Catching Fire – Book Theme

Government Control

Government Control is one of the main themes of not only this book, but the entire series. The whole reason the Hunger Games exists is for the government to showcase its power of the districts. None of the events that happen throughout this novel would have existed without the overlying government control.

Interdependence vs. Independence

Interdependence being a mutually exclusive dependency on at least one other person is very prevalent in this novel. Katniss and Peeta are dependant on each other in an emotional and physical capacity. Neither of them can continue on without the other. Independence comes into play because there can only be one winner of the games. At some point. independence has to play a role to continue on meaning either leaving the other behind or continuing after the others death.


Rebellion comes to play in a couple of different ways in Catching Fire. Katniss is rebellious in her own ways against the capitol by doing things like hunting and continuing her friendship with Gale, though she is engaged to Peeta. The broader rebellion theme lies with the rest of the country. All the residents of Panem are watching how what Katniss has done is affecting the government and begins murmurs and small actions of rebellion.


Love is a theme that is strong in this book. Katniss wants Peeta to survive because of the love that she has for him. She is willing to die because of the affection she has towards him. Peeta will also do anything it takes to protect Katniss due to his love for her. Though the death of at least one of them is imminent, their love for each other trumps everything.

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