Episode #2 – All of Time and Space, Where Do You Want To Start

Hosted by Harri, Laura, Natalie, Jen

June 4, 2012

We are back with our second episode of WhoHype. The show is dedicated to in-depth discussion about the Doctor Who universe: show and cast commentary, filming locations, rumors, tie-in video games/other products, spin-off series and more.

Don’t worry if you are trying to stay spoiler free for the upcoming series, we even have a specially marked spoiler section with a little help from River Song herself so listeners can skip around that information if they wish.

The four hosts of the show are from around the globe: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Hypable’s regular Doctor Who writers, Laura Byrne-Cristiano and Harri Sargeant, lead the discussion with two additional Doctor Who fans from the staff joining us: Jennifer Lamoureux and Natalie Fisher.

– During the intros this week, our hosts Laura, Harri, Jen and Natalie talk about run-ins they’ve had, or almost had, with the Doctor Who cast.

– We proceed with an in-depth discussion of:

  • Karen Gillan appearing on Community
  • Reactions to Matt Smith Carrying the Olympic torch
  • Showrunner Steven Moffat receiving an honorary BAFTA
  • Historical figures and history-themed episodes
  • People we want to see on Doctor Who

Our spoilers cover the new companion, a possible episode plot, and an unusual discovery in Central Park

– Back from our spoilery discussion we leap into our mailbag, and answer questions from our listeners:

  • Oops, like the Doctor, sometimes we don’t get it completely right.
  • Do we hate Martha?
  • Game of Thrones and Doctor Who crossover possibilities
  • Classic Doctor Who

As we say in the show, our listeners are the most important thing to us. We want you hear from you. What do you want us to discuss? 

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