Glee – Season 3 Episode and Song Guide

Season 3:

3×01 ‘The Purple Piano Project’

– The start of the new school year finds New Directions several members short since Sam moved, Lauren quit, and Quinn becomes rebellious. Will places some purple pianos around the school for the kids to use in an attempt to inspire more people to join. Kurt asks Blaine to transfer to McKinley and after some deliberation Blaine decides that he wants to spend more time with Kurt and makes the transfer. A student named Sugar Motta auditions for New Directions, but she is a terrible singer and is not allowed to join. Rachel and Kurt continue on their path to get to New York and, after meeting with Emma, decide to apply for NYADA, which is one of the top art schools in the city.

Sue is running for Congress and doing poorly in the polls until she changes her platform and vows to get rid of funding for the arts. She also makes Santana and Becky Cheerios co-captains and tells Santana she must bring down the glee club. Santana directs the Cheerios to dose one of the purple pianos in lighter fluid so that it explodes when Quinn flicks her cigarette on it, which prompts Will to ban Santana from glee.

We Got the Beat’ – New Directions
‘Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead’ – Rachel & Kurt
‘It’s Not Unusual’ – Blaine
‘Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do’ – Harmony
‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’ – New Directions

3×02 ‘I am Unicorn’

Angry at her rejection from New Directions, Sugar Motta gets her dad to hire Shelby Corcoran as the director of a second glee club which Sugar will be a part of. Shelby reaches out to Rachel, Quinn, and Puck since she is going to be seeing them every day now. She allows Puck to see his daughter, but tells Quinn that she can’t see Beth until she cleans up her act. Quinn goes back to her normal look, but confesses to Puck that she is only pretending so that she can win back custody of Beth.

Kurt and Rachel seek opportunities to improve their NYADA applications. Kurt decides to run for student body president and both he and Rachel audition for the lead roles in the school production of West Side Story. Kurt overhears musical directors – Emma, Beiste, and Artie – discussing whether or not he would be believable in the role. He becomes upset until he talks to his dad who tells him to embrace the things that make him unique. Not wanting to go head to head against Kurt, Blaine auditions for one of the supporting roles, but the directors ask him if he would consider reading for Tony.

Somewhere’ – Rachel & Shelby
‘I am the Greatest Star’ – Kurt
‘Something’s Coming’ – Blaine

3×03 ‘Asian F’

Mike’s father gets angry when Mike earns an A-, known as an ‘Asian F’, and tells him he must quit glee and break up with Tina. Mike decides he wants to pursue his dream of dance and auditions for West Side Story. His mother finds out and offers him her support. Kurt congratulates Blaine on his likely casting as Tony and decides to focus his efforts on the presidential race, but grows worried about that too when Brittany, his opponent, has a large show of support. Mercedes competes against Rachel for the role of Maria and a worried Rachel joins the race for student body president. Mercedes grows frustrated at the favoritism she believes Rachel receives and withdraws her name from the musical and quits New Directions. Rachel and Blaine end up getting the roles of Maria and Tony. Will arranges a surprise dinner for Emma with her parents. When all they do is ridicule their daughter’s OCD he grows angry and tries to help Emma recover from the encounter.

Spotlight’ – Mercedes, Tina, & Brittany
“Run the World (Girls)’ – Brittany & Santana
‘Cool’ – Mike
‘It’s All Over’ – Mercedes, New Directions (Booty Camp), & Will
‘Out Here On My Own’ – Rachel & Mercedes
‘Fix You’ – Will & New Directions

3×04 ‘Pot ‘o Gold’

Irish foreign exchanges student, Rory Flanagan, begins to attend McKinley and is hosted by Brittany, who believes he is a leprechaun. Mercedes joins the glee club headed by Shelby and tries to recruit Santana who won’t come without Brittany. When Finn tries to convince them to stay he tells Brittany she is stupid for believing Rory is a leprechaun. Brittany and Santana quit after this and join Shelby’s all girl glee club, the Troubletones. Quinn continues on her plan to regain custody of Beth by planting several items in Shelby’s home. Puck later returns to remove the items and ends up sharing a kiss with Shelby. Sue continues her congressional campaign against the arts and her actions inspire Burt to run against her as a write-in candidate. Finn sees Rory being bullied and, after helping him out, convinces him to join New Directions.

