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Last Updated: January 16, 2020
  • TV Show
'The Imagineering Story'

The Disney+ Original Series The Imagineering Story isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Following the development of Disney theme parks worldwide and narrated by Angela Bassett, the six-part docu-series takes us inside Disney as each park was developed. But what makes this series stand out is that Disney doesn’t shy away from discussing many of their failures, including the launch of California Adventure and building parks overseas. I expected Disney to do nothing but pat themselves on the back throughout Imagineering The Story, but instead I got a reflective look at the up’s and down’s of building parks. Tune in for fascinating interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and a whole bunch of drama.

  • Disney+
  • Movie

Do you need a break from all the talk of awards and nominations? Then I highly suggest running out to the theater to see a film that isn’t even eligible for this year’s ceremony. Underwater, starring Kristen Stewart, is the thriller you are probably looking for. One part Alien, one part Cloverfield, and one part Jaws, there’s a lot to enjoy in this 95 minute scary adventure. It’s the seamless combination of close quarters horror, unknown adversary, and the ominous nature of deep sea thrillers that bring intensity to this movie. And the final act definitely has a surprise or two up its sleeve, so don’t get too comfortable.

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  • Music
'Good News'

The tragedy of Mac Miller’s sudden passing hit fans like a sucker punch to the gut, but “Good News” has emerged like a bright light amidst the darkness– and it serves as the first single off of Miller’s forthcoming posthumous release, Circles. Fueled by the ever present plucking of strings, the track’s instrumentals serve as the perfect backdrop for Miller’s soft vocals as he sings about the tug-of-war going on inside his head. The result makes for an intimate glimpse into Miller’s mindset toward the end of his life, made all the more poignant given that he’s no longer with us.

  • Book

Chosen, the final installment of the Slayer duology, explores the emotional ramifications of the events in Slayer. A continuation of the Buffyverse, Slayer and Chosen put the spotlight on the Watchers and the shift from hunting the supernatural to concentrating on becoming a refuge. Kiersten White does it again with her ability to mix darker themes and humor, giving the text a balance reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Everything I loved about Chosen is a spoiler, so I will say this: the cameos are jaw dropping, the reveals subtle yet surprising, and the plot kept me on the edge of my seat. Mix in the fine line between good and evil, right and wrong, and the belief that what each character is doing is the right choice, and I’d say we have the perfect end to this duology.