Episode #2 – When Fandoms Collide

Hosted by Pamela Gocobachi, Jessica Chapman, Patricia Spence

September 28, 2012

We’re back for another fun-filled episode of our brand new Merlin podcast!

Join hosts Pamela, Patricia, and Jessica as they get amped up for the premiere of season 5 of BBC’s Merlin by breaking down the latest trailer! Seeing as this is the last episode before Merlin starts back up, the hosts also go on the record with their predictions for what they expect to see in the show’s upcoming 5th season!


–  It’s been a big week for Merlin season 5 news and we’re filling you in on all the biggest news stories!
– We discuss the latest guest star news and rumors and theorize on what roles each could play in the Merlin story line
– More information on Anthony Head’s return as Uther has been revealed– the hosts express their thoughts on the new information learned.
– A new interview with Alexander Vlahos has all the hosts excited to watch him take on the role of Mordred
– We go scene by scene and break down the most interesting parts of the full 90-second trailer!
– What could ‘Arthur’s Bane’ be and who is this mysterious man who warns Merlin of threats to come?
– Jess plays Make the Fandom Connection with the Merlin season 5 trailer
– The hosts wrap up by giving their season 5 predictions– who’s making it out alive, when will we see the magic reveal, and do we think there will be a season 6? Are all discussed
– We read YOUR comments and reactions to our last episode and respond to a listener who wants to know what our favorite Merlin episodes are!

As always, feel free to leave comments or questions regarding the episode below! You can also tweet us your thoughts on Twitter @TalksCamelot!

We’ll be back with a new episode following the season 5 premiere of BBC’s Merlin on Saturday, October 6! Be sure to send us your thoughts on the first episode of season 5 after you finish watching— we’ll be reading your comments on episode 3!