‘Bein’ Green’ – Rory
‘Last Friday Night’ – Blaine & New Directions
‘Waiting for a Girl Like You’ – Puck
‘Candyman’ – The Troubletones
‘Take Care of Yourself’ – Rory

3×05 ‘The First Time’

During rehearsal for the musical, Artie asks Rachel and Blaine how they can expect to accurately portray the sexuality of Maria and Tony if they have never had sex. Rachel conveys her interest in Finn, but when he realizes her newfound interest is because she wants to improve her acting he grows angry and walks away. Blaine goes to visit his friends at Dalton and meets new Warbler, Sebastian Smythe. Sebastian is also gay and makes it clear that he is interested in Blaine. Sebastian convinces Blaine and Kurt to go to a gay bar with him where Kurt runs into Karofsky who has transferred schools. Blaine becomes drunk and tries to initiate sex with Kurt, but Kurt doesn’t want their first time to be like that, so Blaine leaves him and angrily walks home, though he later apologizes. After the successful performance of the musical Blaine and Rachel opt to skip out on the after party. Rachel goes to Finn’s house, where he is upset that football recruiter, Cooter Menkins, had no interest in him, and Blaine had Kurt come over to his house. Both couples have sex for the first time.

‘Tonight’ – Rachel & Blaine
Uptown Girls’ – The Warblers
‘A Boy Like That’ – Santana & Rachel
“I Have a Love’ – Rachel & Santana
‘America’ – Santana, Puck, & Cast of West Side Story
‘One Hand, One Heart’ – Blaine & Rachel

3×06 ‘Mash Off’

Puck tells Shelby that he has fallen in love with her and tries to start a relationship with her, but she rejects him. Will and Shelby decide to have a mash-up competition between their two groups in an attempt to end the growing hostility between them. Led by Santana, the Troubletones are particularly vicious in their behavior towards New Directions and a frustrated Finn lashes out as Santana asking why she doesn’t come out of the closet. Sue begins running false smear campaigns against Burt and tells Kurt if he wants to win the student election he should do the same. Kurt refuses and at the assembly Rachel withdraws her name from the race and encourages people to support Kurt. Sue calls Santana into her office and warns her that one of her opponents in the Congressional race has a niece that overheard the comments Finn made to Santana. Sue tells her that an ad is about to be run that outs Santana as a lesbian. Santana grows very upset. She blames Finn and later slaps him in front of all of New Directions and the Troubletones.

‘Hot For Teacher’ – Puck, Finn, Blaine, & Mike
‘You and I/You and I’ – Will & Shelby
‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot/One Way or Another’ – New Directions & The Troubletones
I Can’t Go For That/You Make My Dreams Come True’ – New Directions
‘Rumour Has It/Someone Like You’ – Mercedes, Santana, & The Troubletones

3×07 ‘I Kissed a Girl’

Santana faces the consequences of being outed as a lesbian, but is supported by the members of both show choirs. She tells her family and is supported by her parents, but not her grandmother who tells her she is no longer welcome in her house. Shelby calls Puck for support during an emergency with Beth and the two end up having sex. Shelby immediately regrets it and tells Puck to leave. Puck goes to Quinn and decides to tell her his secret. Thanks to the ad campaign, Sue’s poll numbers have fallen, so she begins a relationship with Cooter, who had been dating Beiste, to dispel the lesbian rumors. Beiste declares her love for Cooter and vows not to go down without a fight. Sue ends up losing the election to Burt anyway. Kurt is worried about his own campaign and considers stuffing the ballot box. After the election he is called into Figgins office where he learns that he won, but there were too many ballots. He swears he did not cheat, but is still disqualified and the election awarded to Brittany. Rachel later confesses that she is the one who stuffed the box. The incident goes on her permanent record, she is suspended from school for a week, and she is also banned from competing in Sectionals.

