Hype Podcast

‘The 100’ Special #4 – The Delinquents vs the World

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Kristen Kranz

April 25, 2016

Hype Podcast tackles The 100 season 3, episode 12 “Demons” on this very special episode! Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia, Raven and the other delinquents are back together, uniting to take down ALIE. We’re loving it.

Right on schedule, the fourth Hype Special for The 100 season 3 is for the twelfth episode. We can’t help but look back to last week though, because we both loved the episode so much. We’re just appreciating the hell out of having the band back together, and we hope you are, too! Let us know in the comments what you thought about this week’s episode of The 100, and check out our episode review as well.

– We begin by looking back to “Nevermore,” the episode that reunited the delinquents
– Storytime with Harper, Miller and Bryan!
– The gang is back in Arkadia
– Octavia and Jasper deal with grief in very different ways
– The ALIE chip is basically a Horcrux
– Why did Sinclair have to die?!
– Clarke is always to quick to take the blame, even for things she didn’t do
– Octavia and Bellamy: Is there hope for the Blake siblings?
– Lincoln and Sinclair’s funeral made us feel all the feelings
– Now the gang is splitting up again, nooo! But at least we’ve got some interesting new pairings
– We ship Monty/anyone
– Meanwhile at Polis….. Jaha is kind of a welcome relief from Ontari?
– Listener Feedback: Some great emails about The 100 being awesome and Jaha being the unsung hero of the series.
– We ponder whether there would be any one character death that could turn us off the show.

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