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Hypable is a place to critique, report on, and celebrate fandom. Free of corporate overlords who control our message, our voices, and our interests, we are a website where fans write about their passions. Whether we’re criticizing or praising, we’re always speaking from the heart. We’re not writing fluff content to please the masses. We’re writing what we know fans really want to read, including pieces about smaller fandoms that “big” sites don’t have time for.

But there’s a problem with our model: The internet is rapidly changing, and for publishers, it’s a challenging time to turn a profit. The only ways to generate revenue are to have those aforementioned corporate overlords, or by pestering readers with an absurd amount of advertising.

We don’t want to put ads in your face, we don’t want bosses who control our content, and we don’t want to create clickbait or annoying slideshows just to make money. We want to spend our time creating amazing, clean, passionate articles about Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, comic shows and movies, YA books, all those amazing Netflix shows, and every other fandom we love (There are SO many).

This is where you come in. By joining us on Patreon — a Kickstarter of sorts for internet creators — you’ll help us become one of the first websites to be significantly supported by fans. In exchange for your support, and without the need to spend our time and ruin your experience dealing with advertising, we’ll focus exclusively on serving you excellent content.

We would only do this if we could do it right, and we’re proud to say we’ve tied Patreon’s system in with our website, meaning that Hypable knows when you’re a Patron. With Hypable and Patreon connected on the backend, the site’s frontend can present you very special features that non-Patrons won’t have access to.

What are the perks?

We’re incredibly grateful for your support because you’re helping us lead the charge on fan-supported websites. Here’s how we’ll show you our gratitude:

1) We’ll spend all of our time focusing on creating great content.

2) You’ll receive an ad-free, lightning fast, and simplified version of Hypable. You’ll tap an article and it’ll appear instantly on the page. There’s no reloading! It just appears like you Accio’d it. This new feature is a delight, and there’s nothing like this on the web. Why not? Because it doesn’t load a new page — an element that’s important in online advertising. If you’re pledging, we don’t care about pageviews!

3) We’ll invite you to participate in opinion articles. We’ll pose a question (“Who do you think would be the perfect young Dumbledore for Fantastic Beasts 2, and why?”) and put your answers in Hypable lights. It’s the first time we’re organizing group articles with reader submissions, and we’re so excited to get started.

4) Each month we’ll give away Funkos, shirts, cool collectibles, and other fandom-oriented goods.

5) Last but certainly not least, this perk is actually given to your generous side: We’re giving 100% of money raised via Patreon to our writers.

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We initially put together this Patreon because we knew we needed to get all of our writers who regularly contribute content paid. Unfortunately, due to very low ad rates and the increasing difficulty in getting content noticed on social media, we haven’t been able to pay everyone. We’re not proud of this, and we’re looking for your help in fixing it.

Here’s how it’ll work: We have currently assigned the majority of our writers one or two original features per week. Those who contribute 1 original article a week will make $X, while those who contribute 2 will receive $Y. “X” and “Y” will be determined by how much we’re making through the Patreon.

We’re sick of advertising and not paying our writers what they deserve. We’re tired of social media and search engines screwing over publishers (it’s a long, sad story). You want great content and the best Hypable ever. Our Patreon is the answer.

All we ask for is $3 per month. That’s about 1/3rd the cost of a Netflix or Hulu subscription! With five years under our belt, we hope we’ve earned your trust.

In short, we need your support to keep Hypable the unique place that it is!

Sign up by using the button below. Thank you again for this opportunity. We won’t let you down!

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PS: Have questions or suggestions for how to make our Patreon or the new Hypable even better? Get in touch with us via our contact form (send your message to Andrew), or send us a message through Patreon.