‘Perfect’ – Blaine & Kurt
‘I’m the Only One’ – Puck
‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ – Finn
‘Jolene’ – Coach Beiste
I Kissed a Girl’ – Santana, Rachel, Tina, Quinn, Mercedes, Sugar, & Brittany
‘Constant Craving’ – Santana, Shelby, & Kurt

3×08 ‘Hold on to Sixteen’

Rachel and Finn go in search of Sam to try to bring him back to McKinley in time for Sectionals. They find him working secretly as a stripper to help support his family and are able to convince him to come back. Blaine grows frustrated with continually having his suggestions ignored and storms out of rehearsal. Finn finds him beating on a punching bag and admits that he’s been giving him a hard time because he was jealous of his talent. With the addition of Sam and a few of the band members New Directions has enough members for Sectionals where they compete against the Unitards, which features Harmony, and the Troubletones. New Directions wins. Quinn decides to tell Figgins about the relationship between Puck and Shelby, but Rachel tells her that will not be best for Beth. Quinn relents for Beth’s sake and learns that Shelby is leaving McKinley.

‘Red Solo Cup’ – Sam & New Directions
‘Buenos Aires’ – Harmony & The Unitards
‘Survivor/I Will Survive’ – The Troubletones
‘ABC’ – Tina, Kurt, Mike, Quinn, & New Directions
‘Control’ – Quinn, Blaine, Artie, & New Directions
‘Man in the Mirror’ – Finn, Artie, Puck, Blaine, Sam, Mike, & New Directions
We Are Young’ – New Directions

3×09 ‘Extraordinary Merry Christmas’

Sue recruits the New Directions to sing at a homeless shelter where she plans to volunteer for Christmas. They are also asked to create and perform a holiday special for a local cable station with Artie directing. Both events are on the same day and all but Sam and Quinn choose the television special over the homeless shelter, which they say they can go to another day. The television special goes off without a hitch until Rory decides to read the Christmas story from the Bible as opposed to the reworked story of Frosty. The group begins to feel guilty for not going to the shelter, so after they are finished they arrive at the shelter and sing.

‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ – Mercedes & New Directions
‘Blue Christmas’ – Rory
‘River’ – Rachel
‘Extraordinary Merry Christmas’ – Blaine, Rachel, & New Directions
‘Let It Snow’ – Blaine & Kurt
‘My Favorite Things’ – Rachel, Mercedes, Blaine, & Kurt
‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ – Finn, Puck, Rachel, Mercedes, Blaine, & Kurt
‘Christmas Wrapping’ – Brittany, Santana, Tina, Mike, and The Cheerios
Do They Know It’s Christmas’ – New DIrections

3×10 ‘Yes/No’

Sam tries to reignite his summer romance with Mercedes in spite of the fact that she has another boyfriend. Becky asks Artie on a date, which he accepts. He finds that he actually enjoys her company, but when she expresses her desire for the two of them to have sex he realizes that he must end it. Will begins to make plans for a marriage proposal to Emma. He asks Finn to be his best man and in their moment of bonding Finn confides his plan to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the army. Will tells Carole of Finn’s plans and she confesses to Finn that his dad was not a war hero, instead he suffered from PTSD, was dishonorably discharged, and died in the hospital from a drug overdose. Finn is devastated and wonders what the future has for him now. Will meets with Emma’s parents to receive their blessing for his planned proposal, but they do not give it and say that she can not handle marriage and family due to her OCD. Will decides he doesn’t care and proposes anyway, to which Emma enthusiastically says yes. Later, Finn also proposes to a stunned Rachel.

