Episode #18: Smart Viewers

Hosted by Amanda and Kay

October 16, 2012

Amanda and Kay discuss the amazing episode that is 9×02: “Remember The Time.” Like the memory game described by Meredith in the narration, this episode is presented as a puzzle that we must solve by going through important memories of the plane crash survivors.

We start by Meredith’s story : our main observation is that dark and twisty Meredith suddenly became the world’s most tenacious advocate of “all is well and we’re all fine”.

We then go to Derek’s story : He seems to have adopted this zen approach that may be a little forced after all. He’s still very McDreamy when it comes to Callie though.

We move on to Cristina’s part of the puzzle: due to lack of sleep, dehydration and the trauma she endured Cristina’s PTSD seems to have resurfaced. We discuss some of the most haunting scenes ever done on Grey’s and the reasons that may have pushed Cristina to finally leave Seattle Grace Mercy Death.

Mark’s memories are sadly his last, we discuss the closure those moments gave us concerning his relationships with Lexie and Julia and the friendship he shared with Derek and Callie.

Finally we touch on Arizona’s memories : is she right to be so cruel towards Alex? What does Callie’s broken promise mean for their future?

We end by discussing our overall appreciation of the episode.