Posted on 8:41 pm,
September 29, 2013

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Glee Chat returns for Glee season 5 as they rehash episode 5×01 “Love, Love, Love” and make some special announcements!

Here’s what you can expect from the first Glee Chat episode of Glee season 5:

– We welcome Jack as a new full time host!
– John makes another casting announcement
– Mitch and Roxanne are together at Mitch’s place
– Australia is taking over the world
– We rehash 5×01 “Love, Love, Love”
– We don’t want to be nit-picky but the time cannon is a little messy right now
– What’s with all the crazy makeup?
– Glee Chat war: Natalie vs. Roxanne regarding the Klaine proposal
– John will marry anyone who says what Blaine said to Kurt in the proposal
– Jane did an amazing job speaking about Cory at the Emmy’s
– Roxanne wants you to follow her dog Shamu on Instagram
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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Natalie Fisher, Mitchel Clow, Roxanne Clark, Jack Farrugia

  • Mary Murphy

    While I love the song “Got to Get You Into My Life” I can’t get over the fact that the song that brings Kurt and Blaine back together is a song that is about Marijuana.

  • Nikki

    I agree about Klaine having a long engagement, but we have to remember that Ryan Murphy said that he sees Kurt married by 21. If Kurt’s a college freshman, he’s 18-19, so that means a 2-3 year engagement if what Ryan said is legit.

  • Jeff Dodge

    Mitch, can you clarify something for me? When you brought up Demi Lovato, you also said that Laura Mallory is your spirit animal. Did I hear that right? I hope that was a mistake and you meant someone else, because I don’t think any of us would want Laura Mallory, the woman who thinks Harry Potter is evil, as their spirit animal.

    • Mitchel Clow

      You are correct; I meant the Mugglecast Laura. I often mistake the two (as would probably infuriate our Laura ;D)

      • Jeff Dodge

        Phew! I had a feeling you meant MuggleCast host Laura instead of Laura Mallory, and when you said the last name of Mallory, that threw me way off. lol.

  • guest02

    Here’s what I want to say: the past decisions to just suddenly throw at the audience information on which characters are suddenly graduating during season 3 and also the awkward end of semester (rather than end of year) season 4 finale just proves how glee writers are unwilling to commit or stick to their guns. They just throw whatever information at the audience is needed to make their last minute plotting more of a convenience.The fact that they held back some of the original cast at McKinley (even though it was pretty obvious characters like artie, Tina,sam etc were also probably supposed to have originally graduate already) showed how unsure the writers were at introducing a new class and the audience’s reception to them. So they needed some of the old cast to anchor the McKinley side. Tbh though, audience reception to the new cast has been pretty mixed.

    With Cory now no longer to hold down McKinley side of the story, I’d say there may be a possible reshifting onto new york. Here’s my reasons: Finn is no longer a teaching assistant to hold down mickinley, theres been no new glee project contestants to introduce a new class, the new cast has gotten mixed reception (its been shown glee writers will pander their plots/characters based on audience reception), and it’s been kind of hinted at season 6 as the finale season of glee (that would leave only about a year for the new graduates to explore new york). Not that I say it’s guaranteed to happen, but it seems way too long to have nationals happen by end of season so best bet is that we’d have nationals just before the winter hiatus and so the second half of graduates will now be gone from McKinley.

  • Hayley

    Blaine could easily be half Asian…siblings don’t always look alike/of the same race, particularly if they are mixed race.

    • RamblingBabbles

      Also it was mentioned before on Season 2 (that episode where Rachel had a crush on Blaine), that he’s Eurasian. I remember Rachel mentioning something along the lines of “We’ll have beautiful Eurasian babies together.”

      • Caitlin Kelly

        Not to mention Brittany’s “Can we even prove that Blaine was born in this country?” during the student council elections. There have been a number of references to Blaine being mixed race.

    • Wise Witch

      You’re right. Darren Criss and his real life brother Chuck are perfect examples of that. Chuck looks more like their mother, and Darren looks more like their father. Why couldn’t the same be true in Blaine’s family with Blaine looking more like his mom? Though, in the interest of full disclosure, I should come clean and state that the only reason I care so much about Blaine being Asian is because I want Lea Salonga to play his mother so badly. Make it happen, RIB!

  • merulio

    I just want to be in the boys’ cake meetings and get high since you put that idea in my head.

  • Mia

    I loved the proposal scene but it broke my heart when you see Blaine saying all those kind words to Kurt and Rachel is in the background crying. That must of been hard for her because at one point in the show, that should have been her and Cory…

    • Julia Gulia

      I hadn’t thought of this, thanks for the tearfest!

      • Mia

        It’s like all I could think about when I saw that scene. It’s still hard for me to think he’s gone and he’ll not be at Klaine’s wedding…

  • Amalia

    Just started listening to the episode for the second time in a row, because I’m just so happy you guys are back!
    Regarding the Klaine issue: I’m mostly with Roxanne and Jack (and possibly Old Natalie ;). I used to be a huge Klaine shipper, until Blaine switched schools and everything got weird. Imo, that weirdness was still there at the end of last season, and I don’t think it’s gone yet.
    The courtyard scene felt forced to me, there hadn’t been enough buildup and the lines were awkwardly delivered. And then a proposal in the same episode! Blaine’s speech was beautiful, and I would have loved it after a long story arc where the couple work out their issues and get close again. But now? Very out of place.
    Also, do people in the U.S. actually propose publicly like that?
    To me, a public proposal is kind of like a mild form of blackmail. You can’t say no after all that performance, and you would be humiliating your partner severely if you did. It wasn’t fair of Blaine to put Kurt through that kind of thing, especially since their relationship is still on unstable ground.
    It reeked of Will Schuester somehow, and I expected better of Blaine. Granted, he does have the world’s worst role model (when it comes to relationships) as a teacher.

  • Marie

    Roxanne on the Klaine proposal: Preach.

    Also, I agree with Jack as far as the whole Kurt-was-caught-up-in-the-moment thing. I think anyone would’ve said yes in that situation.

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