‘Summer Nights’ – Sam, Mercedes, & New Directions
‘Wedding Bell Blues’ – Emma, Beiste, & Sue
‘Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ – Artie, Mike, Blaine, Finn, Puck, & Will
‘The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face’ – Rachel, Tina, Santana, Mercedes
‘Without You’ – Rachel
‘We Found Love’ – Rachel, Santana, & New Directions

3×11 ‘Michael’

New Directions makes plans to perform Michael Jackson music at Regionals, but when Blaine tells Sebastian, Sebastian steals the idea for the Warblers who will be performing first. The two groups challenge each other for the right to sing Jackson’s music. When they face off, Sebastian throws a slushie intended for Kurt, but it hits Blaine when he jumps in the way. Blaine is injured from the incident and needs surgery to repair his scratched cornea. The glee kids are furious at what happened, and Santana manages to get a recording of Sebastian admitting he added rock salt to the slushie. New Directions plays the tape for the Warblers so they know what Sebastian did.

Meanwhile, Sam persuades Mercedes to sing a duet with him and the two share a kiss afterwards. Finn asks Rachel if she has decided on an answer to his proposal, but she says she still needs time. Kurt receives a letter letting him know he is a finalist for NYADA and he rushes to tell Rachel who admits she has not gotten a letter. Rachel finally accpets Finn’s proposal and not long after her own letter arrives letting her know she is also a finalist.

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’’ – Blaine & New Directions
‘Bad’ – Artie, Santana, Blaine, New Directions, & The Warblers
‘Scream’ – Artie & Mike
‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ – Quinn
‘Human Nature’ – Sam & Mercedes
‘Ben’ – Finn, Rachel, & Kurt
Smooth Criminal’ – Sebastian & Blaine
‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’ – Rachel & Finn
‘Black or White’ – Artie, Rachel, Santana, Kurt, Mercedes, & New Directions

3×12 ‘The Spanish Teacher’

An opportunity for promotion to a tenured position opens up at McKinley. Both Will and Sue want to promotion only to discover that they have each had student complaints leveled against them. Will seeks the help of an adult Spanish instructor, David Martinez, to help him find news ways to impress his students. Will eventually realizes that Santana is the one who complained about him and she tells him that all he does is promote negative stereotypes about Latin culture. Will decides to take the vacant history position and convinces Figgins to offer his Spanish job to David while Emma ends up receiving the promotion to tenure. Sue announces that she wants to have a baby and asks Will to be her sperm donor so that the baby will have his kindness. Rachel tells Kurt and Mercedes of her engagement to Finn. Kurt tells Finn that he believes the only reason Finn wants to get married is because he has given up on his dreams.

Sexy and I Know It’ – David & New Directions
‘Don’t Wanna Lose You’ – Mercedes
‘Bamboleo/Hero’ – Sam & New Directions Males
‘La Isla Bonita’ – David & Santana
‘A Little Less Conversation’ – Will, Brittany, & Mike

3×13 ‘Heart’

Sugar announces that she is throwing a party for Valentine’s Day and everyone is invited. Rory and Artie compete to be Sugar’s date and it is not until after Rory announces that he couldn’t get his visa renewed that she chooses him. The Christian club dubbed the God Squad – Mercedes, Sam, Quinn, and former home schooled student, Joe Hart – decide to raise money by selling singing telegrams. Santana wants to buy one for Brittany, prompting the group to decide if they feel comfortable singing to a homosexual couple. Mercedes breaks up with Shane, but turns down Sam as well because she feels so guilty and wants to work through her feelings. Kurt finds out that the secret admirer messages he had been receiving all week were from Karofsky. Kurt gently turns him down, but their conversation was overheard by one of Karofsky’s new classmates. At Sugar’s party, the God Squad goes through with performing the telegram for Brittany.

Rachel and Finn announce their engagement to the glee club and receive mixed reactions. Rachel’s dads, Hiram and LeRoy, appear supportive of her decision and they invite Finn, Burt, and Carole over for dinner. The two sets of parents tell Finn and Rachel that have arranged for the couple to spend the night together in the secret hope that the realities of living together will dissuade them from marriage. The plan backfires, however, when Finn and Rachel announce that they want to get married even sooner.

