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Last Updated: October 17, 2018
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'First Man'

Only two short years after his film La La Land was a huge hit, director Damien Chazelle is back with his next movie First Man. Starring Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong, First Man tells the story of NASA’s mission to land a man on the moon and all the personal and professional costs that accompanied that goal. If ever there were a movie that demanded to be seen in a theater, it’s this one. [Review]

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'The Romanoffs'

The Romanoffs is the first series post-Mad Men from Matthew Weiner. The first two episodes, available now on Amazon Prime, and weekly here-after, tell two very different stories of people who believe they are descendent from the infamous Romanoff (Romanov) family. Whether or not the characters of these stories share any blood, they all, in some way, tie their poor decisions and self-righteous demeanors on the legacy of their namesake. The first two 90-minute episodes offer up fantastic performances, so settle in and get to know the new Romanoffs.

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  • Book
'Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel'

Adapted from the original Broadway show, Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel deepens the hit musical in prose form, expanding on Evan’s mental state and introducing the point of view of the elusive Connor. Aside from the question of whether it holds its own as a standalone YA book (it does) this release is a groundbreaking development in terms of accessibility to Broadway. Never before has l stage show been adapted to reach its audience quite like this, and as an avid Broadway fan, I hope it’s the first of many.

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  • Music

The best part about Twenty One Pilots’ ambitious fifth studio album is that it offers up something for everyone. Ride or die members of the Skeleton Clique will love the slew of easter eggs hidden among brutally profound lyrics– clues that further serve to build upon the world Joseph and Dun have created through their music. Casual listeners are bound to enjoy the way the duo continue to effortlessly blend genres on what is arguably the band’s most cohesive album to date.

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