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Episode #97 – ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ wrap-up – Supersoaka

Hosted by Natalie, Michal, Mitch, Caitlin, Donya, Karen, Brittany, and Ariana

March 2, 2015

ReWatchable is back to finish off Avatar: The Last Airbender with one last hurrah.

The Superfans:
-Natalie leads the superfans in a discussion about their final thoughts on the show.
-Has anything changed for them?
-We even work in The Dress to the conversation.
-And everyone has a lot of feelings.
Watch the shorts with us!
What’s your sign?
Which element would you bend?
-The superfans know facts out the butt.
-Korra was stressful.
Will there be a new show?
-But that movie, man.
Have you read Ariana’s highlights article?
-Has Michal been cheating on us?
-Everyone is excited about Korra, though!

Listener feedback
-This is how wars start.
-Lion turtles were mentioned before. Once.
Here’s the amazing mug.
-Dear ReWatchable listener, we’re happy we could be there for you.
-We also talk about the timeline.

The Newbies
-We really hated the movie.
-We kind of like Uncle Iroh.
-But Sokka was terrible.
-We find out how Katara and Sokka were cast.
-There was some potential here.
-What about the guy who plays Aang?
-We just need to stop talking about this now.
-Which characters are our favorites?
-Favorite moments and episodes?
-Zutara meets Nicholas Sparks?
-Aang needs to have babies.
We talk about our signs, too.
And our bending abilities.
As well as Ariana’s article.
-How excited are we for Korra?

Listener feedback
-Best iTunes incentive ever?
-Unfortunately, Ariana is not the Azula voice actress.
-Visit this Avatar Battleships page for the glorious top comment.
-Why was Aang’s earthbending so good in the end?

Join us soon as we start rewatching Freaks and Geeks!

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