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Episode #50 – ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie: Till Next Time, Marshmallows

Hosted by Danielle, Marama, Ariana, Caitlin, Gabrielle, Karen, and Mitch

March 23, 2014

Another chapter of ReWatchable closes with our Veronica Mars movie discussion episode.


-Ariana made marshmallow/soil snack mix for the movie.
-Which cameo was the best?
-Can we really see Veronica as a lawyer, especially after that almost F.B.I. thing?
-Dick has a pretty decent life set out for himself nowadays!
-WOAH Logan in that uniform.
-So what’s a Bumpit?
-Poor Piz. He comes back, only to be shoved back on out.
-Is it realistic that Logan would join the Navy?
-Okay so Ariana was pretty much right about her Gia crack theory.
-Will the parental abuse plot of the deceased Don Lamb come back up with his older brother?
-Yayyy Keith has a house!
-GAH Sacks. You were a true hero.
-So let’s talk about that whole unresolved Weevil thing.
-What did we think about the addiction theme in the movie?
-We all grade the movie, and nearly come to a common ground.
-The first book is out!
-Will this group be back to record if there’s a movie sequel?
-The last favorite scenes and quotes for Veronica Mars );
-The hosts give reference to what other projects they can be found on.
-And then Danielle cries and makes us all turn into hot messes.

And that’s a wrap! It’s been a wonder podcasting for all of you fabulous Marshmallows. Be cool, Sodapop.

‘Pushing Daises’

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