Episode #13 – Rossless

Hosted by Andrew Sims, Richard Reid, Selina Wilken, Kimmy West, Jeremy Baril

April 17, 2012

The latest episode of Hypable and Mockingjay.net’s Hunger Games Chat is here! Listen in as we discuss the BIG news that shook up The Hunger Games fandom last week.

– The Hunger Games was insanely successful at the domestic box office. But what about overseas?
– Why did Gary Ross leave Catching Fire? Were his concerns valid?
– Are we sad he’s leaving?
– Is Catching Fire in trouble without him?
– We look at the list of directors Lionsgate is considering.
– Who are our picks for the film?
– Joss Whedon says “it’s tempting” to direct the film.
– Listeners chime in with their director picks.

Leave a comment in the area below and we may use it on the next show! Enjoy!