Resistance Radio Podcast

Episode #47: Love Shaak

Hosted by Mikey, Donya, Ben, and Kaitlin

February 12, 2017

Mikey and Donya are joined Resistance Radio’s newest hosts, Ben and Kaitlin. This week we’re putting the Spotlight on Shmi Skywalker Lars.

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– As Ben is new, we get him to introduce himself and run through his Star Wars history.
– We get some news about the opening of Star Wars Land at Disneyland and Disney World.
– Some amazing Model Kits that even Mikey can put together get announced.
– The Force is strong with us as we talk about the Force for Change latest team up! Check out the latest Humble Bundle to download some awesome classic Star Wars video games.
– Make sure you download your favorite Valentine’s Day Star Wars Themed cards!
– We dive into the our spotlight topic Shmi Skywalker Lars
– We discuss how strong a person she is.
– Shmi’s life and death played a critical role in Anakin’s path down the dark side.
– Did Shmi actually love Owen Lars? Or did he purchase her out of his slavery to cage her a different way?
– Mikey creates his own head cannon about Owen and Shmi called “The Farmer and the Slave” an untold love story.
– Just for Valentine’s day don’t forget to check out George Lucas in Love.

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