Episode #4 – The Fire Rises

Hosted by Jimmy Bean, Jeff Martin and John Thrasher

December 19, 2011

Hypable’s exclusive superhero podcast has returned (much like The Dark Knight himself) to dissect the brand newprologue poster and trailer for ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’

Watch The Dark Knight Rises trailer below and then listen to our all new episode.


In this episode:

– We play through the trailer to The Dark Knight Rises and discuss how amazing it is.
– We quickly analyze the trailer, the dialogue in it, and what we see that we’ve never seen before
– We discuss how topical and political the trailer is, specifically how Catwoman’s dialogue relates to the 99% movement.
– We reiterate how mindblowing the trailer is and dig up some things that are hidden in the trailer that you may not have caught.
– Dark Knight Rises prologue talk then reroutes us to a detailed description of the first six minutes of The Dark Knight Rises.
– We discuss the prologue, our reactions to it, and the difference between seeing it on a giant IMAX screen and a computer screen.
– We emphasize how important it will be to see this film in IMAX
– We discuss the poster for the Dark Knight Rises and go over if Batman will die, if Robin (or Nightwing) will take over for him, and if Batman’s cowl will be passed to someone else at the end of TDKR.
– Jeff turns into Bane and has to leave the podcast because we can’t understand what he’s saying.
– We quickly go over the new poster for The Amazing Spider-Man and we hope that it’s not trying to sell something that it’s not.
– John compares and contrasts the football stadium scene from the trailer to what it was like to be on set and see it with his own eyes

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