We pride ourselves on delivering the most dedicated and in-depth coverage possible across all of the fandoms we cover. Why? Because every Hypable writer only writes about fandoms they are personally a fan of.

At Hypable, we firmly believe that entertainment news avenues should cater for all types of fans, and let THEM decide what they want and don’t want to read. We don’t buy into that philosophy of only posting the big stories. Hardcore fans want to know all the latest news of their favorite movie, tv show, book series and so on, regardless of how big or mainstream it is. And they want it as quickly as possible!

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We have a hugely talented and dedicated team at Hypable. We work together to try and bring you the best fandom coverage around. Here we are and this is what we do.
Hypable launched in April, 2011. As of May, 2016:
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    stories per day We always aim to give you plenty to read every day; our average is 20 stories.

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    podcasts per week A number of our podcasts offer weekly episodes, ensuring you always have something to listen.

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