Game Of Owns Podcast

Episode #14 – The Nedward Perspective

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Micah Tannenbaum, Eric Scull, Zack Luye

July 6, 2012

In a new episode of Game of Owns, the hosts begin their much anticipated chapter-by-chapter, tackling the first six chapters of A Game of Thrones!

This marks the first week in which your one and only GOO cast begins to look over the ASOIAF series chapter-by-chapter, beginning with the prologue and continuing through to the fifth chapter.

Meet some of your favorite characters for the first time, and listen to some of your own Westerosian draft choices being critically analyzed at the top and just toward closing. Also, Eric unfortunately had to leave the recording of this episode sometime after the halfway point, only to leave it filled with sleep deprived podcasters hell bent on creating nothing but pure magic.


– A bus on fire
– Fun facts with Eric Scull
– Game of Thrones theme park??!
– A few of your Westerosian draft picks
– Discussing the Prologue
– Waymar’s cool cloaks
– Perspective
– Explaining the concept of Point of View characters in this series
– The young adult perspective
– Age differences, book and show
– Execution and direwolves and the Nedward
– Theon’s intro
– What do the wolves mean exactly?
– The Great Deku Tree scene. Wait…
– Ned and Robert as children
– Ned Stark’s wedding
– Robert and Ned are bros
– Perspective, again
– Eric wakes the dragon
– Dany and Viserys backstory
– The thing about incest is…
– Dany meets the Khal
– Ned Star
– Meeting beneath Winterfell
– Catelyn does not like Jon
– Jon starts drinking
– Zack and Selina demonstrate their lack of sleep
– Tyrion’s grand introduction and advice
– A few more of your Westerosian draft picks

We’ll be reading the next five chapters in A Game of Thrones for next time, so leave us your comments – and more importantly your Owns!