Episode #7 – TVD: Human Again

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Tariq Herzallah, Roxanne Clark

October 29, 2012

Vampire Hype is back to discuss The Vampire Diaries 4×03 “The Rager.” Join Selina, Tariq and Roxanne as they drop some epic theories about Jeremy, April, the Five, and all the vampires turning human again (okay, so some theories are more epic than others)!


– Faye is back! Er, Hayley
– What is this Five?
– Are they gonna start turning everybody human again? Selina is very proud of this theory, even if it’s a little too Beauty & the Beast
– Hayley/Tyler – are we surprised?
– Carolaus time! Or… Steroline? Carolefan? Too many ships
– Also, what’s Elena’s the anger? It doesn’t feel like Elena
– Elena and Katherine, the spinoff! Yes please!
– Buffy reference time: Stefan’s worried about going Ripper when he’s happy with Elena, that’s so Angel!
– Will Stefan still love Elena as much as a vampire? We’re saying no
– Shipper fail! Someone’s jumping triangle sides…….
– Speaking of Damon! Klaus/Damon could be the new bromance
– Why is Klaus protecting Tyler again? Maybe he just wants a friend
– How can the Originals both be so badass and so love sick at the same time?
– Why did Klaus save Elena?
– Rebekah is still sticking around – maybe for Matt
– The OTP-inducing hallucinations: Matt/Rebekah and Damon/Elena
– April is the key to the whole series! No, really, Tariq has a whole big theory with Jeremy becoming one of The Five that’s gonna make Julie Plec shake in her boots
– “And in That Moment, Stefan and Elena Were Infinite”
– Stefan and Elena just can’t catch a break. We love watching them fall apart
– Stefan/Elena equals Jack/Kate from Lost! And Sawyer is Damon…
– But we’re all Jaters, so that’s just confusing
– No ships are safe on The Vampire Diaries – but Matt will always love Elena, right?
– Will Matt turn into a supernatural creature? Or will he just die?
– Enter Roxanne’s epic theory: Elena kills Matt and goes darkside
– Meredith: Damon’s Jiminy Cricket
– A listener clears up the issue of why Elena can’t drink blood bag blood… or does he?
– Stay tuned for a Twilight-related announcement at the end

So! Three great theories were presented this week: everyone turns human (Selina), Jeremy becomes a Five (Tariq), and Elena kills Matt (Roxanne). But which theory is the best?! Share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter @VampireHype!