Episode #8: The Sacrifice of One

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Jen Lamoreaux, Laura Byrne-Cristiano

April 9, 2012

Episode #8 of Secret Diaries Chat is here! In this episode the hosts discuss last week’s episodes of The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, “The Murder of One” and “Sacrifice.”

This week it’s Selina, Laura and Jen tackling the huge game changer on The Vampire Diaries, and once again delving into the mystery of the other Blackwell child on The Secret Circle (what, there’s magic too?). If you are so inclined, you can skip ahead to the Secret Circle part of the podcast, which starts at 27:15 minutes in, or skip that part and head to the Listener Feedback, which starts at 54:50.

In the discussion of The Vampire Diaries 3×18 “The Murder of One,” Jen and Selina discuss:
– Who’s the Salvatores’ sire? We give our official predictions!
– Will Rebekah stay in Mystic Falls?
– Bonnie and Caroline heading down opposite paths… one of the hosts admits she doesn’t like Bonnie!
– Damon/Elena/Stefan – where do they go from here?
– Finn/Sage: new OTP? Oh wait, they died
– Is Alaric a goner?

Laura leads the discussion for The Secret Circle 1×18 “Sacrifice,” and topics include:
– Eben resurrecting the demons – what was he thinking?!
– Blackwell having magic didn’t seem to surprise the Circle
– What is John Blackwell’s endgame?
– Promo talk! Blackwell’s child is the main topic of discussion
– Adam working his way through the Circle – is Melissa next?!
– Who’s the traitor (not trader)?
– We think that Grant is up to something

In the Listener Feedback section, we talk about whether the kids in Mystic Falls ever go to school, and hear more theories about the second Blackwell child.

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