letter to the series. Hopefully this won’t be the last Buffy-themed episode we do, but we’d love your feedback on what specific parts of the show you’d like us to talk about next! Clearly we could have kept going for hours on some of the topics brought up, but as this was our initial Buffy show we wanted to stay quite general.

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