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Episode #328: ‘Pitch’ Intro – We Can’t Go Out to the Ball Game

Hosted by Danielle, Kendra, Natalie, Ariana, Brittany

March 20, 2020

Get ready, because ReWatchable is back! We’re tackling the cancelled-too-soon series Pitch!

Here is your cast of superfans and newbies for Pitch:

Superfans: Danielle, Ariana
Newbies: Brittany, Kendra, Natalie

Let’s get started:
– What’s ReWatchable?
– The rules:
1. One TV episode per podcast episode
2. Two newbies and two superfans (hopefully!)
4. Please give us feedback and share the love!

Meet the hosts:
Danielle is our lead host and superfan who started on Veronica Mars and has been on most rounds with a few gaps. She has taken to home life well and has a few plants that she has named. She has visited Ariana and they discovered their fates are written in the stars… literally. She is working from home now (like most of the world) and wants a cat! One thing making her happy is the career trajectory of Hayley Williams from Paramore has some great solo music that she is vibing with!

Natalie is experiencing her second show as a newbie, previously she was a newbie on Sense8. She was a host on Avatar and Agent Carter. For older listeners, Natalie is FINALLY in her house that she has been renovating! Since the last time she was on she has been to Israel and had a family dinner 15 years in the making to celebrate her grandmother’s 90th birthday. One thing currently making her happy is finding a way back to reading physical books in these trying times.

Kendra is our newest addition joining us from Agent Carter forward. Since we last heard from her, she has learned to ski, but has also discovered that she likes ski-life, but not the sport exactly. However, not to brag, but she made it down one full run without falling so look out for her in 2022. But perhaps she will try out dentistry instead if her career as a professional Harry Potter Lego player for Nintendo Switch doesn’t pan out. Her dogs are really happy that the humans are in isolation!

Ariana is FINALLY a superfan! You may recognize her from… every show (except Firefly). Since we recorded last, Brittany and Ariana met in real life, she also hung out with Danielle and they watched a lot of Baby Daddy. While Danielle was in town, they went on an Agent Carter-themed tour of Los Angeles. Ariana has a rescue cat and recommends that you consider fostering an animal!

Brittany is still a newbie (4lyfe) and returns after last appearing on Agent Carter. She previously hosted two shows no one wants to talk about, but jokes on you because Pushing Daisies taught us how to live during this pandemic — don’t touch anyone or anything. Since her last appearance she has forgotten how to do shownotes, but also got to meet Ariana and attend the Angel reunion at NYCC! One thing making her happy is all of the Broadway stars performing on social platforms during quarantine!

What do we know?

– It’s about sports!
– It was impossible to access in Australia when it aired
– But sometimes if you don’t tune in right away things disappear!
– Ariana went to the Paley Fest panel for Pitch and really connected to the series at a time when she needed to be connected to the something with passion (Fall 2016)
– What are the stakes that come with being the person who everyone is hanging their hopes on?
– A lot can change in 4 years, but hopefully it will hold up!


Listener Feedback:
– Look, we know we’ve been gone for a while, but we are back and that’s all that matters!

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