Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 2, episode 11, “Ted”:
Buffy fans do not come back to these episodes for a reason
-Is this a “bad episode” quality-wise or do we just hate “Ted”
-John Ritter is Brittany’s first celebrity death
-Joyce jumps too quickly to think the worst of Buffy
-They have the opportunity to showcase a really strong mother daughter relationship
-the camera work after Buffy mentions she wants to kill herself was… harsh
-Ted is dead, but he is actually dead
-It’s hard to watch, but Ted will stick with you
-Ted is important to have a backdoor- Buffy would be a different show were Ted to be a human
-This contrast between Monster and human now exists
-But let’s actually talk about the police involvement:
-Where is the line between evil human and demon? Ted was drugging people after all…
-Cordelia and Xander ship it or sink it?
-Does this change the way Xander and Buffy interact?
-Jenny and Giles forever.
-Favorite scenes
-Favorite quotes

Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 2, episode 12, “Bad Eggs,”:
-Wait, do we like “Ted” more than “Bad Eggs”? Opinions have changed!
-Ban eggs, all eggs
-This teenage drama plot line is one of our favorites
-Did anyone do this in high school?
-Is this a “bad” episode?
-Buffy and Joyce’s relationship is horrendous in this episode
-But should Buffy tell Joyce about the slaying? Would that resolve anything?
-Giles possessed is still Giles.
-Ew, the boiled egg. Ew.
-Cowboy vampires? Okay.
-Are we over the lame excuses of gas leaks, etc?
-Favorite scenes
-Favorite quotes

Listener Feedback:
-Is Buffy the worst character on her own show?
-Is this more of a Harry Potter or
-“Bad Eggs” was a bad egg of an episode
-Superfans still dread these episodes
-But some people do agree that “Ted” was so horrible it was a masterpiece

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