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Episode #294: ‘Sense8’ 2×12 – Chekhov’s Rocket Launcher

Hosted by Mitch, Danielle, Karen, Caitlin, and Kristen

December 18, 2018

Join the ReWatchable hosts as they continue their re-watch with Sense8 season 2, episode 12, “Amor Vincit Omnia,” the series finale.

Superfans: Mitch, Karen, Danielle
Newbies: Kristen and Caitlin

Fun Facts:

Karen saw Into the Spider-Verse and recommends it to everyone. Danielle has memorized the entire Anna and the Apocalypse soundtrack. Caitlin is on winter break and is still tired. Kristen can’t not mention Rage by Cora Carmack. Mitch got to see Frozen on Ice featuring Mulan.

Sense8 season 2, episode 12, “Amor Vincit Omnia”
– We love seeing everyone in the same place, even if it’s super confusing.
– But did everyone seem a little bit like a caricature of themselves?
– Wolfgang isn’t being tortured anymore!
– But he’s still got some demons.
– Then again, he could be doing worse.
– Jonas is kind of the worst, but then again so is Angelica.
– Is she redeemable?
– Will is totally the den mother. But Sun takes care of them, too.
– They’re living together and no one has died yet? WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?
– “To be clear, that is a Star Trek reference.”
– Was the first half of the episode a little slow?
– Reminder: Love conquers all.
– Sun and Mun are EVERYTHING.
– But Mitch has a couple that even eclipses these two.
– Rajan is here.
– Does anyone have plot armor?
– Did anyone think Bodhi was evil?
– Dani was terrifying AND WE LOVED IT.
– The Mr. Hoy cliffhanger was the wooorst.
– It’s a little late to introduce so much lore, but it was kind of necessary.
– The Chairman = Darth Vader (think about it)
– The Exchange is…complicated.
– Sometimes we cry about fight sequences.
– Karen asks Mitch a Very Important Question.
– Did anyone think we’d love Mun this much?
– Sun deserves good things.
– What did Lila actually want?
– That family dinner scene tho.
– Backtrack: Bug gives Kala some advice.
– We meet The Mother and it makes us want more.
– The train sequence is a hot mess, but it was still delightful.
– There’s…a lot to remember.
– Caitlin reassesses her feelings on Felix.
– Puck could’ve been a cool character, but they ruined it.
– Too bad we couldn’t get more of Puck’s cluster.
– The Trojan Horse sequence might be the greatest thing to ever exist.
– Did we need to lose a character?
– We kind of forgot about Diego’s family.
– The science isn’t always consistent, but what can you do?
– Wolfgang makes things go boom.
– Is the ending too perfect?
– Mr. Hoy is still alive! Silas was totally there.
– Sun’s ending is NOT too convenient. SHE DESERVES THIS.
– Will meets Riley’s dad and it is delightful.
– Amanita’s parents freaking out Nomi’s mom was perfect.
– But pot brownies fix everything.
– Everybody bangs. But, like, with some class.
– And the series comes full circle.
– But we need to talk about the whole Rajan, Kala, Wolfgang thing.
– And how much this show means to people.
– Favorite Scenes
– Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:
– We need more Avatar: The Last Airbender Funkos.
– Karen is pimping out ReWatchable to her favorite authors.

What’s next?
– You’ll find out next week!

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