‘L-O-V-E’ – Tina & Mike
‘Let Me Love You’ – Artie, Kurt, Puck, Mike, & Sam
Stereo Hearts’ – Joe, Quinn, Mercedes, & Sam
‘Home’ – Rory
I Will Always Love You’ – Mercedes
‘You’re the Top’ – Hiram, LeRoy, & Rachel
‘Cherish/Cherish’ – Joe, Quinn, Sam, & Mercedes
‘Love Shack’ – Blaine, Mercedes, Kurt, Rachel, & Brittany

3×14 ‘On My Way’

Karofsky is outed at his new school and faces bullying at school and through the internet. He grows despondent and attempts to hang himself, but is saved in time by his father. The news of his attempted suicide greatly affects the kids at McKinley as well as Sebastian who declares a truce with New Directions. Kurt goes to visit Karofsky in the hospital where he offers his support and the two agree to be friends. Rachel and Finn decide that they want to make each day count and plan to get married immediately following Regionals. The group ends up winning Regionals with the Warblers coming in second. Everyone gets ready for Rachel and Finn’s wedding and while they are waiting Sue tells Will that she is pregnant. They are running out of time to get married, but Rachel wants to wait on Quinn who had to go home to pick up her dress. Rachel texts Quinn asking where she is and as Quinn texts back the words “on my way” she is hit by a truck.

‘Cough Syrup’ – Blaine
‘Stand’ – The Warblers
Glad You Came’ – The Warblers
‘Fly/I Believe I Can Fly’ – New Directions
What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)’ – The Troubletones
‘Here’s to Us’ – Rachel & New Directions

3×15 ‘Big Brother’

After her accident, Quinn returns to McKinley in a wheelchair, but she says the doctors have given her hope that she may one day walk again. Principle Figgins makes swim coach, Roz Washington, co-captain of the Cheerios because he believes Sue’s pregnancy has caused her to lose her edge. Sue convinces him to allow her to coach the team by herself if she can help the New Directions win at Nationals. Sue also learns that she is having a baby girl and that there were irregularities found in her amniocentesis. Puck asks Finn to move to California with him after graduation to be partners in his pool cleaning business, which prompts Finn to think about what he wants for his life. He tells Rachel to make sure that she really loves him and not just who she thinks he can be. Blaine’s older brother, Cooper Anderson, comes to Lima for a visit. He is an actor who was in a national commercial and he agrees to give a Master Class on acting for the glee kids. Former home schooled student, Joe Hart, joins the glee club at Quinn’s urging.

‘I’m Still Standing’ – Quinn & Artie
‘Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio’ – Blaine & Cooper
‘Up Up Up’ – Artie & Quinn
‘Fighter’ – Blaine
Somebody That I Used to Know’ – Blaine & Cooper

3×16 ‘Saturday Night Glee-ver’

Will is worried about Finn, Mercedes, and Santana’s apparent lack of concern for what they will do after graduation. In an attempt to help inspire them, he and Sue set forth a competition using the music from Saturday Night Fever where the winner gets a replica of the iconic white suit worn by John Travolta. They rig it so that Finn, Mercedes, and Santana are the finalists. Mercedes admits that she dreams of being the next Mariah, Whitney, or Aretha, but she fears that she is not good enough. Sam encourages her by showing her the positive feedback a video of her singing receives on YouTube. The two share a kiss. Santana says that she wants to be famous and doesn’t care how. Her attitude changes when Brittany attempts to help her achieve fame by posting a sex tape they made online. Sue later tells her that she doesn’t need to search for fame using those methods and that she has been accepted to the University of Louisville with a full cheerleading scholarship. Finn doesn’t realize what he wants to do until he is forced to watch Saturday Night Fever by Will. He then tells Rachel that he wants to go to New York with her and that he wants to be an actor.

