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Last Updated: April 17, 2019
  • Movie
'Unicorn Store'

We may only be four months into the year, but 2019 has been a busy one for Brie Larson. After starring in Captain Marvel as Carol Danvers, Larson will appear next in Avengers: Endgame as she leads the Avengers in the fight against Thanos. Meanwhile, if you can’t get enough of Brie Larson, now is the time to check out her directorial debut Unicorn Store. Now streaming on Netflix, Unicorn Store tells the story of an art school drop out who turns a boring office job into the career of her dreams. After premiering at TIFF last year, Unicorn Store struggled to acquire distribution. The movie’s quirky and whimsical tone may have been too much for some, but others have fallen in love with Larson’s unique vision of the world.

  • TV

If you want a heartwarming, hilarious, and eyeopening new comedy, Netflix’s Special should be at the top of your watch list. With eight episodes at just 15-minutes a pop, the Ryan O’Connell led series features semi-fictionalized vignettes taken from the actors memoir as he takes the first steps towards being an independent gay man living with cerebral palsy. Hiding his disability from his coworkers, the series delves into how his private shame affects his relationships both old and new. It is over almost as soon as it begins, and while the story comes full circle, the conclusion leaves enough doors open for another season of misadventures.

  • Book
'Wicked Saints'

Emily A. Duncan brings to life a dark, cold world built around blood magic and gods who speak to a cleric in her fantasy debut ‘Wicked Saints’. Following a girl who is her people’s hope of restoring faith in their gods, a prince whose entire life has been nothing but war, and a boy with a terrible secret, ‘Wicked Saints’ is a captivating read. Called a gothic Joan of Arc story by some, I can see the similarities in this dark, immersive world with three morally grey characters that I couldn’t help but fall for.

  • Music
'Late Night Feelings'

DJ/Producer Mark Ronson recently referred to his upcoming album as a collection of “sad bangers” and there’s no doubt “Late Night Feelings” fits that motif like a glove. Lykke Li’s airy vocals are a perfect match for the track’s disco leaning melody. It’s that infectious disco vibe, which harkens back to Daft Punk’s Random Accress Memories era, that could find “Late Night Feelings” getting some serious airplay well into the summer months.