Join ReWatchable as we discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6, episode 14, “Older and Far Away,” and Angel season 3, episode 14, “Couplet.”

Superfans: Karen and Natalie
Newbies: Brittany and Mitch

Fun Facts:
We don’t remember Mitch, or when we podcast together, but he fills us in on his quest to get free TV! Natalie shares her reasoning behind why she shops second-hand and why having less options is SO much better. Karen can listen to certain artists while she works, while Brittany prefers to listen to songs she knows all too well. It’s a tangent. Do you expect anything less?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6, episode 14, “Older and Far Away”:
-Dawn: Discuss
-Should we feel bad for Dawn right now? Yes. Can we? Not really
-Why can’t Buffy have a good birthday?
-Anya’s bluntness is incredibly refreshing this week
-“He can sing and do magic!”
-Wonderbread 2.0 arrives and there is a weird ice cream thing happening
-Spike arrives uninvited
-Is everything fine with Spike and Buffy?
-Look, we love Tara. Sorry not sorry
-Willow is stashing magical items: how do we interpret this?
-Does this group hang feel… natural?
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Angel season 3, episode 14, “Couplet”:
-MOW: A tree with a computer. Seriously
-Reminder: every monster can have “one good day”
-Why isn’t Cordelia picking up on Angel’s heart eyes?
-Cordelia has truly embraced the fact that she has these visions
-Sad Angel > Angelus? (Never, but close)
-Let’s move on to Gunn and Fred
-Splitting the check?
-Is Groo too handsome?
-We have a lot of hair bending to discuss
-How aware is Cordelia right now?
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Mitch’s Musings/Brittany’s Brainstorms:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6, episode 15, “As You Were”
Angel season 3, episode 15, “Loyalty”

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