In the meantime, Kurt and Mercedes are approached by Vocal Adrenaline performer, Wade, who claims to be their biggest fan. He confesses that he has a female alter-ego named Unique, and that he wants to perform at his Regionals as Unique in a dress and heels. Kurt and Mercedes show up at the Regionals competition and try to talk Wade out of it, but he decides to do it anyway. When new Vocal Adrenaline coach, Jesse St. James, sees Wade come out as Unique he is outraged and tells him to get off the stage. Wade/Unique refuses and performs to the sound of cheers from the crowd as well as Kurt and Mercedes.

‘You Should Be Dancing’ – Blaine, Mike, & Brittany
‘Night Fever’ – Will, Sue, Joe, Blaine, & New Directions
‘Disco Inferno’ – Mercedes, Santana, & Brittany
‘If I Can’t Have You’ – Santana
‘How Deep Is Your Love’ – Rachel
‘Boogie Shoes’ – Wade & Vocal Adrenaline
‘More Than A Woman’ – Finn & New Directions
‘Stayin’ Alive’ – Finn, Santana, Mercedes, & New Directions


3×17 ‘Dance With Somebody’

Will notices that the kids are still mourning the death of Whitney Houston. Emma believes it is their way of dealing with their impending graduation, so Will decides to do a lesson in glee devoted to the artist. Joe notices that Quinn seems down and offers to go to physical therapy with her. He begins to develop an attraction for her and struggles to justify his physical reactions with his faith. They admit that they like each other, but are unsure of where they stand. Will and Emma begin to plan their wedding and Will insists on moving it up to May, even though that is only a month away, and having a stage. He later admits that he is worried the glee kids won’t come back for it if they get married after graduation. Kurt meets another gay boy at a music store and begins a flirtation via text messages. Blaine finds out and accuses Kurt of cheating, which Kurt vehemently denies. Kurt tells Blaine that he has been distant with him lately and having someone show him attention felt nice. Blaine admits that he had been pulling away because he doesn’t know how he will deal with Kurt being gone next year. They both agree to be more sensitive to the others feelings and are able to make up.

‘How Will I Know’ – Mercedes, Santana, Kurt, & Rachel
‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)’ – Brittany & Santana
‘Saving All My Love For You’ – Quinn & Joe
‘So Emotional’ – Santana & Rachel
‘It’s Not Right but It’s Okay’ – Blaine & New Directions
‘I Have Nothing’ – Kurt
‘My Love Is Your Love’ – Artie, Mercedes, & New Directions

3×18 ‘Choke’

Kurt and Rachel prepare for their NYADA auditions. Against the advice of Rachel, Kurt takes a risk with his song choice and is complimented by the NYADA representative, Carmen Tibideaux. Rachel plays it safe and sings ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade,’ which she has been performing since age 2, but ends up forgetting the lyrics. Puck is in danger of not being able to graduate if he fails his geography class. The boys help him study for an important exam, but he still fails. Coach Beiste shows up at school with a black eye and says it’s from a speed bag. When some of the girls are heard making insensitive remarks about domestic abuse Roz, Sue, and Beiste decide to give them a lesson on the seriousness of the issue. Beiste later admits that her husband did indeed hit her and, at Sue’s urging, she leaves him and says she will press charges. In the end, however, she goes back to give him a second chance.

‘The Music of the Night’ – Kurt & Tina
‘School’s Out’ – Puck
‘Cell Block Tango’ – Tina, Santana, Mercedes, Brittany & Sugar
‘Not The Boy Next Door’ – Kurt
‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’ – Rachel
‘The Rain In Spain’ – Puck, Finn, Mike, Artie, Blaine, Joe & Rory
‘Shake It Out’ – Santana, Tina & Mercedes
‘Cry’ – Rachel

3×19 ‘Prom-asaurus’

