Episode #15 – Hot British Indian

Hosted by Mitchel Clow, Jessica O'Neal, Megan Stoll, Roxanne Clark

May 6, 2012

Smash Chat 15 is FINALLY here! Sorry for the delay-it’s finals week at Mitch’s college. However, next week, expect the episode at its normal Tuesday morning time, as we’re going to try a new more efficient way of editing!

-Roxanne subs in, delivering one-liners like it’s nobody’s business.

-Our recap begins of “Tech,” with us discussing how ridiculous it is for Julia to suggest for the show to cast an entirely new Joe DiMaggio in such a short amount of time.

-As we predicted, Derek hits on and sleeps with Rebecca. Mitch spins crackpot theories of future storylines involving STDs and pregnancies. No one else buys them.

-Roxanne points out how much R.J. looks like Katharine McPhee. Jess describes how her bringing over alcohol could be seen as a legitimate means to have someone get better.

-Rolling off of his guilty conscious from kissing R.J., Dev’s storyline steers towards a train wreck as he proposes to Karen.

-Roxanne describes her tastes for a very specific type of man.

-What are the exact legal actions that would take place if Julia was to leave the show? If you know, feel free to share your thoughts in the Hypable comments!

-It seemed like Frank moved back in with Julia fairly quickly. Was the situation with Leo the cause of this?

-Roxanne’s the only one that understands Mitch’s “Spring fling beer bash extreme!!!” reference from “Legally Blonde: The Musical.”

-Mitch and Roxanne gush over the fact that the original Christmas Eve from “Avenue Q” is Derek’s assistant, Linda.

-In the previews for next week, we find out that Dev and Ivy have to pretend to be meeting each other for the first time, even though they had just slept with each other, and that Meg was right about someone putting something in Rebecca’s smoothie!

-News covers the release of the first Smash soundtrack, Debra Messing’s award nomination, and some nice consistent TV ratings for last week’s episode.

-We’ve received the final episode synopsis for Smash season one! Make sure to fast-forward from 1:25:24 to 1:30:35 to avoid all spoilers, if you so wish!

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