It is prom time at McKinley and, as senior class president, Brittany is in charge. With a dinosaur theme and a ban on hair gel, the glee kids get ready. Rachel struggles to come to terms with the loss of her NYADA dream and decides to put on an “anti-prom.” Joe continues to help Quinn in physical therapy. She is gaining the strength to walk again and wants to surprise everyone at prom where she hopes to win Queen. In an attempt to boost her chances, Quinn gets Finn to campaign with her since Rachel was not nominated. Kurt, Blaine, Puck, and Becky join Rachel for her anti-prom. Finn shows up and asks Rachel to go back to prom with him. She agrees and Kurt and Blaine go with them. Puck crowns himself and Becky the anti-prom King and Queen and they go to the real prom together. When Santana and Quinn count the prom court ballots Finn comes out as King and Quinn wins Queen. Quinn isn’t as excited as she expected to be and when Figgins reveals the winners it is not Quinn, but Rachel who is declared Queen.

‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ – Rachel, Kurt & Blaine
‘Dinosaur’ – Brittany
‘Love You Like a Love Song’ – Santana with Tina & Brittany
What Makes You Beautiful’ – Joe, Rory, Artie, Sam & Mike
‘Take My Breath Away’ – Santana and Quinn

3×20 ‘Props’

As the glee club prepares for Nationals, Tina expresses her dissatisfaction with always being relegated to a back-up singer for Rachel. Tina falls into a fountain bumping her head which leads to a dream in which she and the other members of New Directions switch identities. She later convinces Rachel to go see Carmen Tibideaux, who is teaching a Masterclass nearby, and invite her to see their performance at Nationals. Puck is bullied by members of the hockey team since he is not going to graduate. Beiste breaks up the fight that ensues and Puck admits to her how afraid he is of turning out to be a loser like his father. Beiste talks to his geography teacher and she agrees to let Puck retake the exam he failed. Beiste leaves Cooter and asks to be a chaperone to Nationals. Everyone loads onto the bus and they begin the trip to Chicago for the competition.

‘I Won’t Give Up’ – Rachel
‘Because You Loved Me’ – Tina
‘Mean’ – Puck and Beiste
‘Flashdance…What A Feeling’ – Rachel and Tina

3×21 ‘Nationals’

Tensions are high as New Directions arrive in Chicago and prepare to compete at Nationals. They are the first group up and perform their three numbers to great applause. Halfway through Rachel’s solo Carmen Tibideaux shows up and watches the rest of the performance. Vocal Adrenaline performs later on, led once again by Unique. Unique is awarded the individual MVP award, but the trophy for first place goes to New Directions. Back at McKinley the group is welcomed by signs of congratulations and confetti from their peers. Will is given the award for Teacher of the Year.

‘The Edge of Glory’ – The Troubletones and Quinn & Tina
‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’ – Rachel
‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’ – New Directions
‘Starships’ – Vocal Adrenaline
‘Pinball Wizard’ – Vocal Adrenaline
‘Tongue Tied’ – New Directions
‘We Are the Champions’ – New Directions


3×21 ‘Nationals’

It is graduation time at McKinley and the glee club seniors get ready to say goodbye. Mercedes plans to move to California where she will be a back-up singer for an artist on an Indie label and take classes at UCLA. Santana decides to skip college and move to New York to pursue her dreams. Brittany tells Santana that she has failed her senior year and will be back at McKinley the next year. With Quinn’s help Puck is able to pass his geography exam and graduate. Kurt and Rachel get their letters from NYADA – Rachel was accepted, but not Kurt. Finn finds out that did not get into PACE and decides to instead enlist in the army. He tells Rachel that she needs to go to New York without him and that he is “setting her free.” Rachel shares a tearful goodbye with Finn before boarding a bus that takes her to New York.

‘Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat’ – Artie, Kurt, Rachel, Mercedes and Tina
‘Forever Young’ – Will
‘I’ll Remember’ – Kurt
‘You Get What You Give’ – Finn, Puck, Rachel, Santana, Mercedes, Quinn, Kurt and Mike
‘In My Life’ – Sam, Tina, Artie, Blaine, Rory, Sugar and Joe
‘Glory Days’ – Puck and Finn
‘Roots Before Branches’ – Rachel

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